Erdre Meeting 2022, Part. 2

The weekend is the highlight of Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre with the greatest number of concerts, in Nantes, in the cities of Erdre, and even beyond, the sea show, and all other activities. For its big and real return to the city center of Nantes, the festival records an impressive crowd, the number of audience increases especially from Friday evening. The atmosphere is nice, there is music everywhere, you can eat, quench your thirst, take a walk and enjoy the view, it is a great group celebration before the start of the school year.

Saturday starts at 11 am in the Parc du Plessis Tison with the quartet Swing France. Thomas Le Breeze playing guitar,Erwan Melek on the accordion,Erwan Salmon on the saxophone,Arnaud Gubin,translator with double piece give a nice wake up,yes still time jazzinspired,swing,full of music and blues too,safe from the sun by the trees Loud, with the sound of screaming children running or wading in the puddle in the background. It’s creative, it’s cool, it’s infectious, it’s good.

You then have to return to Ile Versailles for the Blues springboard launch at 3 PM. with groove touch. Letty M on vocals, Brave despite his leg injury, Sylvain Lansardier on keyboards, Paco Guegann on guitar, Pascal Diouf on bass and Olivier Marchvet on drums, do the job very well with covers of Aretha Franklin, Isley Brothers, and others, in a ratio that seems more Significance of their tweaks, but they do not forget to explain the good moments from them. Singing and instrumental at the level, the audience is already a lot, things are going well.

VW . project Their successor, a multinational group from Poland with Valentina Vatutina on vocals, Andrzej Wynewski on keyboards, George Dyer on guitar, Marcin Spira on bass and Bartomeg Libra on drums. Blues and soul blues are shown on the program, carried by the beautiful voice of Valentitona, whose reserved attitude does not hide the charisma and musical quality of his four friends. Junior Wells, Aretha Franklin, and Jimmy Witherspoon pass there and are in good taste.

they Brothers Diaz and Yukata Which will close in the afternoon of the first launching pad. Diaz on vocals, and from Argentina, Manoslaide on guitar and harmonica, Stefan Behan on double bass, Julian Maho on drums, impress the audience thanks to Anne’s dynamism and joy of playing on the band. Fast or slow blues, modern or retro, colorful covers of St. James Clinic where BarefootAn sings everything effortlessly and establishes a good connection with the audience. The group is following, it is successful. (cm)

During this time and immediately after it on the battleship France Bleu …

Show exercise has never been so easy. In about twenty minutes, the audience bathed in the sunshine and quickly won, Thomas Allen, alias Little TomCombining both the confidence of a young wolf and the experience of an old veteran, he takes on the challenge! As comforting as answering France Bleu’s questions, he recounts his memories of insomnia in New York as an introduction to sleepless in New YorkHe presents here, accompanied by a group always relevant to his companions, six compositions in which we find the influences of Bob Dylan or Tom Petty. Expectations in the near future for new instrument options and album recording will certainly allow the talented little band Little Tom Band to take another step forward.

if it was chain breakers They simply threw, on the occasion of this 34th edition of Rendez Vous de l’Erdre, one of their best performances on a stage of this size? It is 7:30 pm, just after the fleet of boats passed the Erdre, when the first notes came out and a large crowd took their place on the stones of Quai Henri-Barbusse for a concert by a band in the fifteen years of its existence, gradually establishing itself as one of the emphatic values ​​of the Nantes scene. For the occasion, Yves Brouil on trumpet, Nicolas Le Pottier on trombone and Alexandre Nohud on saxophone come to enhance the usual quintet consisting of Lawrence Le Bacon on vocals, Sammy Touré on guitar, Vincent Plivier on bass, Patrick Billion on keyboards and Jeremy Royer on drums.

Led by a leader in the field of solar energy, brimming with energy and dynamism, the group presents an impressive lineup where we particularly find titles from Tower Of Power, Tedeschi Trucks Band or Ann Peebles looking liberated like never before. Perhaps the fact that he built a large part of his musical repertoire around his compositions was not in vain. sweet camellia where It’s a strange timeIn particular, it will soon appear on recordings as String Breakers will enter the studio during the fall to record the successor to “Get On Your Feet,” which was released just ten years ago. There is no doubt that this second album will receive special attention from Soul bag. (second abbreviation)

Swing Of France © CM
Tendon Breakers © CM

Time to meet at the foot of the main podium for today’s event. For fifteen years, the blues scene at Les Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre has welcomed big names like Jimmy Johnson, Corey Dennison, Sugar Ray Rayford, Curtis Salgado and Raphael Wressning. For this 2022 edition, we’re touching on the high ground since showing Rick Estrin & The Nightcats to a Loire* audience. The first bars set the tone and let you quickly realize that we are witnessing a significant and memorable event in the rich history of the festival. Skillfully blending classics from the era of Little Charlie Patty like clothing line where Do not do it And more modern including wonderful Callin’ all foolsThe Nightcats, along with their incredible musical skills, display a sense of show without a common measure in the middle.

