A live skin show about violence against women

At the age of 55, rapper and comedian JoeyStarr presents a unique feminist and humanitarian play. “This Little Music That Nobody Hears”, written and performed by Clarice Fontaine, will be performed by DJ CutKiller. Joint interview of the artists.

It is above all the story of an unexpected meeting between two people who are still alive. Two creatures fading away from life, but always able to rise again: two enduring. Once out of the ordinary in his career, JoeyStarr returns to the light, not in the front of the stage but in the shadows behind the scenes, in the guise of a free-spirited and dogmatic director… He is put into the service of Clarisse Fontaine, the gorgeous Amazonian who sublimates and supports him in his first film The “Alone on Stage” which she wrote, which she interprets, and whose terrible plot is partly a reflection of that of this 36-year-old, is all in strength and beauty. Stock!

Paris Match. Clarice Fontaine, “Alone on Stage” With the absolutely beautiful title, “This Little Music That Nobody Hears,” addresses burning topical topics: those of violence against women, battering, rape, harassment, victims of male perversions… Why did you choose JoeyStarr to direct your offer? The bet was risky, wasn’t it?

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Clarissa Fountain. I wanted the appearance of a man to make my offer. Above all, I did not want to fall into the pitfalls of the extreme neo-feminism in which the masculine is necessarily bad, without forgiveness, the enemy no longer to be fought but to be defeated. During a conversation, a friend of mine mentioned the name JoeyStarr. I was surprised. It is hard to imagine cooperating on a subject like this with a man convicted of violence against a woman! However, I found the idea very interesting.

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I needed to know more about him. Over the course of my readings, I discovered the profile, not of a bushy brute, but of a sensitive man, without wooden language, who also struggles against violence against women. In 2019, when we finally met in a coffee shop. I gave him my script so he could tell me whether or not he’d agree to direct it. Just in time for me to get home and my cell phone rang. “Hi, it’s Didier! I’m on page 17! I love your text. Send me videos, I’d like to see how you play?!”. Less than a week later, we were in the middle of her living room for our first reading.

It was clear between us. We have the same sensitivity, the same artistic sense. Didier understood every word of mine without trying to influence, divert or soften my speech. No struggle with ego, but flexible work as close as possible to the truth and the field of possibilities. Together with my directors, my theatrics have developed and my mission has been strengthened. After that, it took us three years of fighting to reach the goal. I’ll probably be executed decimal for choosing it. but whatever ! Looking back, I don’t see anyone who could do the same. Didier is one of the nicest men I have ever met. We each, in our own way, love to shock, provoke, upset…but like two hypersensitive people who just want to help raise awareness and condemn the crap.

What’s next for this ad?

What’s next for this ad?

I’m not afraid of “cold piss.”

Joy Star

JoeyStarr, you were charged with domestic violence against your ex-partner in 2009 and sentenced to three months in prison. Aren’t you afraid of the resentment of the feminist currents from your first launch that deals accurately with this subject?

Joy Star. no ! I’m not afraid of “too cold,” because I feel completely engaged with Clarice’s very deep and powerful theme. It’s not just about feminism. In fact, we are all wary of this feminism which I would call humanism because it condemns patriarchy but also offers bridges to change mentalities and ensure that both sexes live better with one another. I wanted to show Clarice’s little music spontaneously because everything about her spoke to me and at no point did I understand what people would say about me.

My story is very different. It was a fight between me and my wife. blood clot. It is not a form of cruelty or sadism. This in no way excuses me from acting. I regret my job. Contrary to everything said or written on the subject, I am not an evil being. There was a court decision where I was found guilty. And I was deeply affected. There are experiences in life that permanently define you and undoubtedly push you to become better. Today, with my ex-girlfriend, we maintain an excellent relationship. We raise our children to give them the best education.

I would say to women who are still in the grip that liberation is possible

Clarissa Fontaine

Clarice Fontaine, what prompted you to write this presentation?

Clarissa Fountain. I needed to get a message across to raise awareness and help. Nothing does this better than art. Even if the road is full of pitfalls, I would say to women who are still under the influence that liberation is possible thanks to will and determination. The misfortune of a sister, friend, neighbor … We have all directly or indirectly experienced the drama of domestic violence, physical or psychological. We all fight every day to be respected. If I could pull the trigger, if only of a single spectator, my work would not be useless and I would not risk exposing myself alone on the stage in vain…

What drew you to Clarice Fontaine’s text?

Joy Star. His story, his writing, his fight. Clarisse isn’t wearing out, she’s completely nude, going straight ahead. She has no shame or false modesty. She takes everything in her path. In this piece, she evokes a genuinely narcissistic oddity that has brought her under his yoke. Reading his text, I felt similarities to my pain. I immediately thought of my father. His attachment to me, his inability to love me, his coldness, his selfishness, his blows. He wasn’t strictly speaking of a narcissistic pervert, but only had a reading of the world that belonged to him. Yes, I found myself in the words of the play’s character. resonate with me. Clarice’s words and illnesses made me want to direct her on this show.

this is Alone on stage » Was the treatment for you?

Clarissa Fountain. Therapy, I did it with my contraction! But meditation, yes. Like the narrator in “This little music that no one hears,” Didier and I often fell and always got up. This is the real victory. I say it at one point on stage: “Creation is my negation, my being alive on stage, my flexibility.”

Are you sensitive to the liberation of female speech, like the #MeToo movement for example?

Joyster. In order to better hear and understand women’s voices, I don’t need a direction or movement. Today, every person should be able to express themselves to change the rules. We were made to believe in and dangle many things, especially for women. Unfortunately, we are not in an egalitarian society. Women understood this very well. They have much more resistance and flexibility than men. They are the real phoenix.

Clarice Fontaine, would you consider yourself the spokesperson for all of these women?

Clarice. no. I am above all an actress and author. I have reason to defend. Today, with this artistic creation and the content it conveys, I can do it on a different scale. This piece is not intended only for women. She is a bearer of hope, deeply human. Finally, it allows me to speak directly to those who are still ashamed of their misfortunes, who are reduced to silence, or even in immediate danger. In France, in 2022, there will be more than 100 femicides. If only this text could raise awareness and show how we accept the unacceptable…

JoeyStarr, do you think women will be equal to men?

Joy Star. For me, it really is! And even more. It has, first of all, the ability to give life. If only for the sake of it, I put her far above us.

Do you agree with JoeyStarr?

Clarissa Fountain. It’s an honor to put us above! I understand what he means by that. However, I think we are still far from true gender equality. French women are working on it, but when it comes to humanity, there are a lot of struggles to fight. When it comes to women’s freedom, nothing is ever certain. Let us never forget that. At a time when certain peoples are in retreat, even in Europe, battle is more necessary than ever. The fate of future generations depends on them.

Can you be the advocate for women’s cause today?

Joy Star. Yes, I can be the advocate for the cause of the women who are part of my constituency, my mother, the mothers of my children…but not the advocate for women or the cause of women. I don’t have shoulders. At my junior level, I strive to educate my children in order to give them the best tools and pass on core values ​​to them: the place of a mother, of parents in the family, and above all, of learning to think every woman with respect. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to demonstrate pedagogy.


Ice Palace in Paris: December 5, 2022

Terrace Theater in Avignon: March 10, 2023

Dieppe: March 15, 2023

Théâtre du Balcon, at the Avignon Festival: the entire month of July 2023

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