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Sylvie Perrault: You’re listening to RFI, it’s 10pm here in Paris and it’s 8pm world time. Hello Sophie.

Sophie Pozerat: Good evening Sylvie, good evening everyone.

SB: And in this newspaper you will tell us about the arrival of Russian soldiers to Belarus.

B: Yes, these soldiers are part of a joint Russian-Minsk regiment. The decision fears Ukraine, which fears Belarus’ participation in the conflict.

For its part, Saudi Arabia will provide $400 million in aid to Ukraine. An announcement clarifying the Kingdom’s special position in the face of the parties to the conflict.

Also on the front page, Turkey counts its dead after the explosion in a coal mine, and the final toll is 41.

And then we’ll go to South Korea at the end of this diary. Musical group BTS performed a free concert in front of tens of thousands of fans.


SB: The Belarusian government showed the first pictures of Russian soldiers arriving in the country.

BS: These soldiers were sent by Minsk to be part of a joint regiment with the Russian army. Indeed, this week the two countries announced the creation of a joint armed force. Bad news for Ukraine, because Kyiv is afraid that Belarus is actively helping its Russian ally and directly participating in the conflict. Interpretations of Daniel Fallot.

The photos were published by the Belarusian Ministry of Defense. We see trains, military trucks and Russian soldiers greeted by women dressed in folklore, who, according to Slavic tradition, represent them with bread and salt as a welcome sign. According to the Belarusian authorities, these soldiers are the first elements of the joint military group that the two countries will form. The creation of this regiment is carried out without knowing more about its numbers and especially about the order of its task. Belarus asserts that the joint force will be defensive only and that it aims to secure its borders, which it believes are threatened by Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland. A speech that raises the suspicions of these three countries who fear Belarus’ direct participation in the Russian attack on Ukraine. So far, Belarus has served as a rear base for the Russian army, but it has not sent a single man to fight in Ukraine. ” No one asked us to participate in this process Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian leader, announced Friday, in an interview with the American television channel NBC.

B: Daniel Fallot details.

SB: In this context, Saudi Arabia has just released $400 million to help Ukraine.

B: The country’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, had a phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on this subject. This announcement once again shows the special position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the actors of the war in Ukraine. A situation that can sometimes cause controversy, for example towards the United States. Nicholas Valese.

Support anything that would contribute to de-escalation. On these terms, Saudi Arabia justifies the disbursement of this humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This gesture comes at a certain moment, amid complete tension between Riyadh and Washington. Saudi Arabia has already refused to open the doors to oil production. She remained deaf to the demands of the United States, which urged it to act to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis. The decision was made within the framework of OPEC +, of which Russia is also a member. Russia, like other oil producers, should benefit from maintaining black gold prices. In this context, is $400 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine enough to quell the anger of all those who accuse Saudi Arabia of playing for Moscow? Nothing less confident. The promise of the President of the United States The consequences of what the Saudis did with Russia. » End quote. The Kingdom, for its part, rejects the American criticism and asserts that its decision was taken based on economic considerations only.

B: Details from Nicholas Valese.

And to close this chapter on the war in Ukraine, France will also provide assistance. In an interview with the French newspaper ParisianThe Minister of the Armed Forces, Sebastien Licornu, announced that up to 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers will be trained on French soil. He noted that France does not participate in the conflict, but helps a country in a state of war.

SB: In Turkey now, the explosion, which occurred in a coal mine, has killed 41 people, according to an official report.

B: Rescue teams halted the search on Saturday. The accident occurred in the town of Bartin, located on the Black Sea coast in the northwest of the country. The area is known for its mines. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the site. He promised that the state would protect the families of the victims. Their burials have already been organized on Saturdays in the neighboring villages. Correspondence of Anne Andlauer in Istanbul.

Rescuers pulled out the last victim early Saturday afternoon, about 20 hours after the explosion. It was the head of state, present immediately, who announced the conclusion of the research and the final evaluation. A heavy toll, the deadliest in a decade, in a Turkish coal mine after the 2014 Soma disaster, which killed 301 people. Despite his promise that justice would conduct a full investigation and appoint, I quote, ” responsible if any Recep Tayyip Erdogan also invoked fate to explain this explosion in the Barten mine, which is described as being equipped with the latest means. ” These accidents will always be there, we need to know about it Turkish President added. After the Soma tragedy, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then prime minister, was heavily criticized for describing him as mining accidents. Ordinary things Turkish coal mines are the deadliest in Europe, according to a report by the Association for Workers’ Health and Safety at Work published in December 2021. At least 1,890 miners are believed to have died since the end of 2002 in Turkey, including 68 Last year Ann Andlauer, Istanbul, RFI.

SB: Protests continue in Iran.

B: The population continues to protest against the existing authority in the country. New gatherings were held on Saturday. They lasted for a month. The protests began after the death of 22-year-old Iranian girl Mahsa Amini, who died after police arrested her for not respecting the dress code imposed on women in Iran.

SB: China is preparing for the Communist Party Congress.

B: The country’s ruling party will meet for the twentieth time. Congress will begin next Sunday and will appoint political leaders for the next five years. The President of the Republic must be elected in particular. Unsurprisingly, incumbent leader Xi Jinping is expected to be re-elected. In power since 2012, he will start a third term as head of state if re-elected as China’s president.

SB: Asian continent band BTS still held a concert in Busan on Saturday.

B: Mainly thanks to its seven singers, K-pop, i.e. K-pop, has become popular in the world. BTS held a free concert in front of tens of thousands of fans to promote Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo. Fans were happy to see their favorite group return to the stage, but they were also worried about the future of the singers. The ceremony was attended by our special correspondent in Busan, Nicola Roca.

Nearly two hours of wonderful music scene punctuated by massive fireworks. BTS’ biggest concert in their home country doesn’t seem to disappoint their fans. dynamiteAnd the gheeAnd the Will comeWho gave his name to the concert. The Seven Boys rated their greatest success in front of tens of thousands of held fans: “ The party was amazing. This is my best concert in South Korea. I am from Mexico. The experience was exceptional. I feel very good. The show was really great. »« It was truly amazing, incredible, exceptional, breathtaking. It was amazing. The fireworks were really cool. I was very happy to be able to attend this party. Despite the joy of being able to attend the group’s first concert in his country since March, Park Ji Min fears it will be the last for a long time. In December, the government must declare whether or not they must perform their military service: “ I think it might be the last time we see all seven of them at prom and that’s why I came here, and I left my husband and two kids at home. I managed to get my ticket… I had to go! “Like her, 52,000 lucky people were able to watch the show in the stadium, but there were tens of millions to follow the action online. Nicolas Roca, Busan, RFI.

B: This is the end of this easy french newspaper. Thanks for following.

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