Concerts and albums: celebrating winter with music

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A successful holiday season is the season of music and rhythm. While the winter program of performance halls is plentiful this year, here are some recommendations for upcoming concerts and albums that are sure to bring warmth and comfort to everyday life already huddled in its white coat.

December together and in song

If there is one musical genre par excellence associated with Christmas, it is Jazz! The Glenn Miller Orchestra will take over the Arts Square on December 23 for a one-of-a-kind concert, In the Christmas mood. to Santa Claus is coming to town, to me let it snow passing by Christmas bellsAnd the Holiday home And the frosty snowThe world-famous group of about two dozen musicians will rock Maison Symphony as much with their nostalgic interpretation of holiday classics as with their hilarity. Chattanooga choo chooAnd the Moonlight serenadeAnd the Strings of pearlsAnd the Pennsylvania 6-5000 And of course, the very timeless Conveniently in a good mood.

On Dec. 3, Rufus and Martha Wainwright give a date to the public at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Montreal for their show. stars and you. Brother and sister Wainwright, who recently released new music, will be accompanied on stage by several artists, including Hubert Lenoir, Isabelle Boulay and Chloe Belgague, to bring the magic of the holiday season to life in a warm and generous atmosphere. It should be noted in this regard that the benefits of this special evening will be donated to the Kate McGargill Fund, which supports cancer patients.

For Christmas in the Park, the festival returns from December 3-31 in three parks in Montreal – Place Émilie-Gamelin, Parc des Compagnons-de-Saint-Laurent, and Parc Lahaie. For more than four weeks, several artists will follow each other to illuminate the last month of 2022 with one password: coexistence. Viewers will have the opportunity to pay tribute to big names from the local scene such as Salome Locklear, Lawrence Nierbon, Boone DeBarras, and Bran Fan 3000, as well as up-and-coming musicians including Superblog, Sophia Bell, Jesse McCormack, Calamine, Naia Ali and Marilyn Leonard. The younger ones will not be neglected since Saturday afternoon and will be dedicated to families and intergenerational programs. Ari koi koi, kattam and tam tams, achum, les vie de noel, maker Ariane Deslons will perform before the eyes of young children, their parents … and Santa Claus!

big christmas

DecA large mural of Québec Issime’s holiday season would stir excitement for 20 yearse times, Quebec and Montreal – from 1Verse to December 4 at the Videotron Center, and then from December 8 to 29 at the Maisonneuve Theater in the Place des Arts. Since 2003, the musical-like show has transported families to a fantastic world where the characters of the village that we find under our Christmas tree come to life during extraordinary adventures led by Onésime Lemaire, the mayor of this wonderful municipality. On the stage, about twenty artists in dazzling costumes in magnificent tableaus and about sixty enchanting melodies stroll. And this edition already promises to be unforgettable, because during the performances in Quebec, the tenor Marc Hervieux will wear the magnificent tenor of Ansim Lemaire.

The lyrical singer will also travel the streets of Quebec to present his album Christmas nostalgia. Marc Hervieux especially enjoys timeless and memorable holiday tunes that reflect his childhood memories, as well as his own original creations. He chose, among other things, the existing basics It looked a lot like ChristmasAnd the Honey, it’s cold outside And the happy birthday. He also surrounded himself with Annie Villeneuve and a pop group Without accompaniment of musical instruments QW4RTZ for songs Prayer/ preghiera / prayer And the White Christmas. Between December 11th and 20th, Marc Hervieux will stop in Cowansville, Saint-Gervais, Magog, and Brossard for a discreet yet festive piano/vocal formula.

Almost like an advent calendar, choir There are people in the blockthe Télé-Québec show hosted by Christian Begin, will also be on the road and on the road throughout December to revive his debut album, Right after November. Already available in physical and digital format, the disc consists of dozens of original and benevolent Christmas songs written by choir members and two musicians under their musical director, Alex McMahon. The kick-off for this holiday mini-tour will be offered at 1Verse December, at Longueuil, and will notably pass through Gatineau, Joliette, Montreal, Saguenay, and Quebec, and end on December 23rd in Victoriaville. Regarding the protest There are people at Christmas MassIt will be broadcast on December 24 on the public channel.

It’s party time at Cabaret du Casino

Cabaret du Casino de Montreal is sure to be a year-end must-have! Having gathered around 75,000 spectators and around thirty Quebec artists so far, the 2022 edition of Christmas tradition in song He returned for the fifth time. On December 6, Johann Bloin, Joe Buchan, Luce Duvault, Martine St. Clair, Shirley Theroux, Madelenots de Suruet (Henri-Paul Benard and Felix Leblanc), Vladimir Kornev and Vincent Nicholo will invite the audience to sing with them. , great classics. Jacques Roy is responsible for the musical direction of the show, while Joel Legendre is responsible for the show.

