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Introduced in 2017, Back to Music is a major act of Chorale’s plan, and is now known by everyone as a much anticipated September moment.

This event provides a conducive and calm environment for all students on the day of the new school year, but above all demonstrates the desire of the ministries responsible for culture and education to see the development of musical practice and the proliferation of meetings. With artists and cultural structures within the school.

The goals are:

  • Marking the beginning of the school year in a positive way to arouse the joy of learning among the pupils;
  • To highlight the pedagogical virtues of collective musical practice;
  • Welcoming new music students to welcome them;
  • Allow students in Priority Education (REP and REP Priority Education Networks) to take advantage of the presence of the artist’s godfather or godmother (see note on “Rentrée en musique” 2018 at REP) to achieve this “Rentrée en musique”.

Edward Heriot School – Lyon 8

The concert organized as part of Back to Music with Artillery Musicians was a real success. Our 51 CM2 students enjoyed singing this Peace Church with the brass quintet and performing in front of all 300 of their classmates. The investment of CM2 teachers and the support of Benoit CATALA enabled a real commitment from everyone and opened up this new school year in music.

At Gabriel Rosset College – Lyon 7 (69)

When Beethoven leads the dance… (Body Tap)

Back to Music at Gabriel Rosset College 2022

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at the Jean Renoir-Nouvelle-sur-Saone College (69)

at the François Truffaut College – Rive de Geer (42)

Ms. Frisa, a college music teacher, composed the back to school song for the sixth graders that the 184th graders learned on the day of the new school year. Compensation took place at the end of the day in the courtyard in front of the students’ parents. This return to music created a sense of participation and belonging to shared values.

at Sabah Mountain College Panissier (42)

Thursday 1 September Sixth graders are greeted by music with Tango sur Claude sung by Marie-Laure Brancic on accordion and Pascal Macauder on piano. The morning continued with music: Third graders learned how to sing Hot Chocolate and a small concert was held at 1:30 p.m. in front of the entire educational community.

At the Tarentaize Kindergarten in Saint-Etienne

Thursday 09/15 at 8.50 am in the central courtyard of the school. MS and GS students learned both songs during the first ten days of the new school year. After two group rehearsals, they presented the songs to the PS students and their invited families that day. For this return to music, the whole school was collected, that is, 103 students.

At Saint Mary’s College – La Verbillier

Fifth graders (180) welcome sixth graders (210) to the institution by restoring the work of body rhythm on Radetsky’s March that worked the previous year.

At Saint Christo en Jarez

During the pre-return period, we decided to learn “Simamaka” with all the classes of the school. It is an African song that works to the rhythm of bodily impulses. Each chapter works on this song by adapting to the level of the chapter.

In the school complex of R. Follereau in Chazelles sur Lyon

On Monday, September 12th, 355 students, i.e. all college students, participated in the first “Shall We Dance?” challenge. Because we put the year under the banner of dance and music. Indeed, many events and actions will be carried out in this direction. From the first week, during the music lesson, all the students learned the beginning of shocholuza in two voices, coordinating the movements and then sharing them with all the students in the school.

At Dunant College in Coleus (01)

All 6th graders went to the music room during this day to learn a song that had been rewritten especially for the day. Each class had 45 minutes of musical work.
On the afternoon recess, all the sixth graders gathered in the courtyard to sing this song together in front of the college staff present that day. Student volunteers also sang it again in front of parents during the first parent/teacher meeting on September 6. This song serves as a sixth grade anthem and must be repeated throughout the school year.

Back to Music - CLG Dunant Culoz

At Alice Escoffier School in Rives de Geer (42)

On the first day of school and in the presence of Mr. A. PoggioliAnd the DASEENthe master. bonymayor of rural de gearMrs. Martin-DamitoAnd the we will Accompanied by the entire district team, 180 CE1 to CM2 students from The New School, Alice Escoffier, presented the Flashmob that had been set up last year for the school party.

At Pro College in Bourg-en-Press

A group of students of all levels who took part in the learning holidays in July learned the college anthem, of which they are proud authors, to all (about a hundred) new sixth-graders. A collective compensation took place at the end of the day, on the 1st of September. A wonderful moment of passion.

At the École Saint-Nizier under the leadership of Charlieu

80 students from CP to CM2 each learned two pieces of Gerard Lenorman’s “La ballade des genshappys” during the first week of school. On Friday 9/09, checkout time, they gave an explanation of the song to the parents of the students who had come to pick them up.

At Paul-Emile Victor High School – Rillieux-La-Pape

2O min to learn with each of the seven chapters of Year 6 “Freedom Is Coming”, a song from South Africa, with choreography! At the end of the afternoon, we found Rillieux-La-Pape music school musicians in the college grounds for live performances, followed by a concert for students, parents, and middle school staff. On the show: “Watermelon” by Herbie Hancock, “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” by Joe Zawinol, and “Misirlou” (Greek translation).
The choir students also participated and performed a song taken from the concert program for the month of June: “The Mills of My Heart”.

