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French choreographer Angéline Brilljocay doubles down with characters from the French electronic scene. After Air and Laurent Garnier, Preljocaj is currently working with Thomas Bangalter legends, his new play, which will be shown at the beginning of July at the Opera de Bordeaux. painting.

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Angelin Preljocaj is an organic always boil. He loves textures, in music as in dance.” Laurent Garnier produced the music for two pieces for the choreographer: Fire Sketch in 2006 and Suivront mille ans de calme in 2010. For the latter, Garnier signed seventeen pieces. These intense tracks, which can be listened to on the producer’s website, reveal themselves full of ambiance and textures. “At first, Angelin Preljocaj had no exact idea of ​​what music he wanted. You left me so freeBefore expanding on the way the choreographer works with him, Laurent Garnier comments: “He’s someone who doesn’t suit you well, trusts you and pushes you away. He has a bit of a crazy side: It works until the last minute, the day of the premiere, and I have very fond memories of that premiere. For four decades, the choreographer, born in France to Albanian parents, has been one of the greatest figures in the contemporary world of dance. After studying classical dance, he switched to contemporary dance. With his company, created in 1984, he designed about fifty pieces, from singles to large formats, from abstract and radical projects to narrative ballets. His creations travel all over the world and receive commissions from prestigious institutions (Scala in Milan, New York City Ballet, Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris). For his works, he often joins with other artists from a variety of worlds: fashion (Jean Paul Gaultier, Azzedine Alaïa), painting (Enki Bilal), literature (Pascal Quinard), plastic arts (Sobod Gupta), design (Constance Jesset). ), etc.

Angéline Prilejucage and Laurent Garnier © Jean-Claude Carbon

tea KLF Stockhausen

Music is very present in his work. Rather, it is necessary. For his tracks, he uses already recorded music or commission creations from composers/producers. A turning point occurred in 1999 with his play Nobody marries a jellyfish. Request a techno score from the mysterious group Maxximum CS It also uses a piece of KLF. After that, the electronic record will be visited regularly. Preljocaj worked in 2003 around the legendary piece of music Helicopter-Stricoret By Karlheinz Stockhausen, then rubbing shoulders with the German master in 2007 for creativity El Dorado (Sonntags Abschied). “I went back to the roots of electronic music and had the opportunity to work directly with Stockhausen a few months before his death”, says Angeline Prillegockaj. During these years, he was completely passionate about electronic music, “Very rich, very modern music.” Especially for the hexagon scene: There is a lot of creativity and innovation in electronic music in France. It’s very motivating for me.” In 2003, Angelin Preljocaj asked Air to collaborate on his new show, Near Life Experience. He recalls, “I was returning from a trip to India. I wanted to create a piece like a metaphysical journey where the soul separates from the body. I thought Air Soaring Music would be perfect for this project.” Nicholas Godin, half of Air, also recalls: “Angelin Preljocaj really liked our 10,000 Hz Legend album, especially the song “Sex Born Poison” . He had his dancers rehearse for this title and we finally composed a new version of it especially for ballet, and then the rest of the music for the show. It was great to see the dancers, to see their bodies, transition to our music.” Nicholas Godin also recalls the way the choreographer entered the duo’s music: “He tinkers with the pieces and alters them. He experiments. It did not bother us: we respected his vision and his work.” The music of Near Life Experience is surprising, experimental, sometimes quiet with acoustic guitars, sometimes loud and far from the usual sweetness of air.

There is a lot of creativity and innovation in electronic music in France. It’s very motivating for me.” Anglin Prilejocage

Fire Bird

A few years later, Nicholas Godin was called up by Preljocaj. “Nicholas had just released his album Counterpoint, a tribute to Bach. There was something new in his writing.” Half of Air then teamed up to produce the La Fresque piece in 2016.”I was very happy to work with Angelin again. I had a second chance. For the first piece, it was brand new. There, I had more experience and was able to put it to good use. The Near Life Experience was a spin-off, and this is akin to cinema, based on a great story she told. “ for plasterNicholas Godin imagined music in which rhythmic pieces alternated, fast harp instruments and the suspended moments of a crystal piano. Between the creations of Air and Nicolas Godin, the choreographer twice worked with Laurent Garnier. “I had just moved to the south of France, right after my album The Cloud Making Machine and after writing the music for choreographer Marie-Claude Petragalla’s show, Laurent Garnier recalls. Angelin Preljocaj was opening his creation and performance venue, Pavillon Noir, in Aix-en-Provence and wanted the music for a show to be played outside, on the grand staircase in front of the building. For Fire Sketch, the music was inspired by Stravinsky’s The Firebird. Laurent Garnier played this thirty-minute acoustic piece live that evening, combining techno and Breakbeat, accompanied by Benjamin Rippert on keyboards. “Garnier coped brilliantly with Stravinsky’s work “Comments by Preljocaj.

Laurent Garnier in Bolshoi

In 2010, Garnier was recruited for a more ambitious project: a creation at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, with dancers from the Preljocaj company and dancers from the Bolshoi. “Angelin asked me to read L’Apocalypse de Saint-Jean…and I had no idea what music he wanted. I had no spark, I told her DJ and product. So I went to dinner at his house and asked him to choose ten records from his collection with songs that could fit into the piece he wanted to create. Then I worked on the atmosphere, parts of the pieces. The show, titled ‘A Thousand Years of Tranquility’, was built around this music and the music around the show was created as it was created. When I brought my music to the Bolshoi, I took Scan X with me as a sound engineer. It was significant because it was the first time the Bolshoi played recorded music and the sound had to be perfect.” After creating the show, Laurent Garnier will perform live, with Scan X and Benjamin Rippert, on a plaza near Place Rouge. “It was the moon. There were two hundred Russian soldiers who blocked the streets during the live broadcast. Prilucage also remembers this moment: “It was great to see these thousands of Muscovites celebrating!” In addition to Air / Nicolas Godin and Laurent Garnier, the choreographer has regularly worked with the mysterious electronic artist 79 d. Could it be Angelin Preljocaj who works behind the machines with that codename? Immediately responds: “Not impossible. I love all these new tools, this technology.” Then he changes his mind: 79 d? They are two musicians from Aix en Provence who are fond of dancing and prefer not to be identified. We won’t know more.


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orchestral score

Air, Laurent Garnier and Daft Punk have distinguished the mental and musical world for the past three decades”Choreographer analyzes. After collaborating with the first two, he combined the paths from the helmeted duo to gravityMade in 2018. “It’s such a pride for the French that this duo is making such sparkling music. I asked Thomas and Guy Man if I could use two of their tracks and they agreed. Then we talked with Thomas about inventing something together. He really loves dancing: He has a real history with dancing, because his mom She was a dancer. In the interview published in the presentation file of legendsAngeline Prilejocage explains:I imagined a mix of classics and electronics, but he wants to break away from the electron and prefers composition for orchestra, with its organic side. I wrote him a pamphlet that served as the basis for writing music. So Thomas Bangalter re-emerged, just over a year after announcing his breakup with Daft Punk, and he’s back where we least expect it: by signing to music for a dance piece performed by an orchestra (performed by the National Orchestra Bordeaux of Aquitaine led by Romain Dumas). If Thomas Bangalter refused the interview request, which he monopolized to finish his music, Angelen Prilejokai still offers some evidence: “We have been working together on this project for a year. Thomas has invested a lot in writing his orchestral score and we will start rehearsing soon (interviewed by Angelin Preljocaj March 22nd, editor’s note). Thomas wanted to take full advantage of the power of orchestra instruments.” Like a sequel to the movie’s soundtrack Tron: Legacy ?

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