Discover the new cultural season of “La Source” in Fulvik (Boys du Dome)

It may be broken in practice, for Felipe Morales, this cultural season has the atmosphere of a first comeback. “This is my first real season of writing, the Director of the Cultural Service of Fulvik smiles. I spent two years there, but the first season was a season of postponements; the second is a mixture of postponements and returns. This is the first thing I wrote from the ground up.”

Par-ci, Par-là, the cultural season of Ambert Levrado Frieze (Boy du Dome), reveals his first dates

et le programmateur, tombé dans la marmite musicale, voit cette saison «comme une partition, un morceau que j’ai pu écrire du début à la fin», avec quelques choix politiques, mais une direction artistique assumée conna Jetre le commencement public. But it is essential that you are adequate between expectations and what they want to discover as well. It will be a test for me,” Felipe Morales sums up.

Music as a common denominator

“You have to be in line between expectations and what they want to discover as well.”
So music will be the common denominator” while trying to reprogram for young audiences, theater and dance.

The season should find its place among the Châtel-Guyon, the Semaphore of Cébazat or La Puce a l’Oreille in Riom. We have to try to distinguish ourselves so that in the long run the spectator says to himself “Volvic is the room where we see shows and artists we don’t see anywhere else.”

To do this, the season is built according to a binary concept.

Offers for young fans throughout the season
“For twelve years there has been a festival for young audiences, to which a company has been commissioned. Now we wanted to split the performances over the entire season,” explains Felipe Morales.Fulvik la Source cultural season 2022-2023 Fool’s Words (Anne Dor).

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This year, nine companies are invited to attend about twenty meetings that are given once a month on Wednesdays at 5 p.m., and sessions for schoolchildren and mediation every Tuesday. “We are working to ensure that all children who do not have access to these offers can submit proposals during the school year,” continues Felipe Morales.

Season 2 Deuche, in Lempdes (Puy-de-Dôme), is heading towards optimism

Among the expected offers, idiot wordsAnd the Wednesday 16 Novemberat 5 p.m., by Laure Desprey whose album head in the clouds It was signed by Universal last April. see also tiger mustache hairAnd the Wednesday March 29, 5 p.m. by Komusin Corporation. “It is an interpretation of a traditional Korean story with rhythm, dance and two musicians from the Kafka group,” summarizes Felipe Morales.Cultural Season Fulvik La Source 2022-2023 Tiger mustache hair (Julian Brohat).

From the general public with a message behind it
The second component of this diptych, it is shown for all ages. “We worked on making something really festive and popular, without being popular. Look for proposals that are not very easy but remain for the general public,” said the director.Cultural Season Fulvik La Source 2022-2023 The Colle Brothers (Didier Palajis).

This would be the case with “Les Frères Colle”, Saturday January 21at 8:30 p.m. “These are three percussionist brothers who make music by rig clubs on drums, and create real melodies for a show. They are musicians before they are jugglers,” says Felipe Morales.

American voice

From the common people with a message behind it too Maya’s voiceAnd the Sunday March 53:30 p.m. “Musical show but about a true story, the story of Maya Angelou who lived through the worst in US history before being escorted under Bertha Flowers’ wing who would teach her to stand up for yourself with words”, book by Philip Morales. The young woman will live thousands of lives and will run behind Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, poet, writer… “The five actresses on stage sing, dance, and sweat the things they have deep inside,” Philip Morales continues.Wulvik La Source 2022-2023 cultural season, voiced by Maya (Greg German).

Tony Green with Al Green and Isaac Hayes

Great voices, known or to be discovered
She also worked on the identity of the cultural season for the musical part, starting with the arrival of American soul singer Tony Green, Saturday 26 November8:30 p.m. “Coming from a family of musicians, she’s on tour with Al Green, Isaac Hayes, and the Dobby Brothers. She’s on her last tours but she’s moving and with a huge chest, groove…all that, she’s 71!”, notes Philip Morales.

Pierre de Mer, François-Xavier Demaison … Basics of the cultural season in Thiers and its surroundings (Boys de Dome)

You must also move Saturday 7 January, at 8.30 pm, with the “Barcelona Gypsy Balkan Orchestra”. “The Kleismir Orchestra is based in Spain but with musicians from all over Europe: Italy, France, Serbia, Greece, Spain or Ukraine,” Felipe Morales notes. other highlight, chromatic, Saturday 4 FebruaryAt 8:30 p.m., “a figure of the French people on the way to break through, who has held all the festivals this summer,” Felipe Morales reckons. In keeping with Cohen, Dylan or Baez, the girl who was also Thierry Lermitt’s daughter in town released her first act, Ex-Voto.Fulvik La Source 2022-2023 cultural season Lonny (Manon Ricupero).

season startCultural Season Fulvik La Source 2022-2023 The Jacquard Brothers
More than just a popular concert, a true show with François Feldmann to the tunes of Earth Wind and Fire and a borrowed look from Deschiens. The Jacquard Brothers will open the season on Saturday, September 24, at 8 p.m. (free, by reservation).

Voices that will also borrow humor with star of the season, Thomas VDB and Thomas VDB acclimatized, December 3 “The humor that’s a little bit stinging, Philip Morales smiles. It’s something that’s repeated on the shows, year after year,” he points out, referring to the arrival, last season, of feisty France Inter, Guillaume Morris. 2022.

Two meetings outside the walls in partnership
Two meetings will go off the beaten track. pumpkinAnd the Saturday May 13At 8.30 pm with the show “Les 3 Points de suspension” at Pré Madame in Riom as part of “Cultural Encounters with My Neighbors”. then Sunday 11 Junereach to Sunday in the countryside Held with partners Semaphore (Cébazat), La 2Deuche (Lempdes), La Comédie (Clermont) and La Source which will provide 50 participants per room the opportunity to discover a show, unknown, on the same day as unknown.

subscriptions. In town hall, on Fridays; In “La Source”, the ticket office opens 30 minutes before the start of the show; Online at

Francois Gulhach

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