At Thomas Rayboud College in Bourg-en-Press

During the day of consolidation, 132 sixth graders learned a song accompanied by pebbles collected during our trip to Bouvent. A few students took to xylophones and went back to college and presented our productions for the day to the parents.

At the school of quarries in Perino (42)

The choir was conducted on the first day of school at 8:30 am in the presence of parents, city hall and the constituency team. 7 classes of school learned to sing There is enough of young children and we practiced in June twice a week together.

At Ampère College in Lyon

Courtyard choir students sang for 4th grade 6th graders on Monday 9/12 from 9:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.: Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson – Healing the World, Michael Jackson – I Said A Little Prayer, Aretha Franklin version

At the Garat-Asile Fournas School in Saint-Chamond

As part of Back to Music, elementary students (150 students) learned “It’s Back to School” during the first week of school and presented it to kindergarten students (100 students) on Friday 9 September.

At the Verlaine School in Saint-Chammond

On Friday, September 2, 140 students in classes CE1 to CM2 sang in the schoolyard, after leaving at 4:30 p.m. They learned a song together last year. Parents were invited to enter the courtyard to listen to them.

At Paul Eluard College in Vénissieux

Twenty students from the choir set up last year for the Lettres Show (at the time 25 cm2 and 48 middle school students, many of them third year students) welcomed their new sixth year students on Friday 2 September at 9 am. Among them, former CM2 students who were also first returning to college. For this, they took two songs sung during the show last June at Théâtre de Vénissieux: house of words by Michel Bernard and lena by Bobby Lapointe. Details by following this link:

At Albert Schweitzer College in Riorg, 42

This year, sixth graders were welcomed to the beat of jazz by Mr. Biko, the college’s music teacher, and Mr. Lafitte, the teacher at the Reorges Conservatory of Music.

Watch the video: …

At St. Roman La Mote School, 42

Back to school in music is an opportunity for a fun moment that brings all the students together to celebrate their belonging to the school. In the five classes, from the junior section of Kindergarten to CM2, 127 pupils learn a song chosen by the teachers on the day of re-entry. On Friday afternoon, just before checkout time, the students gathered in the schoolyard to share and show this musical moment to the parents present at checkout time.

At the École Boisset lès Montrond, 42

The school’s 134 students participated in the Flash Crowd Music by Bruno Mars:

At George Foyland Primary School in Rene, 42

Each teacher relied on back to school resources on the first day of the new school year in her class, we met (6 classes PS to CM2) and then Thursday 8 September for a common body song/rhythm.

At the Eugenie de Pomey College in Amplepuis

On Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 1:45 p.m., the Topas Quartet of the Music of the Artillery of Lyon, along with 15 students of the fifth year of the college choir supervised by Mrs. Joby, the teacher of music education, performed in the college grounds in front of all the students and staff of the facility . Everyone was able to learn about famous themes from movie clips such as Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean or La La Land that were shown on the tuba. The choir students sang the Peace Law accompanied by the Quartet.

At St. Joseph’s College in Bourges-Argenthal (42)

Quelques élèves musiciens, les anciens choristes et des élèves volontaires de 5/4/3ème ont interprété morceaux et chants.

At the College Plan du Loup in Sainte-Foy les Lyon

At Plan du Loup College in Ste Foy les Lyon, we welcome our 6th graders for 45 minutes each to teach them a song whose lyrics have been rewritten by 3rd graders. 74 students performed this song together in front of parents on the evening of the first day of school on September 1.

At Saint-Thomas d’Aquin High School in Oullins

Students of the first and last years of the Music Option welcomed new songs on Friday 9 September by interpreting some of the songs worked on last year: Hanan Purvill, Wheelerman or Marcher Toot Duet by Bruno Moreno.

At Joan of Arc College in Jenas

On Tuesday, September 13th, during a holiday, it was back to music with a group of volunteers. We took turns singing and the rhythm of the body.

La Xavier College

The idea was not to warn the students about the little concert that was going to take place in the courtyard between noon and an hour,
And allowing them to interact freely, without the constraints of listening. They have been captured and some already want to take part in the upcoming music meeting. The music that was performed that day and/or improvised is by J.S. Bach, wing in B Minor, Poulenc, sonata in E Minor and Mahler, third movement from Symphony Titan, canon in D Minor, as well as some music from Eastern Europe.

At Marcel Ayme College in Dagneux (01)

150 sixth graders performed a somatic tap (corporeal rhythm) on the work of Carmen by Georges Bizet.

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