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The Grand Soufflet Festival is approaching, and sunny decibel winds are already starting to blow over the program this coming weekend! Are you following us? We will take you on a journey across continents: from Italy to South America, through Africa … The weekend of October 7, 8 and 9 will be firmly placed under Thabor’s global sound system!

Long live Italy!

Grand Souffle 2022 Maria Mazzota © Giulio Rouge

The Italian political context is not very bright… Fortunately, we still have the music! A Friday evening led by our friends across the Alps Maria Mazzuta And the Antonio Castrignano !
Maria Mazzuta Its origin is from Lecce in Puglia, southern Italy. She received classical training in harp and piano at the Tito Chiba Conservatory in Lecce before falling in love with a group concert. Aramir. Founded in 1996 in Salento in Campania (southern Italy), the latter explores the different forms of local traditional music, from tarantulas to polyphony.

Decide for Maria Mazotta! She will dedicate her life as an artist to the ancient musical traditions and repertoire of traditional songs. In 2000, she joined Canzoneri Grecanico Salentino, the most important folk orchestra in Salento, and the first to be formed in Puglia. She shouldered her shoulders with great musicians and composers (no less than Goran Prijović, Bobby McFerrin, Ibrahim Maalouf, Balik Sissoko, or even Piers Fakini) and advanced her musical practices by exploring traditional music around the Mediterranean: the Balkans in particular, from Greece to Albania Through Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria and also inspired by Gypsy culture.

She now works with an unparalleled French jazz band: Toulouse Pulcinella. Together they revisited the traditional music of Puglia and established connections between Toulouse, Lecce and Tirana (Albania) on their disc. griffon Released in June 2021.

Come and discover this artist with a powerful voice!

Antonio Castrignano He is also a brilliant representative of this well-established musical form of the Italian shoe: the tarantula was also undoubtedly his childhood lullaby, who was born in Calimera, a town in the Lecce Province of Puglia in Italy. singer and player dramillocontinued the education of Luigi Ciriati, one of the principal investigators of folklore and oral culture in Salento.

Grand-Soufflet-2022-Antonio Castrignanò © Giuseppe Rutigliano

An ardent defender of pizza, this tambourine rhythm that accompanied celebrations of disappointment in Salento, Antonio Castrignano sings in the Lecce dialect but also in Greco Salentino, a Greek dialect similar to Italian and spoken in southern Italy, in Grecìa Salentina. The musician attached himself to this multiplicity of meanings, both musical and linguistic, and released the album Babylon In February 2022. An album that will take you on a journey from sub-Saharan Africa, to Turkey, through the Balkans and the Middle East. Castrignanò (vocals, percussion, synths and electric mandolas) surround himself with a group of Italian and non-Italian musicians, including Gambian kora player and composer Sona Joparteh, Turkish composer and musician Mercan Dede on ney and bendir, and Senegalese griot Badara Seck.

Are you ready for a wonderful Italian trip abroad (and such great disdain for the results of last weeks’ election)? See you in line Friday 7 October from 8:30 pm

Long live Spain!

A stone’s throw from Italy, Spanish-speaking decibels await you on Saturday, October 8… Rodrigo Cuevas And the cumbia boroca.

passionate about music, Rodrigo Cuevas He studied piano and tuba at the Barcelona Conservatory from the age of 13. He collaborated with several nightclubs in Barcelona and learned to play the brass band and the tambourine. Then he settled in Galicia, first in Santiago, and then in the village of A Lama, a municipality in the province of Pontevedra located in the autonomous community of Galicia. Thanks to the residents, discover the traditional music, dance and language of Galicia. He draws inspiration from him to recreate music, thus blasting all the codes and blending electro loops closely with traditional music. His interest in cabaret, stage, and unusual looks make him an ardent iconoclastic performer who treats remixes of old Asturian and Galician songs like no one else!

Impossible to miss and miss discovering his second album Cortejo دليل guide (“Pamphlet on Engagement”)!

