From the 5th to the 12th of November, in Nevers, when de jazz is there … and so are the musicians!

To get rid of clichés as one does with dead papers on the doorstep, festival director, Roger Fontanel, explains the event’s philosophy: “These are open and diverse proposals, moving away from the perception that people can have jazz. The program combines emphatic values ​​with a creative and innovative jazz scene. Today. It is a real attraction for curiosity, thanks to the prices we charge. This is the most important at the moment, with the economic situation we are going through.”

Festival “For Everyone”

Roger Fontanel emphasizes the “unique and popular” dimension of this festival “speaking to everyone,” which frees itself “from reductive labels. Jazz, dating back to the beginning of the last century, has never ceased to nourish with multiple influences…”

In terms of references to an established career, there’s plenty to satisfy connoisseurs and thrill novices with great organist Rhoda Scott (Closing), dear quartet around double guitarist Dave Holland (Saturday 5 November, after Vincent Courtois Quint), clarinetist Louis Sclavis (” Les cadences du monde”, Tuesday 8) and drummer Daniel Humair (Friday 11).

Aziza, the four-star on stage, Saturday 5 November

Using his brush like chopsticks, he displays his work in abstract painting until December 30 at the Museum of Ceramics and Fine Arts.

Audiences will also find familiar faces and fingers with Dominique Pifarély and Vincent Couturier (Friday 11). “Dominique is the greatest violinist of his generation,” Roger Fontanel notes. “Usually identified as close to contemporary music, somewhat textured. There, he publishes accessible melodic music.”

programming feminization

Awareness of the challenges of representation in the world of culture is growing, and the D’Jazz Nevers Festival seeks to bring together a number of female talents. In 2022, only 10% of jazz musicians were women: “So we should try to rebalance by showing them more,” Roger Fontanel stated. “Responsibility begins at the teaching level, but introducing musicians on stage allows young girls and women to say to themselves ‘I can do this.’ And it progresses?!”

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Evidence of transcendent rhythm and beats, the dazzling trio of Knott, winner of the Jazz Migration Chart. The formation brings together the flute (Delphin Gusin), electric harp (Rafaëlle Rinaudo) and drums (Blanche Lafuente), in concert at Café Charbonne on Tuesday 8.”

Note also the invitation to Ariel Besson, the famous trumpeter, with her “magnificent lyrical quartet”: Isabel Sorling with her voice, Benjamin Mossi on piano, Fabrice Moreau on drums, attempt?!Monday, November 7 at the Municipal Theatre. We should also mention Elise Dabrowski in the Trio (Wednesday 9), the Susan Trio (Thursday 10), or the solar presence of Sandrine Bonaire in hustle of fireflies, Which she gave with Eric Trovaz, (Wednesday 9).

Exhibit in the Media Library

And since it is often necessary to understand where we came from to know where we are going, the Jean Jaures Media Library in Nevers is hosting, until November 20, an exhibition retracing the history of women in jazz. Designed by the founder of The Jazz Company. Jazz Viennese Festival, Jean-Paul Buteler. “He’s a great collector that offers over 130 album covers here. When we look at all of these recordings, we can clearly see that the women were really in attendance!” Roger Fontanel explains.

And when the monsoon raindrops ‘pop’, when the leaves fall in a hammock, we’ll tell ourselves: There’s no doubt that jazz is in Nevers. Women too?!

Alice Forges

a program

Céline Bonacina / Laurent is out duet. Five in the evening, Municipal Theatre. The duo of saxophonists: groove, these two have more than one reason! And in the first part, the Nevers Teachers Orchestra.

Vincent Courtois Quintet. 8:30 p.m., home. After revealing his intimate cinematography to us on the album Soundtracks, he decided to push the envelope even further by composing his first silent film recording, not least: Finis terrae (1929).

Aziza. second part. Did you say “supergroup”? Rarely has Dave Holland gathered around such a great acting.

