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If the book industry is having difficulty due to the (worldwide) shortage of paper, we can assure you that this is not the case for authors, cartoonists, illustrators, journalists and other photographers. There is no shortage on the horizon and news of books devoted to music in all its forms is proving it to us once again this fall.

Comedy clips, graphic novels, essays or biographies, start an overview of the festivities and upcoming works and … forward Zizek as Boris Vian rattles mischievously.

Great little book (at a small price) of drawings about composer Eric Satie. In this now popular mini-series created by an unparalleled publisher – L’Association – a few dozen pages will be available. Wacky, undisciplined, comic… Like the non-classical music of that great man, Erik Satie.

We’ve been waiting for this for a while. To tell the truth, since unbelievable love in vain Which the two partners dedicated to Robert Johnson. Illuminated by screenwriter Jean-Michel Dupont and the always-chic Mezzo brush, here Kiss The Sky is the first volume (of two) of a comic strip dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. Don’t expect to read what you already know about the legendary guitarist, the two books aren’t the kind to break open doors, but rather rummage through the attic and unearth ancient secrets.

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Colette Magnilittle communist songs Yan Madi

In 2018, we celebrated the anniversary of his death with an impressive series of new releases for his albums that have become nearly impossible to find. Colette Magni was a rare figure in French song of the 60s, 70s and 80s, ardent activist, pioneering musician and feminist singer, this “big mouth” was blocked from the airwaves. He moved from corporate records and sang at the top of his voice on the pegs of varied and varied hits. This nifty little comic book by Yann Madé should teach you more about this great lady who has always been out of (show) business.

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Some (very) nice books.

Journey to the land of the blues From Demeter and Marcel Chauffard

In a time when the internet didn’t exist, the only way to learn more about blues music from every angle was to go On sitein the heart of the emblematic cities where this music was changing with the advent of electricity and the record industry.

At the end of 1959, this is what two French journalists (Jacques Dimitri and Marcel Cheuvard) did when they traveled to New York, Chicago, and Detroit to document music that was not well known to the general public in Europe and that remained community-based. . The heroes of these 200 pages became world-renowned over the following decades. The great influence of blues music on Anglo-Saxon rock (and thus produced all over the world), you should get this wonderful book that tells the story of the supporting images, this wonderful book Voyage Au Pays Du Blues par deux petits Frenchy white people driven only by emotion in A time when racism became institutionalized. A true groundbreaking documentary work, we go through the pages in the intimacy of musicians (JB Lenoir, John Lee Hooker, Champion Jack Dupree, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, BB King, Elmore James….). In this America still far from the height of the civil rights movement, the two partners from the old continent were at the heart of… history.

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villa , Afrobeat . rebellion (collective)

On the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to him in Paris (Philarmonie de Paris), look for this wonderful catalog / beautiful book about the inventor of Afrobeat.

Villa Anikolabo Kuti (1938-1997) from Nigeria was more than just a musician. A political opponent, denouncing the violence of neo-colonialism and authoritarian regimes, his music, which continues to influence much of contemporary African production, has been a weapon. Plenty of photos, text, authors, articles, testimonials and full discs, it’s a complete villa! All that’s left is to (re) dive into fifty or so albums black boss our inheritors.

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Etienne Dahou, secret book

40 years after his debut album, here’s the French pop pope opening his personal archive. secret book It is an impressive collection of photos, text, notes, scribbles, manuscripts, and the long-lost secret of the person in question (secrets?). Another way to approach the rich career of Etienne Dahou, a special figure in the French music scene, who knew from his beginnings with Elie Medeiros, Jacno and Co (Stinky Toys, Mathematiques Modernes), how to combine artistic requirements and popular success. Like in music, nothing is incompatible.

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Helvest, the Bible by Be Lajeat, in Gerth, Be Brillette

15 years of presence for one of the most famous festivals in Europe and personalities of the audience to create the “United Coders Guild” that did not exist yet (but should, when we see the inconsistency of certain summer posters).

The long, wide, and cross-cutting story of an initially unwinnable adventure in which not many people succeed Did not bet.(The world of the music industry I mean). So this nice shot was worthy of a good cobblestone as “heavy” as the Metallica Choir. Besides, in the country of the Antichrist Country, we call it not pebbles, but rather “Bible” … Metal heads have always been great comedians.

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and Rock Legends

Elvis by Bertrand Decal

Looking at the deluge of writing about Elvis Presley for decades, how do you tell Elvis otherwiseOn the limits of his life, his “work”, his adventures, peaks and other downfalls.

In this beautiful book by Mezzo (he is again), Bertrand Decal offers a new angle. By combining social and historical approaches and perspectives, the author attempts to answer the Elvis riddle. Endemic racism from the South, Hollywood economics, medical satire, religion… Another way to always see and learn more about this global rock ‘n’ roll icon, but also about this crazy America as the subtitle pointed out.

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Give up by BONO

Give up If today there are countless publications about the famous Irish group U2, the intimate words of singer Bono are rare, except of course the emblematic songs of the Dublin Quartet that are now a worldwide phenomenon. Give up It’s a Bono story written by Bono. With this Irish people’s humor and open-minded writing about their commitment, struggles, doubts and other challenges they had to overcome, immerse yourself inIt’s an amazing journey for a young man from north Dublin who has since become a rock icon in the world.

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In the studio with Bashung by Christophe Conti

It has already been ten years since we left Alan Bashong, four decades reverberating the magnificent blow that propelled him into orbit (Gaby, Gaby on the album Roulette Russe) and it seems that not many people on the French scene are able to forget her. The rapper was influenced by his poetic flow to the obvious rock-solid heirs, who, without shouting loud and clear, bore at the high-willed the initials of Mr. Bashong (Bertrand Bellin, Raphael, Nicolas Michaux…), the pen of rock this bold and sexy at the same time. In the studio with Bashung worked journalist Christophe Conte, who continued his entire career. Another way to approach the complex and popular work of a rock hero in French is in the text.

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Neil Young, Seven Decades at the Top of the Rock by Alan Gardiner

In 2022 we will celebrate 50 years since crop, the primary album of Neil Young. This is perhaps the argument that rock penman Alain Jardinier has made for this complete and richly illustrated autobiography.

Interviews with the subject or his or her close circle, unpublished photos, long kept secret anecdotes, detailed movies, bonus 45 RPM vinyl, whether you’ve been a fan from the start or whether your young age has made you discover this height-a lively character , the color of Anglo-Saxon rock and folk, you’ll learn a lot from reading these 250 pages.

At the forefront of environmental struggles, a worthy representative of time-tested, unhindered folk rock music, at 76 years old, now legendary songwriter aka the only Not getting old. Neil Young, a predestined name.

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