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Adrien Delgrange: Good evening everyone, RFI, 8pm UTC, 10pm Paris, your time easy french newspaper. With Zéphyrin Kouadio, good afternoon.

Zephyrin Kouadio: Good evening Adrien, good evening everyone.

M: With the contents of this edition:

ZK: A rather huge explosion destroyed a strategic bridge used by the Russians.

: In Chad, the order is official, General Mohamed Deby remains at the head of the country for another two years.

ZK: And in Argentina, the Minister of Women’s Affairs resigned, and left the government to defend the Mapuche community. We will be in Buenos Aires.

M: And in the French news, the strike at the fuel plants. CGT from TotalEnergies is taking a step towards management to negotiate a way out of the crisis.

Then the word football. Reims is currently facing Paris Saint-Germain. 0 to 0 between the two teams.

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ZK: To monitor the Crimean bridge, Vladimir Putin ordered to strengthen security.

AD: Because this very important bridge, which connects Russia with Crimea – the region of Crimea that Moscow annexed eight years ago – well, this bridge was partly destroyed, partly damaged by an explosion, early this morning. Russian officials downplay the damage, but videos posted online show a collapsed road and impassable railway. This evening, according to the Russian authorities, cars, trucks, buses and trains can use this artwork again. One thing is for sure, their generation is Delta, this bridge is a crucial, important hub for Russia.

It was a source of pride for Russia. The Crimean Bridge is the longest bridge in Europe: 18 km 100 from one end to the other. With spindles for vehicles and trains. A civil engineering challenge was accomplished in a relatively short time: it took three years to build. Its opening was celebrated with great fanfare by Vladimir Putin personally. The Russian president had gotten behind the wheel of a truck and commanded the first convoy to cross the Kerch Strait. Then he praised the achievement. miracle “that people dream of” At several points in history ”, since the time of the Tsar, that is, a century ago, it was emphasized. But in addition to its strong symbolic value, the bridge also has an economic and strategic interest for Moscow. According to the Russian authorities, it is used by five million cars and more than 600,000 trucks every year: the bridge has made it possible to The development of trade between Crimea and Russia.Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, it has also been used to transport armored vehicles to the southern front as well as for refueling.If it becomes unusable, it will therefore be another military setback for Moscow.

AD: Details from Guilhem Delteil.

ZK: Then on the issue of energy access, India will continue to buy Russian oil.

AD: India’s oil and gas minister says his country will supply wherever necessary to ensure his country’s energy security. These statements come in the wake of the decision of the OPEC countries, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, to reduce its production. Story in Bangalore for RFI by Kom Bastien.

In response to reporters during a trip to Washington, Hardeep Singh Puri was categorical: “ Has anyone asked us to stop buying Russian oil? No, so we won’t stop doing that. These statements are in line with those of India’s foreign minister, who rejects that the war in Ukraine will affect the population. Despite pleas from the Western bloc, Indian diplomacy is refraining from any resolution condemning Russia at the United Nations, including in the wake of the recent “annexation” in Ukraine. ” What Europe buys in the afternoon is what we buy in the quarter However, he wanted the Minister of Oil and Gas to soften the assertion that only 0.2% of the oil consumed in India comes from Russia. Hardeep Singh Puri also responded to OPEC’s decision to cut production by two million barrels per day. He expressed confidence in India’s ability to contain oil price inflation. A way to reassure its residents, who have had to handle a liter for months at more than one euro, a price too high for the standard of living in India. Como Bastine, Bangalore, RFI.

ZK: North Korea launches two new missiles.

AD: This is the seventh and eighth launch of this type in two weeks. The devices, a few hours ago, fell into the sea. North Korea justifies this series of tests by Military threats Americans. It must be said that the United States is currently conducting military exercises in the region.

ZK: In African news, Adrien, first of all In Chad: the maintenance of Mohamed Deby Itno at the head of the country has been formalized.

AD: 18 months after taking power in Chad, General Mohamed Idriss Deby Itno has been appointed by a body called the National Dialogue as an extended “transitional” president for two years.

ZK: And then In Burkina Faso, he read a presidential decree on television.

M: He announces the so-called national funerals that will take place within a week, specifically on the 14th and 15th of next October. The meeting, which will bring together the live forces of the country, will then appoint a transitional president before the elections are organized.

ZK: This controversy in Argentina now. At the beginning of the week, the Mapuche community evicted land in Patagonia illegally.

AD: Patagonia, located in southern Argentina. Human rights associations in particular condemn the treatment protected by justice for the many women of this indigenous people, they have been there for a very long time. In a dispute with this expulsion, the Argentine Minister of Women’s Affairs resigned. In Buenos Aires, Théo Conscience.

Yes, in her resignation letter published yesterday, Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta considered that the arrest of seven Mapuche women on Tuesday constituted ” A flagrant violation of human rights It goes against the values ​​you stand for. Among these seven women, one is pregnant, two have young children, and four have been transferred to a prison in the province of Buenos Aires, in defiance of their basic rights, denounced by several associations. They belong to the group of Mapuche families who have occupied about forty hectares of public and private land since 2017 in the town of Villa Mascardi in Argentine Patagonia, the land that this indigenous community claims to be its ancestors. Last Tuesday, a huge device consisting of armored vehicles, water cannons and 250 police personnel equipped with tear gas and defense ball launchers were deployed to drive them out. This evacuation was ordered by federal justice immediately after a week of intense tension, which was marked by the fires of a mobile gendarmerie at one of the occupied sites, and demonstrations by local residents denouncing, as I quote, “ Terror and the “rape” of the Mapuche. Theo Conscience, Buenos Aires, RFI.

ZK: And we end this diary with music, Adrien.

ad: With the launch of the eleventh edition of the Jazz Festival sur Seine, Severin. The word Seine here means the Seine, the river that crosses Paris.

ZK: 25 jazz clubs from the capital and the Ile-de-France region are collaborating on this two-week edition. Edmond Charity puts us in a good mood.

French singer Cyril Emmy with a cover, here, in jazz mode for a song from the 1940s. Cyrile Aimée is one of 400 artists programmed this year at Jazz sur Seine. Therefore, for two weeks, established or emerging talents will follow each other in the most prominent theaters or in lesser known places, whether in Paris or in the suburbs. Vincent Bessier is the president of the Paris Jazz Club, the association organizing the event: “ One of the strengths of the sur Seine Jazz Festival is the diversity of its scales. This means that we will find small gathering places of a few dozen spectators to very large rooms that can accommodate several hundred. This allows us to obtain ranges in completely different aesthetics and at very different levels of sophistication. What makes it so is that there is room for everyone. The highlight of the festival will be on the 11th of October with the so-called “Show” evening in some of the legendary clubs on Rue de Lombard, in the center of Paris. Professionals and the public will be able to discover about two dozen talents, including a French group that created the Ishkero group, which mixes jazz, rock and modern Gnawa music.

M: And then, Two football information before closing this magazine. OM lost their first game of the season, losing 2-1 at home by bottom line Ajaccio. Finally, PSG will move to Reims, it’s time for the halftime now. 0 to 0 between the two teams.

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