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Ouigo is a rail transport service launched by SNCF (France’s national railway company) in 2013. The policy of this offer is to offer passengers low fares, so that everyone can travel safely on a budget. In addition to the already attractive costs, the Ouigo service has several other advantages that make it the perfect solution for family trips.

Ouigo is a great low-cost option for family travel

Ouigo Train is specially designed for Accommodates more passengers than conventional passenger trains. It does not have a club car and only has one class of travel, plus a limited luggage compartment. Especially thanks to these provisions, Ouigo is able to provide far lower prices than those offered by its competitors.

if you want Enjoy a family trip to FranceOuigo offer is the best solution to find a price range that fits your budget. This option made available by SNCF allows you to take several trips from the sum of €10, both in the summer and throughout the rest of the year. If you are traveling with children in the 0-12 age group, you will need to save a modest €5 each. The fare may increase slightly depending on the departure station, but it will still be quite low compared to the usual costs.

Always with the aim of reducing your expenses, you can consider implementing some tips for traveling as a family at a lower cost on the Ouigo Train. The first method is to anticipate your departure, in order to analyze the price calendar so you can book early. To take advantage of the good deals we recommend you Subscribe to the company’s newsletter Or visit the official Ouigo website frequently. Thus you will be notified of every opportunity that could be financially profitable for you. It is also advised to travel lightly to avoid increased baggage handling costs.

France train travel Ouigo

You can choose from many family vacation destinations

Ouigo offers its passengers many destinations to explore the most beautiful regions of France. Among the main cities that the train travels through is the famous coastal city of Marseille. It is famous for its great attractions and the Santon Fair which takes place every year from November to December. During autumn, the train provides service to stations located in central Paris, allowing passengers to enjoy Events taking place in the capital. We find in particular:

  • Music Festivals
  • grape harvest festival in montmartre
  • visit various Parisian parks and gardens,
  • Countless other activities known to entertain young and old.

If you prefer to explore Less tourist areas Quieter, Ouigo trains also pass through small towns such as Saint-Raphaël, Colmar, Avignon, etc. You will also find interesting destination proposals on the SNCF website or on the official Ouigo platform. It will guide you and let you decide the places to go during your family trip to live an unforgettable experience without spending a fortune.

Ouigo trains are very comfortable and have all the amenities you need

Ouigo packages are especially popular because they guarantee all passengers the same level of comfort. These trains actually consist of one class and offer travelers the same options. Ouigo’s low cost does not in any way affect the quality of services. In the same way as standard TGVs, you are sure to Enjoy some peace.

If you have a child, on board you will find spaces large enough to change or prepare bottles during the trip. Those who have brought electronic devices that need to be connected will be able to choose Places equipped with electrical outlet. This option is more advantageous because it is free for passengers under 12 years old. So your kids won’t have to worry about charging their devices while traveling.

In addition, choosing a seat option allows you to choose boxes specifically designed for travelers with family or groups. This seating configuration gives you a chance to better interact with each other during the flight. You can even To play board games Or card games to make the trip more fun. If a family member prefers to take advantage of the trip to enjoy the scenery, they can choose a seat located by the windows.

You can choose the seats arranged near the exit so you can get off more quickly once you reach your destination. Location can be selected well in advance of departure through the Ouigo website. In order to escape from boredom and let the children have fun on the train, Ouigo provides passengers Very good Wi-Fi connection. The excellent quality of the network will make traveling even more enjoyable, as you can stream your favorite movies and series or access other fun content that will please the whole family.

You can bring your own food and drinks on the Ouigo Trains

Many train companies prevent their passengers from eating on board for one reason or another. However, this policy puts those who make a long trip at a disadvantage. With Ouigo, you will not experience this inconvenience. On the trains that this offer gives you, you can’t Only eat in the carbut you can also bring your own food.

If you plan to eat home cooked meals during the flight, we advise you to choose meals that are easy to eat and transport. bet on salad or sandwich To ensure your children an excellent supply of protein and energy. As a dessert, choose for example yogurt that can be kept for several hours at room temperature. It is also allowed to bring drinks with your meals and hydrate yourself.

You can take your pets with you on your family trip

With Ouigo, you no longer need to separate yourself from your pet to go on a family trip. Your four-legged friend can follow you on the train and also enjoy the ride. It will be necessary to plan a boarding priceHowever, the cost is still very low. In addition, Ouigo allocates the same rate of transfer to pets whether it is a large dog, hamster or cat.

In order for the journey on the Ouigo train with your animal to proceed as smoothly as possible, it is advisable to place the animal in transport cage. This recommendation is especially valid for small animals, since the cage will keep them in shelter and prevent them from slipping into the aisles and disturbing other occupants. To prevent your dog from pooping during a train journey, feed him about 12 hours before boarding the plane.

If you have a feisty dog, take her for a walk before leaving. This will allow him to extend his legs and stay calm during the flight, which can be longer or shorter depending on your destination. However, there are some pets prohibited on Ouigo trains. There are, for example, some offensive dogs like boerboels and pit bulls, which are not Not allowed on public transportation. It also denied access to categories of domesticated wild animals such as snakes.

Ouigo Family Travel Deals

Oigo: Flexible Baggage Policy

The flexibility of Ouigo’s baggage policy is one of its biggest advantages. With this offer you can Bring two hand bags It has dimensions less than or equal to 36 x 27 x 15 cm. Another possibility is to bring one piece of hand baggage (matching the size mentioned above) and one piece of cabin baggage with a size not exceeding the following dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm. For each additional piece of baggage, you will need to provide an amount of €5. This includes bicycles, musical instruments, sports equipment, or various other accessories. In order to help passengers traveling as a family, Ouigo takes care of free stroller transportation for people traveling with an infant.

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