Desert Dew presents the album Mirrors

Who is behind Desert Dew and how was the group formed?
First of all, thank you for allowing us to conduct this interview. Desert Duo is a group resulting from the musical cries of Timothy, our guitarist. It’s a project that wasn’t originally a real one, but rather a set of elementary compositions for teens. Finally in 2017, he decided to make it a more serious band, and at the end of the year he was joined by Valentine on drums, Gillian on lead guitar but also another guitarist who quickly left the band.Adventure in mid-2018 who was then replaced by Roman. It was then that the band decided to “release the machine.”
At first we combined a singer and a singer, so we were six on stage but soon it became complicated for the logistics but also for reconciling desires with the rhythm of work. So we made the decision to continue playing the foursome with Tim singing, a decision that is more evident in hindsight because we all preferred his vocal structure at the time.
After the release of the first EP in early 2020 (file white EP, 4 titles) We started chain parties and were stopped, like many, by COVID. This was a very difficult period and during this period Valentine decided that the group no longer suited him.
Then we went looking for a drummer and were incredibly lucky to have Theo who appeared like a phoenix spreading drums to give new life to our musical being.
So we can say that behind Desert Dew hides Tim on bass and vocals, Jillian on lead guitar, Romain on second guitar and Théo on drums.

Can you introduce us to your album? mirrors ?
gladly ! Mirrors is an eleven-track album that we wanted to be diverse and personal. So we tried to make it look like it’s coming from a single entity with no redundancy and in the end it was a very difficult task. However, it seems to us that we have managed to make an album of progress and relief. There are ambient moments, some that bite and some that are, hopefully, touching. We’ve really tried to convey who we are: a combination of our own inspiration without existence

What are your sources of inspiration and how do you compose?
The basis of the compositions was provided mainly by the creator of the collection, Timothy. He will seek his influences from groups as diverse as Coldplay, Billy Talent, Paramore, PVRIS, Fatherson, Radiohead, Tall Ships, or even placebo. This is how he manages to produce pieces that are at the same time effective, melodic but personal. Then each member of the group makes the changes and signs their own.
Gillian, for the solo parts, finds her inspiration in particular with such talents as John Petrucci, Joe Satriani or in the modern instrumental music of Bolivia, Chun, etc.
However, it is also imbued with metal from the 80s and 90s such as Iron Maiden or Metallica, something in common with Romain and Théo.
Roman, for his part, likes to give it a more ambient touch by pushing the guitar’s sound into an echo or reverberation. This approach derives from music such as Russian circles of post-rock, Sleepmakeswave, and God Is An Astronaut, while assuming heavier influences such as Iron Maiden or modern ones such as I Built The Sky.
Theo, for his part, listens a lot to Metallica, Muse, and Clutch. It is inspired by Dominic Howard, Ringo Starr, Mara Jean Paul Gaster, Stuart Copeland etc.

What are your choices at the machinery level and why would you add an electric touch to your rock bottom?
By themselves, our band is distinguished by a standard rock band composition: two guitars, bass and drums. It is somewhat similar to the standard recipe for a large number of rock structures. However, we tried to make sure that everyone had their place.
Guitars are complementary to each other, and never do the same, everyone has a role to play. It is also why the bass is not content to simply follow the rhythm, it brings melodic lines so many times. The electric touch complements this entire environment, it is a matter of integrating textures and supporting the melody. In addition, it allows, at certain times, to let the instruments rest to leave the expression to the drums. Other times, it allows you to create an escalation before the guitar solo unfolds.
We will look for this integration in singing as well, choruses never sound the same tones as lead vocals, and will look for harmonies.

Tell us about the address early time
It’s funny that we’re talking about this title, it’s one of the few titles that were so upset about the recording. The sample layers were so precise, Roman rewrote all his parts on the verses, and we finally have a piece that breathes a lot more than it did before the album production started.
early time It’s the album’s second title, it comes after a purely introductory title, so surrounded, it’s there to bring the energy we want to convey. It seems to us that it is an effective piece. From an audio point of view, it’s one of the heaviest that Roman has ever recorded on a 7-string guitar, and the bass is also in the bass, it has to be said.
As for the words, like all of Tim’s words, they have multiple meanings, they are sad, critical, etc. All in the album handbook, we’d rather let the audience make their own interpretation than dictate it.

