Enmity presents the album Demagoguery

How was the group of hostility formed and why did you choose this name?
The Enmity Formation Project was born at the end of 2019, I completely stopped musical activity for 14 years when I quit my job as an audio engineer in 2006, in fact it was Steve who pushed me back into music, so I bought a guitar in December 2019 without thinking about doing any Serious thing, and it turns out the tracks weren’t that bad, and Mohamed’s inclusion in the band also helped a lot with the playing because we make a great writing and arranging duo. Music, suddenly the passion that I lost over time came back and I invested not 100% but 500% in this group, after two and a half years, demagogy he is here.
This name fully corresponds to the philosophy of the group, we live in a hostile world, and our words and mentality are fully consistent with the name of hostility, state or feeling of our active opposition to someone or something. This is reflected in the lyrics, visuals, and videos.

Can you introduce us to the album? demagogy and being?
We spent two years writing and recording the demagoguery, basically that could be a homage to death metal in the late ’80s and early ’90s, the music I grew up on, at that time death metal was totally again, it was a pretty crazy time, and after more than 30 years I still keep the secret spirit and mindset for those years. I would say our style is Old School Thrash Death Metal 2.0. Old school of our generation with the music we grew up with, and 2.0 for the modern side we’ve added to it (production, samples…). demagogy Like a bulldozer, you won’t find beautiful melodies with live choirs to light your lighters at the concert, you’ll find something powerful with big rhythms, a sound that sends, an annoying solo and all while maintaining a cool side.

What are your sources of inspiration and how did you create it?
Almost all of us are seniors, you know, the average age in a band is 42, I’m 48, we all come from the same school in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and bands like Slayer or Sepultura or Obituary or Gorefest or Morbid have made a huge impact on the owners. Big for all of us.
I write 95% of the music, I record the title, guitar and midi drum, then send to Muhammad, and from there we start the arrangements, work days and days on the instruments, turn the tracks, change the arrangement, divide or double certain bars. Once this work is done, we send to others, and each one brings their own personal touch, it’s a true teamwork where everyone puts a grain of salt.

What is the importance you attach to the texts of your books?
Texts are as important as the music, every sentence, every word worked on, we have a message in our music, you started with titles on the theme of Anti war, then you just have to take care of the story with everything that happens or go to the four corners of the world to find the themes, there is an embarrassment to choose . The world we live in never learns from history and is ruled by idiots, repeating more and more violence, that’s what we had in mind when we wrote demagogy.

What are your automated choices?
We have absolutely no questions about it, we write music as it comes, and we don’t tell ourselves we have to be tough, or affordable, technical or whatever. All address from demagogy It has its own little personal touch, each title is different, but each one nonetheless has its own antagonist “lineage”.

Would you like to tell us about the guest musicians on this album and how you have worked together?
Karl de Nile is an old friend, we have known each other for over 20 years, we spent almost 6 years together on the road with Nile, and we were sure to ask him for the album. I’ve also known Max and David for several decades, Mercyless and Aleister have both been pioneers of the French scene and it’s an honor to have these two guests on the album, Mercyless with Abject Offerings made a huge impact on me, this album is one of my favorite Death Metal albums, when I was I know her in Aleister in the compilation of Total Virulence with
the address schizophrenia, and I was hooked. Didi Aldrian is a little genius on guitar, he’s from Indonesia where I live, he “left” the metal world but he kept the rock and roll spirit in his singles, I totally wanted him on one of our tracks. As for Dimian, I met him in Shanghai, China where I lived for two years, he is the lead singer of Warsaped, a thrash band from Shanghai, I really liked his tone of voice and knew it would match Steve. Title resistance.
We gave all of our guests complete freedom to bring their own style, we sent them the title, the actions they have to sing along to the lyrics or play the part of the guitar and everything just so naturally happened.

The runner’s group includes members from France, Jordan, Indonesia and Greece. How do you work together in so many countries and continents?
As mentioned earlier, I write 95% of the music, then with Mohamed we do all the arrangements and spend a lot of time in the video meeting to put everything in place. Despite the distance between us, the enmity is a real group where everyone brings their ideas, we communicate and exchange a lot together, maybe more than a group that sees each other once a week at rehearsal, Skype is our ally, and we communicate almost every day with Whatsapp.

How were the studio recordings made and did they go well?
Almost all of us are sound engineers or have a good foundation in audio and recordings. We all scored at home each one of our own. Mohamed made the first pre-mix and then we sent the whole thing to Jean-François Dagnier (cataclysm) to mix and perfect it. Everything went so well, Jean-Francois immediately knew how to make the ensemble sound. We, Jean-Francois, Muhammad and I made the mix in 3 stages, in each stage Jean-Francois suggested something to us, we reformulated a certain thing together and 4The tenth He was the one doing the mastering.

Tell us about the address resistance
resistance It was the group’s first single and video, and with that title we began defining the feud’s music. The lyrics are about people fighting for their freedom because of political sections of their government, or countries in conflict. And in the video there are shots from Palestine, Colombia, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Mali etc. It really is a mess in many countries of the world, it is estimated today in 2022 that 23 countries, with a combined population of 850 million people, are currently facing medium to high conflicts sharpness.

What do you want to bring to the audience with the album demagogy ?
Interesting question, maybe going back to the late ’80s and early ’90s, the founding and beginning of Death Metal, all of our influences allowed us to write this album without transcribing one group or the other, we’re in 2022 and living in our time, we’re also a big production with a lot of samples in our titles to highlight And give more life to the context of our words.

What were your choices for the album cover?
In fact at first we didn’t ask ourselves any questions, a young designer gave us this cover and won us over. It was only after we realized that the gas mask was part of the landscape for a lot of bands, but no matter how we keep it and that mask is part of the enmity as an icon and will definitely come back to the next productions.
A gas mask is a protection system that is not necessarily pleasant and restrictive to wear but is vital in certain situations, and this mask symbolically represents the limitations we face or will face in the future. The most obvious example was wearing a mask during Covid, it’s a piece of cloth barely a few grams that fits in a pocket and that was a handcuff for millions of people so imagine those who had to wear a real gas mask in Syria just 5 years ago after the chemical attacks Sarrazine gas…

Do you have a story to tell?
I don’t know if I can tell it’s an anecdote, but the enmity was originally born after a joke between me and Steve, the goal was simply to make music for fun without even thinking about releasing an album, but just having a good time, then things started to get serious, and we got more and more involved In songwriting, again we don’t hope or expect anything in return, and today we are there.

Would you like to get together to give concerts?
Our goal is direct play, but due to our geographical location, all this will require a lot of logistics. And you can also imagine that we can’t travel for one date, it’s not financially feasible, but a tour of at least 30 opening dates for a good band and some big festivals is more than just a visualization, we also have proposals that we turned down because it would have been useless without an album. Now this demagogy We’ll see what comes our way.

What do you want to say in conclusion?
Thank you very much for the interview. At first I invite everyone to focus on demagogy, I think it will surprise more than one person. We are already working on the next production, a limited edition vinyl EP, the two titles have already been written, and the lyrics remain to be done which will be on the same concept. demagogySoon, we will start recording for music with a few guests, but surprise, we’ll say the names later, and the second album is being written. We also hope to tour soon and meet you there.

Thanks to Enmity for answering our interview!

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