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  1. 17 hoursTitle : Ride or diePerformer(s): Durand Jones and Indicationsalbum: Durand Jones & Indications: Private SpaceComposer(s): Aaron Fraser, Durand Jones, Ginger Doldencylinder company: dead oceans
  2. 5 pm 5 minutesTitle : family showPerformer(s): brownoutalbum: Brownout: Aguilas and CobrasComposer(s): Adrien Quesadacylinder company: six degrees
  3. 5:09 PMTitle : shopping bagPerformer(s): Valerie, Mike Clay, Louis Clavis, Fanny Bloomalbum: Valerie: Carrying Case (FEAT MIKE CLAY, LUIS CLAVIS & ..Composer(s): Valerie, Mike Clay, Louis Clavis, Fanny Bloomcylinder company: Mr. LABEL
  4. 5:13 pmTitle : backPerformer(s): Bermudaalbum: Bermuda: backComposer(s): Alex Lapointe, Dominique Claire Gagnon, Caroline Dupontcylinder company: Cape Claire
  5. 5:17 pmTitle : think about it)Performer(s): Wes Mingus, Leon Michaels, Tobias Pazner, Arnold Miskolnig, Isabel Bobo Walker, Jintas Janosonis and various performersalbum: Ultimate breaks and kicksComposer(s): James Browncylinder company: ENT movement.
  6. 5:21 pmTitle : sweetPerformer(s): John Baptiste, Pentatonix, Diane Warrenalbum: John Baptiste, Pentatonix, Diane Warren: Sweet (SingComposer(s): Diane Warrencylinder company: BMG
  7. 5:24 pmTitle : AmericaPerformer(s): Simon Kearneyalbum: Simon Kearney: AmericaComposer(s): Simon Kearneycylinder company: the ball
  8. 5:27 pmTitle : breathe againPerformer(s): Clara Lucianialbum: Clara Luciani: HeartComposer(s): Clara Luciani, Ambroise “Sage” Williumcylinder company: principled artist
  9. 5:31 pmTitle : Hold mePerformer(s): Beautiful Apolloalbum: Apollo Lovely: Catch meComposer(s): Kim Hocylinder company: does not depend on
  10. 5:35 pmTitle : What if youPerformer(s): NATHANIEL RATELIFF and night shirtalbum: the futureComposer(s): Nathaniel Ratliffcylinder company: Stax
  11. 5:38 pmTitle : COPACETICPerformer(s): Gus Ritchie Quartet, Joel Ritchie, Delvon Lamar, Ben Bloomalbum: JAS RICCI QUARTETTE & GOLDEN RULES: COPACETICComposer(s): Joel Ritchiecylinder company: golden rules
  12. 5:41 pmTitle : baby boomPerformer(s): Nanette workeralbum: Agent Nanette: Dance DanceComposer(s): Angelo Vinaldi, Nanette’s Workercylinder company: entitlement
  13. 5:45 pmTitle : Beijing DuesPerformer(s): SEU JORGEalbum: SEU JORGE: MUSICAS PARA CHURRASCO, Volume 1Composer(s): SEU JORGE, GABRIEL MOURA, PRETINHO DA SERRINHA, ROGEcylinder company: Cavone
  14. 5:49 pmTitle : Sawa Maw DiritaPerformer(s): Diogo Ramos, Bugatalbum: International African Nights Festival – 2022Composer(s): Diogo Ramos, Bugat, Chico Matosso, Guilherme Zakicylinder company: African Nights
  15. 5:53 PMTitle : CAMISA 10 DA GAVEAPerformer(s): Jorge Benjouralbum: Jorge Benn: CAMISA 10 DA GAVEAComposer(s): Jorge Benjourcylinder company: worldwide
  16. 5:57 PMTitle : better placePerformer(s): JP BIMENI AND BLACK BELTalbum: JP BIMENI & THE BLACK BELTS: FREE MEComposer(s): JP Bimini, Lucas Dubla, Marc Ebarscylinder company: Tucson
  17. 18 hoursTitle : disco ballsPerformer(s): The Brooksalbum: The Brooks: Entertainment for adultsComposer(s): Maxime Bellavance, Alexandre Lapointe, Philippe Locke, Mark Bellcylinder company: brooks
  18. 6:06 PMTitle : life is goodPerformer(s): voodoo gamealbum: Voodoo game: KIDAYUComposer(s): voodoo gamecylinder company: HOT CASA REC
  19. 6:10 pmTitle : my fetchPerformer(s): New Guinea, Marzouk Magrialbum: NU GENEA: BAR MEDITERRANEOComposer(s): Marzouk Majri, Massimo de Lina, Lucio Aquilinacylinder company: NG
  20. 6:14 pmTitle : Exchanges, PTS. 1 and 2Performer(s): Francis gotalbum: NEAL FRANCIS: Changes (Tools)Composer(s): Francis gotcylinder company: Colemen Rick
  21. 6:20 pmTitle : quantumPerformer(s): lucid luciaalbum: Lucid Lucia: Changing LightComposer(s): Vincent Briggs, Bart Borrence, Jan Williamscylinder company: SDBAN
