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This article was originally published on August 4, 2015, and was updated on October 26, 2022.

Holiday notebooks are very popular with parents to help their kids not lose track of learning during the holidays. Below is a selection of apps, websites, and files to print, categorized by level, for to retreat during the holidays.


  • Moen Division – Big Section and Big Section – CP: This holiday notebooks For print published by Editions Rosace. They offer graphic design, writing and coloring exercises.
  • The Snow Queen Activity Book: Featured On The Blog I’m Not A Super Mom, This exercise book Colors of the characters from the popular Disney animated movie let little ones play with numbers, letters and shapes.
  • Lulu la Taupe Holiday Notebooks: For the middle sections, two notebooks are available. The first contains graphic design exercises, an introduction to writing and reading and a bit of math. The second offers activities to discover objects, letters or numbers. The large section exercise book allows you to practice math, writing and reading.
  • Medium and Large Section: Offered by Turbulus, this holiday book contains activities for learning, in the form of games, and recognizing letters, colors or objects.
  • Fine ArtsSpeech – Numbers: Online Reunion Academy has put together a holiday notebook for Kindergarten pupils and released it by teachers. It includes artistic activitiessubordinate language exercises And the’Learning numbers.
  • 4-6 year olds activity book number 1 and its answer key 4-6 year old activity book number 2 and its answer key: with these activity books tipirate site offers Kindergarten children Puzzles, graphics to reproduce, crossword clues …
  • Interactive Kindergarten Holiday Notebook: A Online multimedia notebook with creative activities : Sports, nursery rhymes, manual activities – implemented by REP + educators.
  • Kindergarten Activity Sheets: ASP . Presents graphic design activity sheetsOr language, mathematics, or discovering the world for students of small, medium and large sections.


  • Mathematics CM2-6e: This printable holiday book, designed by middle school teachers, is available on the “La classe de Stefany” blog.
  • CP-CE1, CE1-CE2, CE2-CM1, CM1-CM2: These holiday notebooks For print, published by Editions Rosace, and to present, among other things, French exercisesMathematics, science and geography.
  • Cahiers d’Europe 7-9 ans 10-12 ans: These printable activity books published on the Ministry of National Education website aim to introduce schoolchildren to the European Union in a fun way.
  • Mathematics from 5 to 10 years: AB Maths lite app offers, in the form of a game, exercises that allow this practicing mental arithmetic.
  • CP-CE1, CE1-CE2, CE2-CM1 Holiday Notebooks: These printable notebooks, published on the Hugo l’Escargot children’s toy site, offer exercises diverse: FrenchAnd the MathsAnd the readingThe same coloring pages.
  • Passport applications CP-CE1 (iOs), CE1-CE2 (iOs) CE2-CM1 (iOs), CM1-CM2 (iOs): These apps, the mobile versions of popular paper notebooks, are a fun way to review discharge and the Maths for kids. The light versions are free, but the full versions are paid.
  • Leave Book on the Road to CE1: Available on the Blog I’m Not a Supermom This Leave Book contains reading exercisesFrom Calculation Based on Logic.
  • Educational Game Professor Muchi’s Challenges: This holiday notebook created by France Télévisions is presented as a digital game for students from CP to 3rd party. It is also available as an iOS and Android app.
  • French-maths CP-CE1 and CE1-CE2: Offered by Lulu la Taupe, this notebook contains exercises, arithmetic gamesAnd reading and a little English with their answers.
  • French-maths CE1-CE2: A notebook provided by Turbulus that allows you to practice while enjoying Math and French.
  • French-maths CP, CE1-CE2, CM1-CM2: offered and implemented by Académie Reunion teachersThese notebooks contain French exercises Mathematics will adapt to different levels of primary school studentsas well as corrections.
  • EPS: This workbooksport activities Provides ideas for saving a file Physical activity Exercising during the holidaysdance dancesAnd the yoga…)
  • Science and Technology CM1-CM2-6e: This book offers different experiences to understand the first concepts Science and Technology.
  • Lumni’s Holiday Diaries: Broadcast daily on France 2 and France 4, these “TV Holiday Diaries” are available for replay on the Lumni website. These are the programs that offer revisions About many disciplines, as well Practical workshops Sports or manual activity.
  • CE1-CE2 Activity Book: Published by tidou.fr, this little book contains activities to work on math and General culture.
  • CP-CE1-CE2 and CM1-CM2 Interactive Holiday Notebook: multimedia holiday notebooksPresentation of technical challenges, audio stories and sports activities – implemented by educational consultants.
  • Elementary Activity Sheets: The ASP website offers activity sheets in French, languages, or mathematics for students of CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, and CM2.
  • Bachelor’s degree course 2 : On her site The Shrimp School, the Episode Two teacher posts her holiday notebooks: Winter Vacations, Spring Breaks, Summer Vacations, Christmas Vacations, and Fall Vacations.

