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Over 80 bands scheduled for Trans Musicales, December 7-11, 2022

Every year Trans Musicales presents new collections, the future headlines of major festivals. Of the more than 80 bands that have programmed into Trans this year, 5 Rennes will tour the Trans to cruise the roads of the West before taking on the Rennes scene: Beau Bandit, Mowdee, Sarakiniko, Tago Mago and Vicky Veryno. Local groups find during the festival along with many other artists, here is a completely personal choice.

79RS ring

Trans will be the first European for this group, which came directly from New Orleans. Like the largest city in Luciana, the music of this “gang” is a melting pot of influences: Afro-Caribbean rhythms, jazz, rap, electro music, jump music …

  • Saturday 10 December at Parc Expo, Hall 8.


Sébastien Devaud is one of the biggest names in the art scene, and is the co-founder of several brands as well as Nuits sonores de Lyon. His return to Trans the Trans promises as much a sonic moment as it is visual.

  • Thursday, December 8 at Parc Expo, Hall 8.

Astereotypy . style

Attention, Unidentified Musical Object, with Asterotypie A music project of autistic youth accompanied by a teacher and members of the Moriarty group. With a funny album, There’s No Guy Like Brad Pitt in the Drum, the band brings a surreal note to French rock.

  • Thursday December 8 at Parc Expo, Hall 3


Cape Verde destination with this group that will perform for the first time in France. About Brazilian singer and percussionist Gabo Morales, musicians from Angola, Italy and Greece weave connections between multiple musical traditions.

  • Friday December 9 at Parc Expo, Hall 8

baby volcano

It’s hard to put Swiss-Guatemalan singer-songwriter Lorena Stadelmann in a box: her world, oscillating between avant-garde electro-pop and hip-hop, will be discovered in the legendary Ubu room.

  • Friday, December 9 in Ubu.


This somewhat unclassifiable electric trio from Tel Aviv will also bring a great atmosphere to the Parc Expo and answer the existential question “How are we going to have fun?”. With a dress that should not go unnoticed, as evidenced by their clip.

  • Friday December 9 at Parc Expo, Hall 8

Daniel Bonder

What’s better than a great soulful voice for a festival opening? Danielle Bonder, the gospel-fed pastor’s daughter, is the “right woman in the right place” to put trans on the right track.

  • Wednesday December 7, opening night at Ubu

Dia Matrona

A French premiere of this trio of women from Northern Ireland, whose name evokes the mother goddess of Celtic cultures. In The Show On Stage: Pop-Rock Music is particularly effective in the 1970s.

  • Friday December 9th at Parc Expo Hall 3

Grace Cummings

Here’s another great folk sound. It’s clear that Australian Grace Cummings teases other great ladies like Janis Joplin, Patti Smith or Joni Mitchell. The premiere in Europe is not to be missed!

  • Saturday 10 December at Parc Expo, Hall 3

Jan Verstraiten

Pop-orchestral fans will be delighted with the arrival of Flemish Jan Verstraiten, who has just released his debut album, Violent disco. The perfect soundtrack to soar into a cinematic atmosphere.

  • Friday December 9th at Parc Expo Hall 8

hello jin

Rennaise Jeanne Bonjour is one of the artists that Les Trans has accompanied during residencies, in partnership with contemporary music venues Antipode, Jardin Moderne and Rennes Métropole. Essential local talent!

  • Saturday 10 December at l’Etage (free of charge).

Kid Capichi

God save English rock! Kid Capeche’s group will irritate the working classes. A rebellious atmosphere guaranteed by the evil energy that must be filled in front of the big stage of Parc Expo.

  • Friday 9 at Parc Expo Hall 9

Louis Evans

Already coming to Trans in 2010 with his group, the songwriter from Liverpool turned gardener in Normandy. He returns to the solo stage with a new album of Intimate Folk.

  • Friday December 9 at l’Etage (free)

Moveman beer

Reunionese music is regularly represented on Trans, and the group Mouvman Alé is a worthy actor in an experimental version where traditional Maloya is colored with touches of metallic and Brazilian rhythms. A discovery not to be missed!

  • Friday 9 December at a concert of the conference in the Champs Libres and Saturday 10 December at the Parc Expo, Hall 3.


First time in France for this Estonian duo and their sound comes from the cold accompanied by a traditional harp-like instrument talharpa. Far from being restricted to folklore, this amazing group sails towards many other musical beaches.

  • Saturday 10 December at Parc Expo, Hall 3

Rossio Marquez and Bronchio

A meeting between a flamenco singer and an electronic music producer, a successful blend of two worlds being discovered for the first time in France…

  • Friday December 9th at Parc Expo, in the Greenroom

Sub Martell

We no longer offer Seb Martell! The guitarist arrives at Les Trans with the Saturn 63, an experimental project imagined around rare electric guitars, in collaboration with the Philarmonie de Paris – Musée de la Musique.

Friday December 9 at l’Etage (free).

social dance

A pop band of three roommates from Marseille on pop music inspired by eclectic references: Rita Mitsuko, an LCD sound system… Good appetizer for the first evening at the Parc des Expo.

  • Thursday, December 8 at Parc Expo, Hall 8


Every year trans invites groups from the Belgian scene. The evil garage energy of the Sons, a group of young skaters from Beveren, must ignite the fire on the final night of the Parc Expo.

  • Saturday 10 December at Parc Expo, Hall 3.

sworn virgins

Without a doubt one of the most awaited projects in this edition, even if we don’t know much about this British duo, except that it falls under the wing of the two brothers of several DJs and label DEEWEE. The quality assurance of the disco house that promises to be punk.

  • Saturday 10 December at Parc Expo, Hall 9


Having fallen into cauldron DJing at a very young age, Vanille is the new phenomenon of the French techno scene. After the fantastic appearance at Nuits sonores de Lyon, we are eagerly awaiting the “new rave”.

  • Saturday 10 December at Parc Expo, Hall 9

Zaho from Sagazan

Creation of the year to be hosted at Théâtre de l’Aire Libre (Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande) every evening of the festival. Zaho de Sagasan also accompanies several stages in the West: Antipode in Rennes, SEW in Morlaix and Stereolux in Nantes.

  • From Wednesday 7 to Sunday 11 December at Théâtre de l’Aire Libre

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