Mr. Jaluja. 5 p.m., home. If Olivier Broda is the only actor, who gave the body as the narrator to all the characters in the story, then he nevertheless shares the stage with the three musicians of the Litanie des Cimes. Followed by a meeting with the artists.

Myko Inanen Autonomous. 12:15 pm, Municipal Theatre. The saxophonist chose to gather a new quartet around him.

Mr. Jaluja. 6:30 p.m., home. If Olivier Broda is the only actor, who gave the body as the narrator to all the characters in the story, then he nevertheless shares the stage with the three musicians of the Litanie des Cimes.

Ariel Besson “Try! “. 9 p.m., Municipal Theatre. attempt! Unveils an array of radiant maturity, amplifying a repertoire with a deep tone and open to all possibilities of improvisation. Followed by a meeting with the musicians.

designers. 12:15 pm, Municipal Theatre. A drummer with clear choices, clear perspectives, and a strong sense of form.

hazelnut. 6:30 p.m., Café Charbon. The transverse flute and harp are still often used for instruments intended for well-behaved young girls; Battery, much less.

The Louis Sclavis Quartet. 9 p.m., Municipal Theatre. two cellists, one of the Baroque period, the other of rock; percussionist rooted in the great Persian tradition; And the intoxicating singing of this lyrically distinctive clarinet. Followed by a meeting with the musicians.

Elise Dabrowski Trio. 12:15 p.m., home. Virtuoso sound, electric bass and trombone.

Sweet dog. 3 p.m., Café Charbon. saxophone and electric guitar treble drums.
Christophe Gerard Sextet. 6:30 pm, Municipal Theatre. Smooth and plastic music.

Eric Trovaz / Sandrine Bonnier “The Hustle of the Fireflies”. 8:30 p.m., home. reading music.

Transparent weddings. second part. The plurality of variations and interpretations, Tarsus meanings and sounds.

Susanna. 12:15 p.m., home. It’s a trio like no other, a chamber machine without rhythm, but not without beats.
Yves Rousseau sat. 6:30 pm, Municipal Theatre. Electric tone music for sure, but a jazz spot has its place too.

agglutinate. 8:30 p.m., home. It was led by a group of intrepid musicians over twelve years.

Thomas de Borqueri and hypersonic. second part. A bubble cauldron where soulful jazz, pop rock influences, psychedelic science fiction, and other unspecified spices simmer.

Bruno Rabbit. 12:15 pm, Municipal Theatre. atypical trio with bassoon and vocals; Flute and cello.

steam effect. 3 p.m., Café Charbon. L’Effet Vapeur seeks in its own way the famous search for fantastical folklore, injecting it with a good dose of electronics and experimentation.

Dominique Pivarelli / Francois Couturier. 6:30 pm, Municipal Theatre. Intros and Songs – “Intros and Songs” with violin and piano are discussed here.

Emile Parisien Sexteit. 8:30 p.m., home. In the heat of play and improvisation, fiery music of a simple world scale gives birth.

Daniel Hammer, “The Drum Thing”. second part. A quartet without a piano evoking the spirit of the formations Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry, vibrating to the beat of the lead drummer.

Pierre Dravett / Bob Revell. 12:15 pm, Municipal Theatre. The two heroes have nothing to prove, but they still share everything.

Lecture by Jean Paul Butler. Three o’clock in the afternoon, Jean Jaures lecture hall. About the exhibition “The History of Women in Jazz” free of charge.

Laila Martial / Valentine Cicaldi. 5 p.m., Café Charbon. Phil wisely baptized, and his duet with cellist Valentin Chicaldi is characterized by the utmost in risk: two tightrope-walking musicians move on a tightrope.

Sylvain Revlet “Aux Anges”. 8:30 p.m., home. Aux anges paints the self-portrait of an artist in full maturity, whose uniqueness has not ended surprising us.

Rhoda Scott “Lady All Stars”. second part. With the same sacred fire, the “barefoot organist” distributes his instrumental waves on the theaters of France and Navarre, surrounded for several years by an impressive group of young musicians. A wonderful evening in perspective!

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