  22. 18 hours and 24 minutesTitle : Do you want to enter my bubbles?Performer(s): Lisa Lebanonalbum: Lisa Lebanon: CHIAC DISCOComposer(s): Lisa Lebanoncylinder company: bunsound
  23. 6:28 pmTitle : cold waterPerformer(s): Ron Trent, Evan Conte, Lars Bartkonalbum: Ron Trent: What do the stars tell you…Composer(s): Ron Trentcylinder company: Lilly Time Store
  24. 6:30 pm.Title : HeroPerformer(s): Mohawkalbum: Funny DownComposer(s): Harry Palmerjeff Palmercylinder company: Ministry’s voice
  25. 6:31 pmTitle : Long train moving fastPerformer(s): Dobby Brothers, Gary Peterson, Bruce Cohen, David McCleese, Ted Templemanalbum: Long Range Train, 1 . discComposer(s): Tom Johnstoncylinder company: Warning Archives / Rhino
  26. 6:35 pmTitle : Panama CityPerformer(s): Orchestration of the quantitative spiritalbum: Quantum Soul Orchestra: TropidelicoComposer(s): quantitativecylinder company: real ideas
  27. 6:40 pmTitle : African musicPerformer(s): Dr. Lass, voilaalbum: Voila: promisesComposer(s): Dr. Lasscylinder company: the favorite
  28. 18 hours 48 minutesTitle : Run young hearts freePerformer(s): Kandy Stationalbum: Disco Years: 1974-1979Composer(s): Dave Crawfordcylinder company: WEA
  29. 6:52 PMTitle : golden orePerformer(s): Bambooalbum: Bamboo: Go!Composer(s): Lance Fergusoncylinder company: real ideas
  30. 6:55 pmTitle : Make up your mindPerformer(s): Clay and friendsalbum: Clay & Friends: Transfer Your TrustComposer(s): Mike Clay, Emile Descelets, Pascal Boisseau, Bullboy, Popscylinder company: does not depend on
  31. 18 hours 59 minutesTitle : The beating continuesPerformer(s): Cathy Rich, a wealthy friendalbum: Blue Break Strikes: Volume 4Composer(s): sony bonocylinder company: blue note
  32. 7:04 PMTitle : V’S FUNKY CitadelPerformer(s): VBND, your collective friendalbum: VBND: FUNK (FEAT. THE SOULMATE COLLECTIVE)Composer(s): VBNDcylinder company: deeper
  33. 7:06 pmTitle : agoyaPerformer(s): Soul Jazz Orchestraalbum: Solgas Orchestra: Inner FireComposer(s): Pierre Chrettin, Philippe Lavriniercylinder company: of cross section
  34. 7:11 pmTitle : DakarPerformer(s): The Blacksoundalbum: BLAXOUND & GOLDEN RULES: EL MARAVILLOSO SONIDOComposer(s): Marta Romancylinder company: golden rules
  35. 7:14 pmTitle : Good feelingPerformer(s): Dominic Phils Aime, Martin “Atjaz” Evson, De Malesalbum: Dominic Fils Aim: RemixesComposer(s): Dominic Phils Aimcylinder company: ENSOUL Records
  36. 7:20 PMTitle : nautilusPerformer(s): yin yinalbum: Yin Yin: NautilusComposer(s): Yves Linerts, Kiss Berkerscylinder company: glimmer of lightness
  37. 7:23 pmTitle : Siesta Free StylePerformer(s): Louis Offmanalbum: Louis Offmann: DANCY PARTY – EPComposer(s): Louis Offmancylinder company: A glimpse of the face
  38. 7:27 PMTitle : secrets (your fire)Performer(s): Magdalena Bayalbum: world of mercuryComposer(s): Micah Tenenbaum, Matthew Lanecylinder company: bright
  39. 7:31 PMTitle : SunrisePerformer(s): Daniel Belangeralbum: Daniel Bellanger: Mercury in MayComposer(s): Daniel Belangercylinder company: secret city
  40. 7:34 PMTitle : TocomtecPerformer(s): Cansado, Orestes Gomezalbum: Cansado: GuaguañsolComposer(s): JEFFREY COTT, ORESTES GOMEZcylinder company: acrylic
  41. 7:37 PMTitle : blue flowerPerformer(s): BEESAU, BLUE LAB BEATSalbum: Bissau: Coco Charnell (Part 2)Composer(s): piezo, mr. DM, NK- OKcylinder company: Decca
  42. 7:42 PMTitle : CurrentlyPerformer(s): Addy’s Oasis, Morgan Wileyalbum: ADI Oasis: ADI OasisComposer(s): Adeline Michelle Petricean, Morgan Wyliecylinder company: lonliness
  43. 7:46 pmTitle : ADAGIOPerformer(s): POOMalbum: POOM: ADAGIO – singularComposer(s): POOMcylinder company: does not depend on
  44. 7:50 pmTitle : Gives a great feelingPerformer(s): Jose James, Cecilyalbum: Jose James: No Beginning, No End 2Composer(s): Jose James, Scott Jacoby, Talia Pelegcylinder company: rainbow blond
  45. 7:54 pmTitle : drippingPerformer(s): abnormalityalbum: Anomaly: galleryComposer(s): abnormalitycylinder company: network