Behind the scenes of Once Upon a Time 2

On the occasion of the release of the new movie Once upon a time 2 On November 18, 202 days Disney +Part of the cast and creative team met to discuss their shooting experience and the design of this feature film Disneywhich arrives 15 years after the first part, which benefited from a cinematic offering.

The cast of Once Upon a Time 2 take a look behind the scenes of the film

“This movie means a lot to me in so many ways.”said the actress Amy Adams announced the first installment and her big-screen incarnation of Princess Giselle in 2007. After 15 years, the actress has gone through many career-defining roles, but for her, once upon a time He is the one who started it all. Giselle never left me. [Adam Shankman et moi] were in the meeting with Disney And I went back to her, and she talked about where I thought she was. And I realized that this is the right time. There she was ready to go out. » And this is the case if you watch the movie, which is available from today.

“I was talking with Sean Baileypresident [Walt Disney Studios]And he was talking about how to put the project there.”Remember the director and choreographer Adam Shankman During the press conference for Once upon a time 2Go behind the scenes of the project. Adam She helped create a sly, revolving story about Giselle that would see her go from loving Morgan’s stepmother to the villainous one we’re used to seeing her. “It all starts Amy And the Giselle. I wanted to work with Amy For a long time because we speak a very similar language. We’re friends, and we’re both a music geek and a movie geek. Disney. And suddenly I thought I wanted to make a movie that wasn’t him Amybut also for Amy. And I thought it would be this sweet, beautiful thing because as an actor, [elle] It inspires me a lot. »

Growing up, I realized Once Upon a Time was one of my favorite movies.revealed the young actress Gabriela Baldachinowho took a break from training at the USC School of Cinematic Arts to reprise the role of Morgan, Giselle’s daughter. “It was my dream to be a part of something like this. It completely changed my life. I am so grateful to sing the music he wrote.” Alan Mencken And the Stephen Schwartz. Like, I grew up playing. I loved musicals and singing, so it was nothing new for me. But to get something they wrote is an honor. » despite Gabriella He may have cut short his formal education to join the project, but it still turns out to be some kind of class. “I learned a lot by sitting with him Adam. Sometimes when he was directing scenes, I would look the other way. Barry [Josephson] She taught me a lot, as an emerging producer. »

Behind the scenes of Once Upon a Time 2

If there was a problem with the first part, it was the lack of a song for Idina Menzel in the role of Nancy. At the initial launch of the sequel project, the bug was fixed. It was even a priority on the to-do list, to give the voice and star of Elsa evil Chance to sing in this movie. Steven [Schwartz] He gave me a task, to do a kind of “Defying Gravity”, or tribute to “Defying Gravity”The composer shared Alan Mencken. The duo has already written two songs forEdina He sings in the first film, and one was even filmed, but it was cut. Not only does Once give a number to Nancy’s character, a song with great power, but she also gets a duet with James Marsden In the role of Prince Edward.Steven And you had a great time working together. We made four movies together; Pocahontas, Indian legendAnd the Hunchback of Notre DameAnd the Once upon a time 2, and now this. »

“When you have someone like right Now [Menken] And the Steven [Schwartz] Who writes this gift to you?announced Idina Menzel. They know our voices and can write to our troops. And then we can really shine. » Edina spoke about her grief over losing her song in the first film. ” but now, [Alan et Stephen] compensate in many respects for this deficiency; I sing a song I can hardly sing live if I try”exclaimed Edina for his hit song “Love Power”, which was also recorded as the definitive pop version.

Behind the scenes of Once Upon a Time 2

Nancy isn’t the only non-singing character from the first movie to have a song this time around, as this behind-the-scenes press conference reveals. Once upon a time 2. ” it was a joy”joint Patrick Dempsey for his song “A Hard Time for Heroes”. When Giselle’s wish is granted and she brings magic to her new town, her lawyer husband chooses different kinds of battles, especially battles with dragons. “This whole process of capturing your voice, working with the coach on it, learning the lyrics and the dance was such an amazing experience and something I had never done before. I really appreciate the talent with vocals and vocals.”Edina And the Amy And the Maya [Rudolph] And everyone. It is an extraordinary feeling that you get when you sing. Vibration is a very intoxicating thing. So it’s nice to get a taste of that. »

“Although I’ve had the chance to sing in things before, it wasn’t such an experience”shared by the former co-star of Saturday Night LiveAnd the Maya Rudolphwho joins the cast to portray Giselle’s new antagonist, Malvina Monroe from Monroeville Monroes. “Knowing that I will be able to sing this song Minkin And the Schwartz It was really, really almost like an investigation into life. As if I’m running a marathon, I’ve trained my whole life. And it was like that every day. We were going to vocal rehearsal, we were going to dance rehearsal, and we were working on the day we shot the song. » Speaking of filming, much of the movie was shot on location in Enniskerry, Ireland. ” The locals were an integral part of our experience in Ireland. The people who welcomed us there and showed us where we were and what to do, there were really lovely people who were so welcoming and created a little world for us. »

Filmed in the summer of 2021, this movie was tough for everyone involved in it, however Yvette Nicole Brown He suffered personal tragedy in the process. I lost my mother when we made this movie.have found Yvettewho plays Rosaline, one of Malvina’s henchmen. “Our entire team, I got personal calls. And Maya He came to pick me up and take me to her house and keep me for the weekend. And the Gemma [Mays] It was like spoken Adam He took me to a little fair they had every Sunday. My mother passed away on Saturday. I spent Sunday with him and our choreographers. I got calls from Patrick. Everyone surrounded me with love, and I was truly in the hardest time of my life, there was no other place I’d rather be with everyone. [eux]. Together at the press conference not only gave Yvette Nicole Brown A chance to find his fellow stars, but it was also a chance to thank them for their kindness. “I am so happy that our message of love has now been sent out into the world, and I know my mom would also like to thank you all for taking care of her baby.”And concluded.

Dreams seem to come true throughout the production Once upon a time 2. “In the first movie, I really wanted a magic mirror.”Explain the product Barry JosephsonAdding that his collaborators Adam And the Amy supported the idea. He explained how easy it was to cast the movie because it was easy to sign their top picks, including Malvina’s Magic Mirror and the barista, Edgar, who he played. Oscar Nunez. Amy I had to the deskhe remembers Oscarrecalling thatAmy Adams He was prone to singing between different takes while filming its three episodes in 2005.

“She kept singing with a big smile on her face, so there was a lot of love there.”

“It was really my pleasure.”Announces Amy Adams To sum up the experience and behind the scenes Once upon a time 2. “Bringing the returning cast together, it was so much fun seeing everyone come back in, and we were so lucky to have everyone involved.

the film Once upon a time 2 Available now on Disney +.

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