On November 30, then 1VerseDecember 14 and 15 event The youth of yesterday and today celebrate Christmas Marks the return to stage of Joel Dennis and Christine Chartrand. Partners alongside Suzie Villeneuve, Michaël Girard and David Corriveau will welcome a show that evokes Christmases from different eras, past and present. This cheerful band will perform classical and traditional songs in a lively and cheerful atmosphere.

A little later in 2023, on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of February, La Compagnie créole will present its show dance machine, still at the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal, and just in time for Mardi Gras. The band from the French West Indies and Guyana will hit their greatest hits for their loyal audience, which brings together several generations of fans. With songs like Makes the birds laughAnd the Masked BallAnd the It’s good for moraleAnd the Long live the customs officer Rousseau And the Ba Mui On Te Bo, There is no doubt that humor and cheerfulness will be in order!

A series of francophone artists

French singer-songwriter Baume, who splits her time between the two shores of the Atlantic, will be at MTelus on December 21, the day of the winter solstice, for a highly anticipated concert. Over a year after playing to sold-out crowds at La Tulipe and just months after the release of his stellar latest album, CatrophyPomme will meet her audience for a performance that we believe is soft and intimate despite the stature of a Montreal performance hall.

Benoit Pinette, who we know from his musical project Tire le Coyote, also presents his new album, In the first round of evidence, released earlier this year. Always poetic and so powerful, his music and words have echoed over twelve years already in Quebec Song. On the occasion of his provincial tour that will run until April, he will make a special stop at Louis-Fréchette Hall at the Grand Théâtre de Québec on January 7, 2023, and then in Montreal at the Maisonneuve Theater on January 19, for parties full of emotions.

With audiences asking for more, Les Cowboys Fringants added additional dates to their massive tour which began several months ago after the release of their musical. America is crying. A few more concerts are still available between now and next spring: only performances scheduled for January 6th at the Bell Center in Montreal, January 14th at the Videotron Center in Quebec City and those in Saint-Hyacinthe and Sept-les later in the year. The year does not appear, in fact, it is not yet complete.

Many other musicians will be hitting the roads of Quebec this winter to share joyful moments with their audiences. Acadian Lisa LeBlanc will spend the end of November and the beginning of December in the regions (Sainte-Thérèse, Matane, Rimouski, Rivière-du-Loup, Lévis) with her acclaimed elegant discoWhile Les Louanges will start 2023 in style with several concerts, including in Laval and Montreal between January and February, before traveling to Europe.

Tribute rain

Robert on Charlebois Scoop is a massive rock concert by Robert Charlebois that has been tested in both music and visuals! This is how the legendary singer-songwriter added dates to this show, which has already received three Félix awards at the ADISQ Gala in 2020. Need to see winter again / And its northern lights ’, sung in 1976. It couldn’t be better, because Robert Charlebois would be, 1VerseDecember 2 and 3, at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier at the Place des Arts in Montreal to sing his greatest hits in front of his audience.

After more than 400 performances in nearly fifty countries, including the Olympia in Paris and Carnegie Hall in New York, and the gathering of nearly a million people, Piaf! the offer is located in Montreal. On January 12th at the Place des Arts, the tribute show will immerse spectators in the heart of the history and career of French singer Edith Piaf thanks to an extraordinary scenography, projection of previously unpublished photographs and, of course, the interpretation of his greatest works. songs, like Anthem of love And the crowd.

In mid-December, in Saint-Jérôme and Mont-Laurier, then on February 3 and 4 at the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal, there will also be Melissa Bédard honoring her debut in the show My mother always sang. The one that was discovered about ten years ago in star Academy, Where she also went to the semi-finals, she puts on a performance in which she revisits, almost in karaoke style, the greatest – but not only – of the French-speaking songs that have accompanied her since her early childhood. , both covers, for example I will love you always by Whitney Houston, compositions only from her own repertoire.

Long live the party!

There is no doubt that Stromae will be able to work the tens of thousands of people who are expected to dance for one concert series at the Bell Center and one at the Videotron Center. Those who want to discover the latest album of the Belgian artist, multiplicityin He lives And those who don’t have their tickets yet should hurry, because places are only available December 11th in Quebec and December 14th in Montreal.

Finally, on December 10, the Phi Center will welcome the Kohlenstoff Collegiate, who will perform cymatics, a musical, contemporary, electro-acoustic and visual experience created using digital technologies. A little earlier, on November 26, the talented Ana Arrobas will be celebrating melancholy and her album Made to touch In the first edition of Festival Triste, while the fiery trio 2120 will run the Verre Bouteille stage on November 28th and the magnetic Ada Lea will be in Sala Rossa on November 1stVerse December (but also on November 30 in Quebec).

Twelve discs have been released this year for her show(s)

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