How did the studio recordings go?
mirrors It is an album of 11 songs that we tested for a long time on stage before deciding to record them. We decided to let the pieces ripen, to revive them. They have undergone modifications over time so they are 100% like us and love them. We didn’t want a job offer that wasn’t finished even though we knew things didn’t work that way anymore, it was important to us. The most telling example is the sounds (you can find a live video on our Youtube page), whoever heard it in 2020 couldn’t recognize it today.
Besides, we have also improved our various technical skills, both in terms of machinery and in recording and audio processing. We wanted to have time during recording to properly finalize our songs, while still continuing to self-produce as in our first EP, which M&O Music allowed us to do.
So from the studio in the proper sense of the term, there was none. Technically, it’s a home studio album. Romain put himself entirely in the study of mixing, invested in equipment, if we speak a bit bad language, we will say that he is relatively stubborn, when he decided something … In short, we recorded the drums in the concert hall of the University of Limoges (which we thank by the way), were Roman guitars and bass were recorded, and Tim recorded his vocal parts in place. Then Roman mixed it all up and perfected by Basalte Studio.

What do you want to bring to the audience with the album mirrors ?
We do not pretend to change the world of music, however, we did not want this album to be another version of this or that genre of rock. It is also for this reason that we find it difficult to define ourselves when they are asked what we look like or what we look like.
We wanted to provide a view at the crossroads, the feeling of being at home while discovering rooms we hadn’t explored before.
We never told ourselves ‘we want it to look like this’ or ‘we want it to look like this’, the password was ‘we want it to please us’.

What are your choices visually: clip, artwork…?
Visually, we decided to stick with something polished, away from the clichés attributed to rock or metal.
For the album, we did a lot of testing, and in many attempts Heaven was there, we tried to get something easily readable by leaving our logo and white borders as unique additions, which is what we did for our EP. We were looking for a natural element, something with beauty that we see daily without necessarily paying attention to it. We finally said to ourselves “But Arthur DeBons, who took the group photos for us, was originally a photographer for the stars” and that was the trigger.
On the twelve pages of the pamphlet and on the back you can admire his work: he has allowed us to make use of his works all that can conjure up each of our pieces and so we have come to this conclusion.
The idea of ​​moving away from clichés is also what led to the creation of our first “real” music video: way out. We arranged a story and in this album we want all the clips that will come out to form a triple story, a three-part story, the first two parts that seem to separate before they finally come together. We invite you to follow us so you can see the final result in the coming months!

Do you have an indiscretion tell us?
Ah, there will be many, the real question is: What do we say? Cute: If something goes wrong, it’s probably Tim’s fault, our sorority hangs up a glider! We did a short tour of eastern France and Switzerland before COVID. During the night from friday to saturday we decided titim to turn it on and take the coldest room on the property (in the mountains er), the next day no more sounds. When we got to the concert on Saturday, in a small Swiss town called Orbe, we pretended to have a basic instrument cluster and made up the three of us for the vocal parts we knew and… it’s over, real crooks!
But it doesn’t stop there! This is the only date organized by a hang glider, well “organised”: the end of the group, we go to see the chief: “What about accommodation? – Speak with a Swiss accent – “Ah well, I don’t know, you said you could manage …”. Obviously our eyes turned to the same agape orphan!
He checked his phone and… yeah, that’s what he actually said. The thing is that the next day we were playing 650 km away, it was 11 pm, and everything was closed in this little village, there was no CHF in our pockets, and here we are again in the middle of the night in the Jura massif preparing a group in The next day, in France, you are still speechless!
Ahhh, in hindsight, it’s funny at all, he said we could also have told you about this time when we drove 720km for a concert that was canceled, but according to the organization “we didn’t think it necessary to warn you, we are told you’ll realize this when you arrive.” “This is undoubtedly true!

Are there concerts planned and what does the stage give you?
There we made some appointments in August, September and beginning of October, the rest is in programming, as soon as we get the confirmations we will inform them on our networks, for that the simplest thing is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

What do you want to say in conclusion?
We are really happy with this album and we hope that those who listen to it enjoy just as much fun that we made and recorded it. Above all, do not forget that we are in the current amplified music, which is more than rock, it is especially important that our music takes on large dimensions, please feel free to come see us!

Thanks to Desert Dew for responding to our interview!

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