The direction of Latin America and in particular the mountainous region of Nuevo Leon in northeastern Mexico. This is where cumbia, this Afro-Caribbean rhythm, finds its echo. And there will also be waving the ears of Hernan Cortes Nava, accordionist and musician close to Celso Peña, the great representative of Cumbia. Upon arriving in Lyon in 2010, Hernán Cortés Nava founded cumbia boroca With Leon’s reggae singer Bob Sequin, maintaining that cheerful and spirited Monterey spirit.

The group consists of 8 musicians, and grows between Europe and Latin America. Brass power (Christian Briceño’s trombone and Swann Foilermos, Clement Poisson’s trumpet), Hernan Cortes’ trembling accordion, dramatic percussion (Tadeo Cortes in charge of conga and guacharaka) and rhythmic bass/guitar/battery (respectively, Rodrigo Bastidas Nunez, Miguel Meno and Cyril Gilli make this ensemble A real dance machine and an eternal diffuser of good humor!

Want to take advantage of it? direction capital queue Saturday 08 October !

Long live Africa!

We cross the Mediterranean towards the great African continent. trip with yiko And the koto.

Grand Souffle 2022 YEKO © DR

Johan Le Ferran He has many strings: a self-taught guitarist, he is also a composer/arranger, and he is involved in many projects and shows that have propelled him to cross oceans and travel continents. His travels fueled his musical identity, particularly the one he made in Mali in 2012.

This journey and this installation in this African country was a decisive turning point for his musical inspiration, and was the beginning of many collaborations with great artists from the continent:

  • Tiken Jah accompanied Fakoly in July 2019 for the release of his latest album.
  • He sang in Kyrena, the latest ballet by choreographer Serge Aimee Coulibaly under the musical direction of Rokia Traore.
  • He collaborated with financial director Soussaba Cissé on her feature film N’gunu N’gunu Kan.
  • Finally, he was invited several times by Malian singer Inna Mudja to accompany her in a duet at the United Nations.

The Project YEKO Born in Mali, he brought together artists from Mali or West Africa. The goal was to make six musical images by six different artists. But with each title, the performer is also the author of his title, and he can tell the story he wants. yiko It actually means “way of seeing” in Bambara, the most spoken language in Mali. Everyone comes here with their stone to the musical edifice. Mali music is authentic and based on the traditional culture of the country. Calabash, djembe, conga and brass included a beautiful rhythmic color.

Let yourself get carried away by this musical fusion and this limit-eliminating motion!

The direction of Ethiopia and its capital, Addis Ababa! In 2019, violinist Theo Cicaldi met singers Hewan Gebrwold and Hallelujah Teklitsadic. Add to the trio of Cyril Atef’s drums, violin, Valentin Chikaldi and Akemi Fujimori keyboards, and you’ll have koto !

Theo Cicaldi Born in Orléans in 1986. Violinist, viola and composer, was respectively elected “French Musician of the Year” by jazz magazine in 2016, then “Revelation of the Year” at Victoires du Jazz in 2017. A quartet or jazz band, the musician doubles as the eclectic encounters and “associations”. During a musical expedition, discover during a concert in a nightclub the sounds Hewan Gebrwold and Heeluia Teklitsadic which is then considered part of Janu BandIt is a rock band that fuses progressive rock with Ethiopian music.

Between them, they take Ethiopian poems and rhythms, fuse them into electric loops and finally unleash an electric tribal trance that you won’t be able to resist! The perfect sound for a Sunday evening at Le Thabor!

A WE in Grand Soufflet
when ?
Friday 07 and Saturday 08 October 2022 from 8.30 pm – Sunday 9 October from 5.30 pm.
where ?
Rin (Tabor – Marquee)
the prices? Full price 19 euros – reduced by 9.50 euros


Grand Souffle StickerGrand Soufflet Festival: October 5-15, 2022 – in Rennes and throughout Ille-et-Vilaine

All information on the Grand Soufflet website: http://www.legrandsoufflet.fr/

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