Brigitte Giroud, Goncourt Prize 2022 for “Live Fast”

The first revolution for me was learning to write and read. So at six or seven“, Believes

Recently on our antenna Brigitte Giroud. We can all imagine the achievement this Thursday means for Algeria-born Lyonnais author Dedication Goncourt, after several selections and awards already.

The ten members of the Académie Goncourt, seven men and three women, gathered in the Parisian restaurant Drouant, and crowned Lyonnaise’s novelist in the fourteenth ballot, attested by a tight vote.

A major starting point for his retrospective, simple and powerful, of over 200 pages, published at the end of August by Flammarion Editions. A series of ‘ifs’ and ‘ifs’ flags slipped and analyzed about the brutal disappearance of a comrade, against the backdrop of a photo of an era and the city of Lyon.

A woman of literature and music already translated in about fifteen countries, including Germany, China or Norway, who reached the finalist of the award last December, and is still in the nomination for the film Femina, Brigitte Giroud became the thirteenth woman to be awarded by Goncourt since a year 1903.

humble mission

“With ifs, we will reshape the world,” or “We put Paris in a bottle,” the expressions confirm. with ifs, live fast He rebuilt a house and three lives. In Lyon, in the eighties and nineties.”I go back to the chain of “ifs” that took hold of all these years and that made my existence a reality in the past conditional‘, we read page 23. The author explained to Arnaud Laporte in Cultural Affairs, about French culture:I had a whole bunch of scenes in my head, everyday situations that happened in the days, weeks, and months before the accident. And all these little scenes from everyday life told me that something didn’t go as planned. (…) And this large painting was conceived as a puzzle, or rather a family tree that could have led to disaster.. “

More than twenty years after the death of her companion, Claude, in a motorcycle accident on a street in Lyon, Brigitte Giroud is engaged in an intimate and communal mission. “I was looking for a template for this book that I had known for a long time that I was going to write it, and I had to write it. Maybe for him, maybe for us. As for the love story, I don’t know exactly why. I waited long enough that I had to rise to the level of this guy, probably.” Captured on our antenna the one who not so long ago launched the sale of the house in which she began to live with her son, three days after the tragedy. The house is a criminal in this very accurate account of daily life that recalls the movie things from lifeby Claude Sautet. the house that”It was the first domino I was going to try to tear down so that everything was connected, the other dominoes“.

live fast echoes too

Currentlya short novel by Brigitte Giroud, published by Stock in 2001, chronicled the early days of mourning, between the moment the narrator learned of the death of her companion in a motorcycle accident and his funeral.

“Confused by grief, yes widow no”

She wrote the one who dedicates this story to her son, Theo.dazed with sadness yes widow no“… systematically goes back to everything that could have led to this disastrous day. Starting with the motorcycle:”Why was the Honda 900 CBR Fireblade, the flagship of the Japanese industry, which Claude was driving on June 22, 1999, intended for export to Europe and banned in Japan, because it was considered too dangerous?. Then, dot by dot, numbered, separated, I marked the signs: 1 / If I didn’t want to sell the apartment 2 / If my grandfather didn’t commit suicide 3 / If I didn’t visit this house etc.

Against the backdrop of Blur, Oasis, Nirvana and other bands of the time, for a world that already seems so far away—”We must remember this world without a mobile– Brigitte Giroud take us toCrazy acceleration in my life. The impression of riding a roller coaster, hair in the wind, with the gondola taking off“.she says she is responsible for the drama,” she said.I willingly prepared, without knowing, the circumstances of the accident. “But we have never explained the exact causes of this incident and the assertions – the opposite hypotheses quickly turn into questions that the one-offender thesis does not hold.

This relentless statistic may sound satisfying, athletic, and cold, close to the autopsy of a forensic scientist. Pity can prevail in a mourning mass. But life takes its place thanks to simple language, familiar tales – spouses, family or estates – and humility and restraint. History of Lyon live fast He also questions our world. And so Brigitte Giroud asserted in our studio: “Which also allows me to make connections between our private lives and our lives with liberalism and globalization and all these very political things.Finally, far from a style, so much needed, this book finds all its strength in the violence of this fate, in this very special and at the same time universal story, and in the mechanics of writing and historical painting developed by the narrator.

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Brigitte Giroud, The Life of Letters and Music

Brigitte Giroud is still distinguished for her discovery of words since childhood. As I told her on our airwaves by Arnaud Laporte in

Cultural Affairs, October 27 : “I thought it was an absolute miracle to be able to put together the words to capture something from the world around you. On the other hand, learning to read is an experience of absolute liberation because for the first time you can do without adults who are supposed to bring the world to you.. “

Born in 1960 in Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria, she studied German, English and Arabic, which enabled her to become a translator. before her passion for literature led her to become a bookseller in Lyon, literary journalist, literary critic (for Liberation Lyon), programmer for the Bron Book Festival, in the Lyon region, or even

Manager of the group “Forest” in stock. From 2010 to 2016, she published privately by Mona Thomas, Lionel Tran or Dominic A.

His short stories since 2007 have been featured with Goncourt de la Nouvelle, for Love is too much. Eleven short stories tell the end of love through eleven destinies. live fast It is his eleventh novel. I also signed the short piece

Mod jump dayperformed at Théâtre des Mathurins, and published a few weeks ago

His first novel for young peopleLaurie Leko explains: Missing.

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Brigitte Giroud’s other passion is music. Born from sofa nights with her father, she watches variety on TV and fosters with her companion Claude, “The man of my life”a musician turned music critic at heart live fast. Captivated by Arnaud Laporte: “It is true that after the death of my companion I could not listen to music. It lasted two or three years. It was very violent because that’s what really connected me to it. And then, we know what the ability to music is. It still connects you most with life force and what we might call emotions.. (…) Little by little the connection with music came back and I continued to explore everything that was happening in the more modern landscape, as if I, in turn, had become the other.. “

This love of music prompted Brigitte Giroud to write songs and collaborate with musicians. In 2009, together with Fabio Viscoliusi, she published the music book with kids. “I really wrote it for Fabio, to be said for his music. Fabio was not composed at all independently, but really worked together. And Fabio remains one of the musicians I absolutely adore.‘, she explains in Cultural Affairs.

dance reading BG / BG because I am a girl He will follow with choreographer Bernadette Gillard, before creating the musical reading I love table tennis With musician Albin de la Simone in 2014. His novel wolf for manAlready selected for the Goncourt and Femina Awards in 2017, it was also the subject of a musical reading with musicians Bastien Lallemant and Sébastien Souchois.

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The thirteenth woman to have been awarded the Order of Goncourt since 1903

Goncourt has so far only awarded 12 women since its inception, including three since 2000: Marie Ndiaye (2009), Lady Salvare (2014) and Leila Slimani (2016). Marguerite Yourcenar, Nathalie Sarraute, Hélène Bessette, Françoise Sagan, or Annie Ernaux did not receive it, when other primary authors were later crowned.
In 1943, Simone de Beauvoir was contacted for her first novel guest. She even bought herself a dress for the occasion. Finally, Marius Grout won. Ten years later, in 1954, she was crowned mandarin, they do not move to receive the award. In 1950, Marguerite Duras caused a stir Dam on the Pacific Ocean. But Colette’s jury favors Paul Cullen. Doras will not be crowned until thirty-four years later, in 1984, for lover.

This year, two women, Chloe Corman and Brigitte Giroud, along with two men, Giuliano da Empoli and Mackenzie Urcel, appeared on the list of finalists vying for the award. The prestigious Academy’s jury consists of seven men and three women.

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