10 Things to Understand About MMO Poets

Over the past four episodes of this pseudo series, I’ve been listing the archetypes that are in each game. Every game has a warrior, every game has thieves, and every game has wizards and wizards of one particular kind. But not all games have poets, and frankly, that’s a sad thing. Why in the world do you Star Wars The Old Republic No music class? No, I don’t care about non-combat skills in other Star Wars games because I want to be able to fight specifically with my Jizz power.

But while poets are far from being worldly, they are still such a well-known archetype that people still demand real poets in games that they don’t have. (That’s me. I’m the people.) And like before, I think it’s worth considering the universal axioms about how poets work in any game, whether these people are among the best characters, among the worst, or somewhere in between.

1. All the poet’s clothes are like an eccentric

There are mechanical reasons why guards wear a certain class of armor, yes. But the guards don’t just get the armor; They get clothes that look extravagant, glamorous, and instantly catch the eye. If they were sharing armor with other classes, they would surely have their own dramatic and cool ensembles, often with ruffled shirts, oversized hats, and an overall sense of style that they had to be on stage. them as they ask Are you ready to blast?!

If that sounds like an exaggeration, consider the first Final Fantasy The game is clearly modeled after Red Mages after bards, and the Red Mage hat has become so iconic that it should be in every game with functionality and even some that don’t.

2. Every poet is mechanically weird

It is not enough for poets to look garish and distinctive: poets are contractually obligated to have mechanics that confuse you. Sometimes there are weird rules about stacking things that don’t stack but require you to move around a lot. Sometimes, you are a combination of a magical support class and a melee fighter. Sometimes it’s just “Wait, why does a poet have a bow?” The thing is, the Poets still look weird even when you look beyond the aforementioned patterned shirts, which are, in fact, very ruffled.

Oh noni noni

3. All other players will make sucker jokes

Yes, everyone seems to think that no one else in human history has ever joked about how weird it is to have a fighting class whose primary means of engaging in battle is to sing a handful. It’s not funny now and never was, but someone will always step in.

I don’t even know where these leftovers come from. I usually suspected that this was some kind of weird throwback to Ye Olden Dayes from board games when bards had a long history of being awful, but in Dungeons & Dragons, bards are generally decent at worst and excellent Most of the time. Which brings us straight to the next point…

4. Poetry is never really afraid

Despite all the jokes, poets tend to be very good. Sometimes they are a little weaker, but they usually get a boost in strength pretty quickly. Bards tend not to stay in the wrong places for very long, and when they’re good they’re secretly great, like how your Bard in 5th Edition D&D is not only a social expert, but can also be a melee expert. Fighting, he has spells to completely outrun the fight, maybe he’ll be able to make everyone else Being cool as an accident.

So you have a situation where people are not just silent about how awful bad guys are, but they also live on their backs. They’re like elves or dragons or anyone who hates turtles but somehow just bought a house at the back of Turtle Island. (Which, despite the name, isn’t actually a giant tortoise to live on. It’s technically a tortoise.)

Weeeeeeeee weed

5. The poet always balances the two extremes

While all people can do different things, usually including “make the party cool” and “hurt that guy over there,” female poets are never the best at any of those things. It is a kind of design. Playing a poet means that even if you specialize in one of these areas, you never will be Is enough As good as people who only do one of those things. This isn’t a big deal most of the time, as poets can still usually do the things they do. Not They specialize well, so everything balances out.

A poet would do anything, man.

6. For some reason, the poet’s abilities are considered strange

Let’s evaluate here. You have a game where there is at least one class that screams a lot and breaks things, another compulsively poisons people and steals them, the nerd throws fireballs, a person arrives waving the green stuff and then you no longer die. But the idea of ​​someone deciding to do almost any of those things but singing, he is The strange part. This is it A little too clumsy to accept.

Of course Jan.

tfw you are in love with beautiful johnny

7. Cool fans are very My voice

If someone’s main job is in Final Fantasy XIV Hey Bard, you’ll know because they’ll tell you. People who love poets won’t be silent about them, probably because they all play the poet and they all secretly (or not secretly) want to be David Bowie but also want to be able to do anything in a fantasy world.

So basically David Bowie.

I do not exclude myself from this group. poets are cool And I love them.

8. Music is always live of some kind

These days, I tend not to listen to music when I write, but I’ve been listening to music all the time while writing. However, I can attest to the fact that it did not improve my physical ability in any way. I didn’t hear a song at any time and suddenly gained the ability to move faster, hit harder, or somehow heal myself because I end up listening to a placebo or something.

But this is not the case with female poets. Perhaps it was something David Bowie could actually do during live shows. Or Freddy Mercury. I would believe and would believe that one or the other had magical powers when it came to music. (However, there are no other musicians.)


9. You will always have a stringed instrument

There are a lot of musical instruments there, but every poet has a stringed instrument, probably Oud if that’s not the kind of tuning you can get a guitar in. This is for two reasons. The first is the most logical: a stringed instrument makes it very easy to sing while playing on the go enough that it’s not impossible to take it with you. Sure, you might want to play Sir Elton John, but your party wants to go through that dungeon this week, and you can’t hire NPCs to carry the piano with you.

The second, of course, is that we’ve been influenced by years of popular cultural experience to believe that someone standing on stage with a guitar singing a song is the coolest thing ever, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. No, the oud is not the same as the guitar, but it is close enough for those purposes. And sometimes it’s just a guitar anyway. Heck him.

10. You can swing, but you are free

All the jokes about bouncers being dumb and bad and nothing that doesn’t change the fact that you can get into the battle of singing, playing, and being active while you do both. Of course, you are a bit stupid. so what? You fight slime, dragons and elves. Of course, this is silly. It was all silly at first. It’s no less ridiculous because everyone is down to earth tones and threatens to hurt people and then get naked. The fantasy of being a little silly is more fun.

You might be afraid of someone who thinks the best imagination is rusty metal and Evil spirits And the intense intensity of Game of Thrones or House of Dragons or Locale of Elf-Snogging or whatever HBO’s showing off this week, but you’re free. Like the proverbial bird. Play the guitar solo that improves DPS, why not.

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