“Cyrano de Bergerac, is it Moliere?”

Find out the questions (and answers) of the basic general culture contest that the candidates for the Miss France 2022 elections held on Wednesday, in the middle of a preparatory trip to Guadeloupe.

Two days after arriving in the Caribbean, the candidates for the Miss France 2023 election abandoned photo sessions and walking lessons for a dreaded general culture test. With an examination room in an equipped space at the Club Med de La Caravelle, a stone’s throw from the beach, the thirty young women took their seats – in alphabetical order by area – for an hour and a half of multiple choice questions under the supervision of the panel. (Questions and answers below). In their version, forty questions spread over six topics: news of recent months, questions about French, mathematics / logic, history / geography, about art, a question about their level of English.

Until then, Sylvie Teller was responsible for authoring this test. The one who led Miss France for 17 years on the way out, an entirely different member of the team took charge of the questionnaire. This is Frederic Gilbert, technical producer of the elections scheduled for December 17th in Châteauroux. A somewhat surprising, but logical choice when he explains that he’s also on “Le Grand Quiz,” hosted by Hélène Mannarino on TF1.

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Difficulty level: 6/10

A few hours before the event launches, Frederick Gilbert specifies that he estimates the difficulty level at 6/10. According to him, this test should remain “accessible”. Intellectually accessible, but physically inaccessible. Like the baccalaureate subject, the list of questions is privately protected and printed on paper only at the last moment to avoid any leakage. The producer also states that this audition helps to train the future beauty queen for what awaits her once she is elected: a meeting of representatives and institutions in the area, an extensive informational tour with potential key questions about the community, and news…

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And if anyone can attest to this, it is Diane Lier, Miss France 2022, who wanted to re-test with the candidates for the new promotion. “I find it fun!” she explains between two trips. An approach that reflects the mission she gave herself from the beginning of the journey: to play the role of caring and attentive Big Sisters. “I am just one of the thirty beauty queens. I am the only one who can understand all the feelings they are going through right now.” Another surprise, Sylvie Teller also decided to take the test, which didn’t exist yet when she applied in 2001.

“Jacquemus, is that really his name?”

Just ten minutes into the test, Diane Lear was the first to get up. “I gave my all on the penultimate question!” Then Miss Normandy comes in half an hour after kick-off. “The first page was very easy. But I guess the grain was a tree…” she reacts to the director. “I took my time reading the questions. I hesitated between Annie Ernault and Marguerite Duras about getting the Nobel Prize for Literature,” explains Ms. Guadeloupe.

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De son côté, Miss Bretagne confie avoir trouvé le test plus facile que celui de l’an dernier, mais elle avoue avoir hesité between Jack Lang and Roselyne Bachelot for the question sur la Fête de la musicique, persuadée qu’il s’agissait d ‘a woman. “Is Jacquemus really his name? His name is not Olivier Rousteing?” asks Mademoiselle Ile-de-France, at the rematch with her companions. “Cyrano de Bergerac, is it Molière?”, they worry.

Once the last paper has been returned, an hour into the test, Cindy Faber, the new competition director, repeats the test with the candidates, providing the answers one by one. You will correct him. Remember that the result is not final, but it is important for the pre-selection of the fifteen candidates by the committee.


1. What is the name of the new King of England who will succeed Queen Elizabeth II?

a) William F
b) Carlos III
c) George VIII
d) Harry I

2. What is the name of the Ukrainian president?

a) Igor Stravinsky
b) Vaslav Nijinsky
c) Volodymyr Zelensky
d) Vladimir Putin

3. Which international singer released her new album Renaissance in 2022?

a) Lady Gaga
b) Dua Lipa
c) Rihanna
d) Beyoncé

4. Who is the footballer who won the Ballon d’Or in 2022?

a) Lionel Messi
b) Karim Benzema
c) Cristiano Ronaldo
d) Kylian Mbappe

5. What is the remaining offshore sailing race on November 6, 2022 for Pointe-à-Pitre?

a) The Vendée Globe
b) Jacques-Faber trans
c) Rom Road
d) Jules Verne Cup

6. Who is the French lady of literature who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2022?

a) Virginie Despentes
b) George Sand
c) Annie Ernault
d) Marguerite Duras

7. This year’s music festival celebrated its 40th anniversary. To which minister do we owe the development of this celebration?

a) Jack Lang
b) Frederic Mitterrand
c) Roslyn Bachelot
d) Jacques Toupon

8. Where was COP 27 this year and what was it about?

a) In Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, to talk about the environment
b) In Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, to talk about global economic governance
c) In Durban, South Africa to talk about the environment
d) In Durban, South Africa, to talk about global economic governance

Arts, Culture and People (10 questions, 10 points)

9. What radio station is Diane Lear co-hosting The Morning Show with?

a) Virgin Radio
b) RMC
c) Europe 1
d) NRJ

10. What countries did the last 3 Miss Universe pageants come from?

a) South Africa, Mexico and India
b) The Philippines, Colombia and the United States
c) The United States, India and Venezuela
d) France, the Philippines and Poland

11. Which American star is portraying the Netflix movie “Blonde” released on September 16, 2022, a life story?

a) Madonna
b) Marilyn Monroe
c) Dolly Parton
d) Paris Hilton

12. Who wrote the play Cyrano de Bergerac?

a) Victor Hugo
b) Moliere
c) Edmond Rostand
d) Alfred de Musset

13. Which fashion designer is accustomed to staging his shows in nature as in a tulip field in 2019, or in a wheat field in 2020, or in a salt quarry in 2022?

