Do you have to know the music of an artist to wear a T-shirt that looks like him?

“Over the past few months, the rocker-shirt market has seemed to be in hysteria.” These words, published in Issue 8 of L’Étiquette, highlight a double trend: the hype is back for old rock-solid T-shirts, as well as their rising price tag. And so, in recent weeks we’ve seen a customer pay €1,550 for a Ride T-shirt, while Vinted and eBay are filled with Primal Scream, Blur or Sonic Youth T-shirts that sell for equally exorbitant prices.

“Over the past few months, T-shirts from the 90s are in very high demand, so prices are going up”told Leckett Richard Colligan, owner of the Metropolis store in New York. Our clients are in their thirties or forties. They buy T-shirts that speak to them.”

But this phenomenon goes beyond the whim of the wealthy. Just go for a walk in ready-to-wear stores to see them: H&M, Zara, Kiabi, Pull & Bear or Urban Outfitters have developed new collections of Nirvana, 2Pac, Metallica, Queen and other collections commemorated by date. Last summer, Bershka’s T-shirt depicting The Notorious B.I.G., one of America’s most popular rappers, briefly ran out. The dress was sold at such an affordable price (€17.99), that Jennifer even proudly wears it on Instagram.

In the same vein, we can see Zendaya, A$AP Rocky, and model Hailey Bieber wearing Kiss, Diana Ross, and Frank Sinatra shirts respectively, while Dolce & Gabbana included two shirts in her Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Jennifer Lopez’s flowy shirts. At the same time, Gala almost logically makes the vintage rock t-shirt the clothing trend of 2022.

From underground to stream

For Rafael Orsini, this was not surprising: “Historically, band shirts have always been in the fashion world. Think about those of Rolling Stones, Woodstock, or Run-DMC: they’ve almost become brands like that.” Once this brief historical reminder was made, the author 1000 legendary T-shirts (published by La Martinière) He continues his reflection:

“We see a common phenomenon when fast fashion companies meet the same need simultaneously. In recent months, it has been clear: in the three weeks since the first episode of the final season aired Weird thingsWhere we see teenagers listening to hard rock and wearing T-shirts that reflect the aesthetics of the musical genre, Zara and H&M drew T-shirts on the trend.

The most popular rock t-shirts will be those of Green Day, Nirvana, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or even Bob Marley.

Hollywood’s craze for vintage clothes is quite evident Bobthe latest Jordan Peele film, its three main characters (Angel, Emerald, and OJ) appearing in each scene in a different T-shirt, apt to make any fan of alternative rock jealous: The Wipers, the Portland group I once loved Kurt Cobain, Mr. Bungle , The Jesus Lizard (bought by the film crew on eBay for $1,000, or a thousand euros), Earth or even Rage Against The Machine.

“The craziestRafael Orsini continues, is that we get out of the drawers of groups with rebellious origins to some extent. Whatever their ideals or approach, they are now completely mainstream, carried by young people who by no means claim to be against society. In the end, it distorts their original message. Or at least, it’s about hiding it behind purely fashionable tendencies.

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According to a study of 1,017 people conducted by Rush Order Tees, the most popular rock T-shirts will indeed be those dedicated to Green Day, Nirvana, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or even Bob Marley: only formations or artists who belong to pop music. A culture of independent spheres. The artists are so famous that it seems impossible not to quote some songs from their repertoire.

In fact, something completely different is at stake: “Personally, I don’t consider myself a fan of My Bloody Valentine, even if I respect the group’s approach”captivates Adrien, a 25-year-old from Lille who used to sit in the area’s concert halls. “That didn’t stop me from buying Kevin Shields and his band’s shirt after I saw him in Vladimir Cauchemar’s TikTok video. I like some of their songs, but not so much in the idea of ​​emphasizing my musical taste as in creating connections with a particular community.

The patterns are massive, the cuts are oversized and the print is deliberately cheesy.

Cecile, testifying at the exit of Bubba’s concert at the Stade de France. At 23, she didn’t know Britney Spears at her heyday and admits that she rarely listens to the songs of the American. However, on that day, she wore a T-shirt with the image of the translator “… Baby One More Time”: “I absolutely love the style. Even if I like the feminist side too, it works well.”

So the shirt would be a way to give a nod to an era, or even to assert one’s political, feminist or social demands. According to Raphael Orsini, we should also not neglect a certain second-order research: “We’re also into the lol aesthetic, that little weird side that encourages people to wear the band’s shirts that look almost tacky. Wearing a One Direction shirt, for example, embodies a kind of cool, even though that lineup didn’t stir crowds for long.

Join the community

Far from being associated with the group, there will be a desire to integrate into a social context, to adhere to a generation that openly derives its codes from the style of the ’90s – 2000 – the lolita look, embodied by jeans was not elected “The hottest style of the season” Grazia? Visually, the T-shirts openly shrug off the kitsch of this era: the patterns are massive, the cuts are oversized and the print is intentionally cheesy.

“In the same context, Raphael Orsini says, There are also these T-shirts dedicated to series like friends where soprano. Each time, it is the same old aesthetic, almost the same raw image style, which shows that this trend transcends the framework of music: it is above all a means to claim a personality, to join a community.”

When contacted by email, Asos, Bershka or Pull & Bear preferred to decline our invitation to speak. “For the sake of confidentiality”, say representatives of these brands. So we won’t know more about the financial market these T-shirts represent, nor about how these brands operate.

Are they developing some kind of franchise with the idea of ​​mass-producing T-shirts? Do they contact celebrities like Timothée Chalamet or Dua Lipa to encourage them to wear Gorillaz and Slayer shirts to make the trend stand out a little more? Do they pay brands and artists to reproduce their image? “In the United States, it may be different, where everything can be exploited there, but in France, there is necessarily revenue”Understands Rafael Orsini.

Either way, the music is sold out. Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton or Acne presented their own version of rocker shirts at their fashion shows. Primark sells Fleetwood Mac and The Doors jerseys to teens less interested in these teams’ set of their logos. Metallica teamed up with Netflix to create a T-shirt that blends their logo with the Hellfire Club of Weird things. Everpress, a limited-edition t-shirt maker, estimates that 25% of its orders currently come from musicians and record companies. Brooklyn-based Online Ceramics takes inspiration from the Grateful Dead T-shirt aesthetic to create a variety of graphic apparel in honor of pop culture.

One of the most recent shirts bears the image of Villa Coty and Alice Coltrane. Two pieces of clothing in which the founders of the brand immersed themselves in the artist’s own work, searched for their lives and sought to translate part of their personality into design.

On the website of the brand Only Ceramics. | Editing:

“I also have T-shirts that highlight my passion for current artists, like Doja Cat or Dua Lipa”O’Reilly, 28, is clearly passionate about the new trend. “But I also bought some just because they make me laugh and let me wink at a defining moment, like the ones Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed up when they were still together.”

We then understand that the attractive aspect of the graphic shirt is twofold: it is about wearing something recognizable by the artist’s aficionados, but also for display in the street with a graphic design that is familiar and quickly appealing to whoever has it. Only superficial knowledge of the work. “I don’t particularly listen to jazz, Adrian concludes, But I can totally wear a saxophonist’s shirt if I like the design. And then, in addition to the beauty of the dress, it is also an opportunity to pay attention to the artist’s drum, right?

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