Precise settings, huge and unexpected spreads and sequences: everything flows as naturally as possible! About Rick Estrine, an extraordinary singer, exceptional harmonica player and cartoonish character with a gait reminiscent of Sonny Boy Williamson II, guitarist Kidd Anderson flies over the debates, never hesitating to break codes to get back into it better, D’Mar jumps, his eyes roll and the rhythm powers the beat. Unfamiliar when Mr. Lorenzo Farrell, a former guitarist turned organist, provided the binder with a phlegmatic matched only by talent. Anthology moment! (second abbreviation)

Rick Estrin © JMRnB
D’Mar Martin © JMRnB
Kid Andersen © JMRnB

Sunday starts at 12:30pm. Blues brunch at Ile Versailles with Little Tom Band. There are people to listen to Thomas Allen & Sons, Ben Bridgen on keyboards, Arnaud Gubin on double bass and Cyril Durand on drums. Everything has already been said above. Music of this quality, in such a pleasant setting, is the perfect way to start the day.

It’s time to quickly resume the starting point route, starting at 2 p.m. Joanna Reid And his gang, Kid Colling on guitar, Ben Weiss on bass and Joanne Massing on drums. Joanna packs a punch and shows it up fast. We are fond of his commitment, well backed by Kid Colling’s piercing guitar, and he’s excellent Surprised me. covers proud mary And the respect It may have been agreed upon, but the whole remains solid and credible.

solid group blues maker It’s also its constitution with the guitars of Fred Gilbert and Don Frankie, as evidenced by Jeff Goodwater’s harmonica, Mighty Fred’s bass, fab trovato drums and skilled Joe’s vocals. Extremely rocky blues, in Dr. Villagegood’s modern proportions, big voice, covers and compositions, the Six Buddies don’t allow themselves to be fooled and send heavy objects.

Sophie Malbec He is the final candidate for the 2022 springboard, and his first notes are immediately good. Accompanied by Pierre Capone on the harmonica, Pierre Gibb on the bass and Julien Audigier on the drums, she is soon shown to be playing and singing the blues well but feels free to expand her limits by taking an acoustic guitar for the cover of Bruce Springsteen. (cm)

Then the jury meets to deliberate and announce the results:

  • First Prize: The Diaz and Yukata Brothers.
  • Second Prize: Sophie Malbec.
  • Third Prize: Volkswagen Project.

Special prices:

  • Touch of Groove: France Blues Prize, Montfort Blues Festival, Prun ‘de Blues.
  • An Diaz & Yokatta Brothers: Blues Radio Group (CRB), Bain de Blues Festival, Blues sur Suresnes, Rives de Blues & Co.
  • Sophie Malbec: Price Soul bag.
Little Tom Band © CM
Joanna Reed © JMRnB
Blues Maker © JMRnB
Sophie Malbec © CM

Meanwhile, in Sucé-sur-Erdre…

It is very rare in our area, therefore, to miss the opportunity to see the four Californians for the second time Rick Strain and the Nightcats in the weekend ! One might think, wrongly, that the linear presentation suggested by Rick Estrine and his men leaves little room for improvisation and change. After extending a good twenty minutes to the group the day before, the Nightcats were able to renew themselves, rewarding the audience with a few different titles including the swing Diamonds at your feet. Once again, the excellent machine Grease House D’Mar gives the opportunity to step into whatever is at hand. Microphone, Guitar Strings, Safety Bars, Speakers: Nothing escapes these drumsticks made by this exceptional drummer seventeen years ago along with Little Richard! not payable Do not do it In the end, with a funny number from the Estrin-Andersen duo, it instantly makes you want to push yourself to the side of Mécleuves where you’ll perform on the set six days later. Great art!

It’s hardly time to recover from this hurricane you have to go to Nantes for the last concert of this edition on the blues stage, which is Ivy Ford Accompanied by the highly recommended Denis Agunet on drums, Abdul B-Bob on double bass and Jean-Patrick Coust on the organ. Are these effects of legitimate fatigue related to the end of the tour? The fact remains that in front of a very large audience on a Sunday evening, the performance by the young singer and guitarist from Chicago takes time to take off…

However, Ivy has the real arguments to put forward: he played the most convincing guitar and above all a great sound, at ease on many records. But, it must be admitted, the choice of exaggerated titles like clean my broomAnd the Shake your money maker especially Let the good times come back at the opening and Sweet House Chicago in disappointment. It is unfortunate, especially since we discover here and there in his collection very good nicknames signed by his pen such as One life to liveAnd the harvest my roots where Shine time. Beautiful promises to an artist who must be seen again in other circumstances and frees him from easy choices. (second abbreviation)

Here is a very nice version, which included many other jazz concerts but also blues, notably in Sucé-sur-Erdre with Muddy Gurdy, Guilty Delight, La Bedoune, Ivy Ford, Little Mouse & the Hungry Cats, and at Carquefou with Thomas Doucet & the G-Lights and Alexis Evans, and multiple nautical events, in places we’ve found and others we’ve discovered just as fun. There is no doubt that the 2023 edition will still hold its share of surprises.

text : Christophe Moreau (cm) and Nicolas Deshais (second abbreviation)
Pictures: JM Rock’n’Blues And the Christophe Moreau
Opening Image © JM Rock’n’Blues
More pictures here.

* The visit of Rick Estrin & the Nightcats was made possible thanks to the collaboration with Nico Vallone, artistic director of the Mécleuves Terre de Blues Festival, which takes place a week after Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre.

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