a) Jean Paul Gaultier
b) Olivier Rousteing
c) Elie Saab
d) Jacquemus

14. What are salt fillers?

a) Great generosity
b) a small salted butter biscuit
c) A tree growing in mangrove waters
d) a meat pie

15. Which party does not reward movies?

a) Caesars
b) Grammy
c) The Academy Awards
d) Golden Globe

16. Who is the singer who won the “Male Artist” category at Victoires de la Musique 2022?

a) Julien Doré
b) Fire! Chatterton
c) Orelsan
d) Myd

17. Who painted the ceiling of the Opera Garnier in Paris, which opened in 1964?

a) Bernard Buffett
b) Edgar Degas
c) Marcel Duchamp
d) Marc Chagall

18. Which American billionaire recently bought the social network Twitter?

a) Donald Trump
b) Jeff Bezos
c) Elon Musk
d) Bill Gates

Logic and Mathematics (5 questions, 5 points)

19. The fictional organization Miss Beauty is holding a beauty pageant in Singapore. The time difference in Singapore is more than 7 hours compared to France. Knowing that the flight between Paris and Singapore takes 12:50 and Miss France leaves Paris at 8:20, what local time does Miss France arrive in Singapore?

a) 4:10
b) 10:10 p.m
c) 3:20 p.m.
d) 2:30

20. A pair of shoes on sale is 35% off. Its original price is 200 euros. How much does a pair of shoes cost after the discount?

a) 170 euros
b) 165 euros
c) 130 euros
d) 70 euros

21. What is the formula for the Pythagorean theorem?

a) a^2 + b^2 = c^2
b) a = p^2
c) a^n + a^m = a^ (m + n)
d) (ab) (a + b) = a^2 – b^2

22. Complete the following logical sequence: 73 37 86 68 52

a) 85
b) 75
c) 65
d) 25

23. A random card is drawn from a deck of 52 cards and its value is noted. What is the probability that this card is a jack?

a) 1/4
b) 1/13
c) 2/5
d) 2/9

French (5 questions, 5 points)

24. What does the adjective omnipotent mean?

a) Who knows everything
b) Who owns all the wealth
c) Who is the Almighty?
d) It is very heavy

25. Conjugate the verbs in the following sentence: “The 30 Misses who were (verb to elect) in the region go (verb to travel) from Paris to Pointe-a-Pitre.”

26. Choose the correct grammatical form in the following sentence: “It is elected (this / se) evening, (this / se) recalls Estelle. She put on (this) high-heeled shoes and went to do her hair. »

27. Which of the following statements is an oxymoron?

a) Hearing a deafening silence
b) You have butterflies in your stomach
c) to be as stupid as a carp
d) The eyes are larger than the stomach

28. Which of these words are found in the French language?

a) obsession
b) Omnipole
c) Ombuds
d) Omnipole

Geography/History (9 questions, 9 points)

29. What are the residents of Châteauroux called?

a) Castleroxoa
b) Castellrosine
c) The Chateaurouxois
d) Chateaurosin

30. What is the name of the volcano in Guadeloupe?

a) Peyton de la Fournaise
b) no soufriere
c) Mount Bailey
d) Mount Rainier

31. What is the history of the Constitution of the Fifth Republic?

a) 1945
b) 1948
c) 1958
d) 1962

32. Who was Olympe de Gouges?

a) A scientist of the nineteenth century
b) a remote control
c) literary feminism
d) a heroine from Greek mythology

33- Elisabeth Borne is the second woman to be appointed Prime Minister in France. Who is the only woman who held this position before her?

a) Edith Cresson
b) Simon Vail
c) Segolene Royal
d) Marilyn Schiappa

34. In what year was the Hijab Law decriminalized in France passed?

a) 1945
b) 1958
c) 1975
d) 1982

35. Which of these cities is the capital?

in New York
b) Shanghai
c) Rio de Janeiro
d) New Delhi

36. Which of these countries is not part of the Baltics?

a) Latvia
b) Lithuania
c) Croatia
d) Estonia

37. Which woman entered the Pantheon in November 2021?

a) Joan of Arc
b) Josephine Baker
c) Marie Curie
d) Edith Piaf

English (2 questions, 3 points)

38. Translate the following sentence into French: “Feminism means giving women a choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women. It is about freedom. It is about liberation. It is about equality.” (Emma Watson)

39. Answer the following question in English: What would you do with the Miss France title if she was crowned on December 17? (2 points)

and answers

1. b) Charles III

2-c) Volodymyr Zelensky

3.D) Beyoncé

4.b) Karim Benzema

5. c) Rom Road

6. c) Annie Ernault

7.A) Jack Lang

8. a) In Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt to talk about the environment

9.a) Virgin Radio

10.a) South Africa, Mexico and India

11- b) Marilyn Monroe

12- c) Edmond Rostand

13. d) Jacquemus

14. d) Meat pie

15b) Grammy Awards

16.C) Orelsan

17.D) Marc Chagall

18- c) Elon Musk

19.a) 4:10

20.C) 130 euros

21. a) a^2 + b^2 = c^2

22. d) 25

23 b) 1/13

24. c) He who is omnipotent

25. The 30 Miss Regions elected in the region will travel from Paris to Pointe-a-Pitre.

26. Elections are taking place tonight, Estelle recalls. She put on her high heels and went to do her hair.

27. a) hear a deafening silence

28. a) obsession

29. b) Castelroussins

30. b) La Soufriere

31. c) 1958

32. c) literary feminism

33.a) Edith Cresson

34. c) 1975

35. d) New Delhi

36.C) Croatia

37. b) Josephine Baker

38- Feminism is about giving women a choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women. It’s about freedom. It’s about liberation. It’s about equality.

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