Exclusive party. Musician Lina Deluxe reveals her next album

Lina Deluxe is preparing for her second album. In preview, the singer-songwriter brings us some tunes and scripts from her next work at her brand-new music studio in France 3 Hauts-de-France.

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the program heights in scenes Native to Roubaix, Lena Deluxe presents the finishing touches to her second album. You’ll spot it in stores in the spring of 2023, but here’s a nice garnish on this page with a file Concert in complete privacy.

At just eight years old, Lina lifts herself up on a piano chair: she makes her first scales at the Roubaix Conservatory and follows a classical apprenticeship on this instrument. So fast, you feel Need to go further and transcend musical boundaries : As a self-aware, she decided to learn guitar and drums and compose her first pieces, the beginning of an exciting artistic journey.

Young actress launched. In 2008, she released her first self-produced EP, teardrop weather, Which allows it to be programmed very quickly in reference festivals: Les Femmes s’en mingles in Lille, Trans Musicales de Rennes, the Printemps de Bourges …

The musical adventure starts off strong. Lena Deluxe unlocks for famous artists like Jean-Louis Murad or John Cal. Called on TVs as here in the local France 3 Lille Métropole in 2011:

Video Duration: 01 min 47

April 2011: At the time, Lena Deluxe was 26 years old and was already on stage five years behind her. She was selected to participate in Printemps de Bourges and is awaiting label for the release of her debut album.

© JT Lille Metropole

After becoming a multi-instrumentalist, her passion and fascination with meeting her led her to be noticed by the American producer Henry Hirsch. Just that!

At that time, he was a producer Lenny Kravitz, Mick Jagger, Madonna…he proposes to record his first album in New York…in a church that has been turned into an all-analog studio!

Young Lina Deluxe identifies its main features.

The artistic journey continues under Better Care. In 2015, Lena Deluxe released her first album mirror of heroes Distributed by Wagram. We let ourselves be tempted by the artist’s soft, luminous melodies. But not only !

Lena Deluxe will draw on the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s giving her creations an almost mystical and magical dimension. His album pleases, shines nationally, is supported by radio stations such as France Inter where FIP. We talk about Lena Deluxe in specialty magazines like rolling stonesAnd the EnrockAnd the sheAnd the the point, And the beauty is invited on national program groups such as midnight words In France 2 or Tracks On Arte, or even on MTV…

and more: His music and compositions coincide with the needs of cinematography. Netflix and HBO use songs from his album to decorate the series, such as the title regicide for the series hacks “.

no place to go As the “Disappeared Forever” series explains. In its realization, Megan Jones’ New Zealand documentary “6 Angry Women” will benefit from the structure and musical support of Lena Deluxe.

Thus, his music spread around the world. One way or another, it spins. He was definitely affected by this Global and multidisciplinary aspect From her musical journey, Lena Deluxe, once again, wants to open new doors and continue her quest.

In 2016, after her debut album tour, she decided to go on an adventure around the world in search of new inspiration. And we can’t wait to see what his wanderings will bring to his musical career.

Lina Deluxe announces the release of her second album Santay. ambiguity. And for good reason, it’s an Indonesian term because Lina left her bags for a while, as she was welcomed into a community of artists, in a small village near Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

“Santai Santai Lena”, His companions whispered in his ear to encourage him to write and compose calmly. understand: “Relax, relax, Lena”Like a call to settle, give up, outlet.

There I wrote and composed this second album – Accompanied by musicians Ipin Setiyo, Adam Lauhil, Eugène Gagah Caputantra, and Adam Alydrux – likely to be released in April 2023. Lena presents us with this project as an eight-song musical journey, with tropical pop sounds.

Two EPs of two songs from this album have already been released: snapdragon And the in the highest peaks It was immediately spotted by the media specializing in music, suggesting a promising album rich in sensations and strong lyrics.

Music Specialist wave length writing : “Lille Lena Deluxe takes us on a journey where moisture numbs your limbs, heat makes you a mirage among others”.

On the set of France 3 Hauts-de-France for broadcast heights in scenesWe also felt the warmth of the rhythms of the tribes invade us. We listened to five of the eight tracks from the new album:

  1. the animals
  2. At the top of the peaks
  3. same
  4. snapdragon
  5. santay

Video Duration: 24 minutes 52

Exclusively, Lena Deluxe performs 5 tracks from her next album at France 3 . recording studio

© France 3 Hauts-de-France

Nicknames that bring us back to nature, to our instincts (Listen the animals where on top of the peaks), but also for a furious desire not to let yourself be extinguished, not to let yourself die, engulf, and dominate: same takes courage, snapdragon Organic, such as the revenge of life, physical and mental rebirth through the atonement of his anger.

Anger – It’s too vulgar – I don’t want a tyrannical woman – Be kind, my beautiful – Feminine – My hand is in your wolf’s mouth – Suddenly – My hand is in your mouth – Take it as a wink …

Excerpt from the title “Gueule de Loup” on the artist’s next album

The artist does not tell us about the soft, powdery, pink and delicate lifestyle. She describes the brutality of life, but also invites us off the winding paths with melodies that are always feminine, intimate and deep, as if telling us that we must not abandon them.

Go and tell your body – The sun is not dead – I tell you – It’s still burning – No sun is not dead – Breathe, bird of air – Exhale your anger …

Excerpt from “Respire”, title from his next album

The last title of this live concert heights in scenesAnd the santai, Which is also the name of the album, it seems to be the song that puts us at peace.

And in this new breath, in search of a respite after the fight, Lena Deluxe knew how to surround herself with three talented musicians and all for the sake of Lena’s cause:

  • Agatha Lefebvre guitarist:What you want to know is that this is a project by Lena, she is the one who composes, writes and arranges the songs. We’re at the service of her music and her requests, she’s really the entrepreneur, we’re there to accompany her on shows! “ She trusts us. I met Lina Deluxe through the set. Loud’Her Association, an association that campaigns to get more women into the music industry. She also actively participates in the NÛR project in which she writes and composes, in a duet with the clarinetist.
  • Matisse Urach, percussionist and percussionist. He’s 22 years old but he’s already a good track. He began playing the drums at the age of seven, at the Grande-Synthe music school. Today, join a jazz course at the Conservatoire Tourcoing and offers lessons in schools. He is the drummer in many jazz bands.
  • Bassist Coole Max was unable to attend the filming heights in scenes Since he toured the US with another group. Someone who is also passionate about folklore and indie rock.

And if you want to know more about the band, here’s our Couch interview:

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. heights in scenes In France 3 Hauts-de-France On November 16, 2022 from 11:30 pm. With Lena Deluxe and the Picard EDGÄR range: you’re not just going to a concert. For you, France 3 Hauts-de-France cameras plunge into the heart of artistic creativity, in a moment as fundamental as it is exciting: rehearsal. Musicians with each other, France 3 immersed in their own universe.

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. Concert on October 22nd at Tourcoing at Maison Folie Hospice d’Havré at 8:30pm.

. Concert on November 12 in Poche de Béthune at 8:30 pm.

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