Barbara Pravi will offer a magical journey to the Atelier à scene in Vernouillet

Do you have a little tuning in your head when you wake up?
It depends on the day. I remember spending a long time All boys and girls my ageWritten by Françoise Hardy. It lasted a year and a half! On the day it stopped, I was happy to move on… kidding.

See you at Atelier A Mashhad on October 6th. You already know this place since you’ve been staying at it for a few weeks…
It was very severe. The team is very nice, the dressing rooms are very comfortable. We were greeted like kings and queens! The team was very personable, which made us work very late. These circumstances made it possible to have the time to make the show as I imagined it. We had a lot of work, because we reviewed all the scenography.

Your show is called We don’t lock up birds. Is it a hymn to freedom?
I built it as if someone was playing it. The idea was to suggest a magical date without anything. There is a full scenography, including a huge sun that acts as a mirror in the background. Things appear and disappear. My concert is very beautiful and very progressive, we go through a lot of feelings. It’s like a story, a short walk through my memories. We go through very difficult things, but they are also very exhilarating or luminous. We go further than the singer with her microphone. I suggest a poetic excursion.

Is the song your ticket to freedom?
It is a way to heal our wounds. When we are satisfied, we feel more free. The song is complete: lyrics, music, but also the visual. So ! I am really happy with this offer.

stage, your reason for being?
This is what I prefer, I have a very close relationship with the audience. during and after the show. I always go to see the people who are waiting for me. Without the audience, we don’t make music or otherwise, on a small scale. If people hadn’t carried me so high in Eurovision, I wouldn’t be on October 6th in a room as beautiful as Atelier à à scene.

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“I spoke about my surgery in my words and songs”

Actress Corinne Masiero was recently added to the list of women who have declared themselves victims of violence. Is this your case too?
Certainly…when I was subjected to violence, I was not yet known. I don’t know if it is important to systematically publicize your personal affairs. It’s critical when you feel the need. For my part, I spoke of my wounds in my words and my songs. It is a way to heal myself. I’ve used the method of words during my Women’s Organized days for several years. The media solution must be taken with intelligence and miserliness. But there is something positive about talking about yourself and your problems. Justice also has an important role.

Feel like a “#Meetoo artist”?
I don’t really like this term. It’s outdated, wrong. I’m a singer with convictions, I’ve experienced women’s things and it’s important to talk about them. I’m just an artist. Simply.

Does the public have the right? returnellthat nickname honoring your grandmother, an Alzheimer’s victim, “Alive, but Already So ​​Far”?
She died a few months ago. But she is still with me. I don’t see death painful. It is a pass. The beings we loved survive through us. My grandmother is present through the song dedicated to her.

Do you like watching birds in a cage?
No way. On the other hand, I love the sky and all its states that correspond to our feelings. I also love the horizon, the sea, the rain and the wind.

You are somewhat comparing to Edith Piaf. How do you take it?
It’s cute and I understand. It’s closely related to my song There he is, sing to Eurovision, in 2021. There is something “a very French song” in this title. We always need comparison items. Piaf is still well known internationally, but I don’t claim to replace it. My work has French influences, but it has nothing to do with Madame Piaf.

“I leave behind what I used to be,” you said recently at a concert in Bo. Are you in the midst of a renaissance?
It is a permanent rebirth. I think we’re all in a permanent rebirth, you just have to realize that. For me, every day allows me to learn things, whether through my mistakes or my successes. The two are very close… We’re constantly changing, it’s kind of what humans do.

“Eurovision was a great portal, but I’ve already done things before…”

Many Eurovision singers quickly fell into oblivion after their passing. For you, having finished second in the competition in 2021, it was initially a great starting point.
There are thousands of ways to do Eurovision. I didn’t participate just to compete with other people, because I can’t stand the competition. For me, there is room for everyone. More than that today through the multi-media access to music, writing, drawing, etc. Eurovision was a great portal, but I’ve already done things before in the field of music, writing, interpretation, stage production, etc. Eurovision was just saying: “Look at me, I’m here!” This event gave me a massive show and changed my life. But it wasn’t the end. I always know what I’m going to do in the next few years.

Is the public at Atelier à Mashhad also entitled to SoThe title that put you second in Eurovision?
surely ! I love this song. It is real happiness. I am not an artist who hesitates to sing the titles that have allowed them to appear. So He has incredible magical power. The lyrics of this title are becoming more and more vivid, and they are renewed with each new audience. I hope to explain it all my life. If I don’t sing it anymore, it’s because I won’t have a voice.

You are the granddaughter of Serbs, how do you deal with the war in Ukraine? I am also interested in what is happening on the Iranian side, because I have Persian origins. These are complex topics. I wish of course freedoms for all. But it is not my duty to comment on such complex political issues. The Iranian regime is the opposite of what I know. I admire a lot of women who have the courage to burn headscarves and cut their hair. It is an act of devotion and love for others; As an act of collective interest. In their gestures there is the idea of ​​sharing. These women work for other women. They are heroines.

There, that’s all said.
So !

Practice. Barbara Bravey, Thursday, October 6, at Atelier à scene, in Vernouillet, 8:30 p.m.; Price: 1st group: 32 euros / reduced price 25 euros / youth price 10 euros. For reservations: Tel: And on the usual booking platforms.

Olivier Bohen

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