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  • Sixth to Final: A little austere but complete, Mathenpoche offers hundreds of exercises in all chapters math software Sixth through 12th grade, plus lesson reminders and accompanying notebooks for download.
  • Fifth Mathematics: Produced by the teacher, this holiday notebook allows you to review the topics studied during the fifth year in mathematics.
  • Holiday Notebook CM2-6e: Produced by teachers, this holiday notebook offers exercises in Math and French geographyfor training beforeSixth grade entry.
  • Educational Game Professor Muchi’s Challenges: This holiday notebook created by France Télévisions is presented as a digital game for students from CP to 3rd party. It is also available as an iOS and Android app.
  • college math : On his site M@ths et tices, Teaching Assistant Yvan Monka offers holiday e-books to prepare his entry into various classes from college through high school: sixth, fifth, fourth, third, second, first, and final (major and supplementary math). They contain corrected courses and exercises in the video.
  • Middle School History and Geography: Lille Academy has published holiday notebooks produced by History and geography teachers For all middle school levels: sixth (+ corrected), fifth (+ corrected), fourth (+ corrected), third (+ corrected) and second (+ corrected).
  • Math 6e-5e-4e: Two on the Learning Resources Blog math teachers Notebooks are provided for sixth, fifth and fourth year students.
  • College Activity Book: This Bachelor’s Book has been put online by Reunion Academy. It offers different activities for students from sixth to third grade, in Physics and chemistryAnd the SVTFrench Math GermanAnd the technology or Music.
  • German High School: Developed online by Lille Academy, this holiday book provides high school students with the opportunity to work on their German through the theme of the TV series.
  • English Sixth, Fifth, Fourth, Third and Second: Lille Academy publishes these “Books of Games and Learning”. It contains the activities of writing and analyzing documents in a . format Einglish.
  • EMI 5e-4e-3e and 2nde: These online Lille Academy notebooks allow students from 5e to 3e to work on their skills in Media and information culture (near death experience).
  • EPS: This sports activity book offers ideas for staying physically active and spending time during the holidays (choreography, yoga, etc.)
  • College-2nde Music: This book presents activities related to . programsMusic education and choral singing (EMCC) from the sixth to the second.
  • Spanish 5e-4e-3e-2nde: This book contains comprehension and writing activities in Spanish By the theme of travel. Different levels of difficulty are presented in the same book. There is also a copy of the discovery of Peru and a copy of the discovery of Colombia.
  • Math 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2: These notebooks contain lesson reminders and exercises on math concepts covered in college and in the second.
  • Physics and Chemistry 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd: Provided by Lille Academy, these notebooks provide lesson reminders and exercises on physics and chemistry concepts studied in middle and high school.
  • SVT 5e-4e-3e et 2nde: These notebooks cover the core topics of Life and Earth Sciences (SVT) of the fifth, fourth, third and second through exercises and document analysis.
  • 6 to 5, 4, 3 and 2 in French: Analysis and text comprehension activities adapted for each level are presented in these support notebooks produced by the Lille Academy.
  • Middle School Technology: This support book calls for basic knowledge of College of Technology course through specific scenarios.
  • Mathematics at the end of 3e: Etienne-Jules Marey High School teachers in Beaune introduce future high school students to this Mathematics holiday book To review the concepts learned during the third year and prepare for entry into the second. Repair is also available.
  • Lumni’s Holiday Diaries: Broadcast daily on France 2 and France 4, these “TV Holiday Diaries” are available for replay on the Lumni website. These programs offer reviews on several disciplines, as well as hands-on sports workshops or hands-on activity.
  • College/High School Activity Sheets: ASP Site Offers Special French activity sheetsMath and science for middle school students. It also contains exercises in history and English or even specialized lessons for high school students.
  • Mathematics Handbooks Way to Fifth, Way to Four, Way to Three, and On the Way to High School: Produced by Math Teachers, these booklets provide math exercises that are taken at the end of the school year to review the program for the year and Getting ready for the start of the school year next one.
  • Middle School Mathematics: Mathematics teachers at Eugène Delacroix Middle School in Roissy-en-Brie have developed math activity books so that students can prepare for their entry into the next class: CM2 through 6, 6 through 5, 5 through 4, fourth through third, From the third to the second.
  • Spelling for all levels: Designed by Project Voltaire, a spelling and expression development service, this comprehensive holiday book offers you to test your level of knowledge of the French language through fun exercises.
  • Mathematics at the end of high school: This holiday notebook has been produced by mathematics teachers from the Académie Dijon so that students wishing to enter the second year of general education can review the concepts they learned in high school. accompanied by correction.