Gypsy Jazz, Jazzy Bazz, Techno: Tour of the 2022 Nancy Jazz Pulsations

Paquito & Sandro Lorier Gypsy Trio, Jazzy Bazz, Dinos, Jean-Louis Murat, Helena Hauff, Chapelier Fou Ensemb7e … News from Lauren and the 49th edition of Nancy Jazz Heartbeats.

Nearly 50 years ago, in Lorraine, the first freshness that permeated the region was the next pulse. We know it, we feel it, and we shiver in advance. ” Generally speaking, in Nancy, when we put on the coat, it’s because NJP is coming! », confie Thibaud Rolland, directeur et programmateur d’un festival — avant lui, c’est Patou Kader qui tenait les rênes — qu’il a d’abord connu en tant que stagiaire, avant d’en prendre la direction il ya four Years. Including two years of covid.

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With the pandemic, two years ago, the association running the festival had to reorganize the site of the Parc de la Pépinière (festival centre), from which we arrive from the magnificent Place Stanislas (built in 1755 and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site), around a giant marquee with 3000 seats and magic mirror (Cabaret Sauvage wooden cabaret) with 500 seats.

Place Stanislas and his gates in Nancy | © Nicolas Cornet / Wikipedia / Creative Commons

For the rest, if we haven’t held any other garage concerts in Mericourt for a while (a town of 5,000, in Vosges, where saxophonist Dexter Gordon came to play!), another life has a place long ago, in all around Lorraine, but also in schools, hospitals and prisons. In Nancy, the festival is held all over the city: in bars during the day, in theaters, at the local SMAC (L’Autre Canal), at the Opera and even at Saint-Epvre Basilica, where the November Ultra will soon be performing, on the same evening with L ‘Entourloop, Biga*Ranx, Vitalic, or Ambrose Akinmusire.’ Nearly 180 concerts by 140 artists. vertigo.

Since its launch in 1973, the festival has wanted to be eclectic We note that it is perhaps more so today than before. The way music is consumed has changed, and the accompanying musical genres have changed. In NJP (Nancy Jazz Pulsations, the term is for those who haven’t been here before!), as in Everywhere, we adapted it.” Ray Charles came here in 1973. Then Daft Punk in 1997. Then it was the beginnings of MO Camille. TonightHe says, a few hours before the molten volcano that will become Chapiteau du Parc de la Pépinière, It’s an almost unprecedented rap scene in the history of the festival we’ve decided to hold “.

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A Jazz Festival, with Issa Yasuki, Jazzy Buzz, and Dinos on the bill, and an army of kids cheering for them? It’s 2022. It’s the eternal confusion, also and above all, what surrounds this word that means everything, and above all means nothing: jazz.

Jazz today has been influenced by the musical genres that it itself gave birth to. Soul, house, hip-hop and progressive music owe a lot to jazz. “Music is sister at times, cousins ​​at the limit.” We want to show jazz being played standing up like in New York, in New Morning, the jazz we really live in. ! “.in NJP, it is like in Montreux or Vienna,” It is a global vision of music through jazz pressure “.

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In short. Instead of setting off on another discussion of what jazz is and what it isn’t (try having the same discussion using the terms rock, rap, or electro, to see), let’s remember the word “beat,” because it’s probably the most important word.

Tipo: ” Music is often based on rhythm. 60 bpm, 80 bpm, 120 bpm, 170 bpm… A Be-Bop, like the old Charlie Parkers, can go up to 220 bpm! I love the fact that it relates to all possible musical genres. »

BPM’s instruments, beats, beats, and rhythms in NJP diverge greatly from one concert to the next. It is this diversity of style that also makes the richness of the rendezvous that has the advantage of invoking an audience of remarkable diversity, with headlines scarcity (Bernard Lavilliers, Melody Gardot, who played in the opera) and sophisticated programming.

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heart beat

Salle Poirel (named after the architect who built the venue at the end of the twentieth century as an “Italian-style theatre”), we attend for the first time Thursday evening the concert of Chapelier Fou, the producer and musician to whom we owe some exceptional pieces (“Darling, Darling, Darling” , “Fritz Lang”, “Cyclope & Othello”) which was reinterpreted in Poirel, as on the disc released this year, is his repertoire with the band. Instead of the usual synths, the samples and electronic magic usually used in Le Chapelier’s music, the organ, clarinet and metallophone invite themselves to the stage. The play of lights streaks from the rosettes hanging in the sky, the tunes fly high to the ground, and the audience catches them as they ascend. A few moments of grace take us away, as the mind wanders and leaves itself away by a je-ne-sais-quoi so powerful that it drops us elsewhere.

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Well, here we are with Murat. The singer from Auvergne, very familiar with the festival (already in NJP in 2002, 2004 and 2015) presents his last album, The real life of Pak Joon, a cowboy, champion of the youth of Jean-Louis, we follow his adventures. Love built on rickety paths, preparatory journeys, missions with no exit. The theme is pop, rock, and jazz, made up of long progressive tracks (“Jean Bizzarri,” “Everyone has their own way,” or even “Frankie,” from his album Morituri) and a few highs (“Ma babe”, “each in their own way” and the very cute “Marilyn and Marianne”, which is about Bob Dylan, Barry White, Jupiter, Jesus Christ, Ravaillac…)

The next day, you’re still in Poirel, the soul of gypsy jazz. Dutch guitarist Stochelo Rosenberg in Part Two and before, the quartet (although advertised as a trio) was endearing and talented: Paquito Lorier and his son Sandro were inspired by Django Reinhardt, Be-Bop, Bossa d’Antonio Carlos Jobim, and of course, Flamenco by Paco de Lucia. Gypsy jazz standards, others from the father and son repertoire. The smaller one offers certain cuts, sometimes pushing the breast. Guitars and double bass fingers spin quickly. Hanging over the quad, squares, inverted triangles, circles, exclamation points in warm colors give a sense of comets. The atmosphere of Andalusia in Lorraine. The world is vast. The world is close.

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Nancy, you are so sexy

Next, head to the Parc de la Pépinière where the panorama changes between midday and early evening. The area was calm, the weather was good, the sky was blue and the evening was a mess. Between Poirel and Chapiteau, the average lifespan doubled. Triple, perhaps? Some now pay others’ pensions. The wheel is spinning.

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“Nancy, you are so hot,” he repeats as soon as he can jazzy buzz, very hot and surprised at the intensity of those he calls children »», those who, enjoying Issa Yasuki’s life, know fingertips (stuck in the smartphone, most of the time) the lyrics of the songs from memoria (Lots of jazz samples, that’s fine), third album by this former member of the L’Entourage collective (Nekfeu, Alpha Wann, Deen Burbigo). ” No matter how long it takes, the most important thing is that my life is full of vitality “, he sings.” are you there or what Oh yeah Nancy here. Everyone with their arms in the air, noise, more noise, big mess, some classics like “Five o’clock in the morning” or “64 Bars of Spleen,” the rapper who slams, carried by the crowd that makes people move wrong, The stands, the bravery of this rapper who works with” With his heart and conscience “.With a lot of talent too.

Then the dinos come alone on stage (without back) with a light, sober game. Rapper “Get out of the car”, comes to defend his album Stamina (+ stamina, souvenir…and announces his next album, Winter in Paris (Apparently, there are CDs and vinyl discs available for everyone, so do not deny yourself). It also marks a date in the Accor Arena (March 10, you’re invited), that sometimes falls into a lot of ego (it’s like an ego ride, but very much), also ending in a pit. ” Happiness is in the simple things ‘, he asserts nonetheless. We want to believe it.

I’ll do it until we burn this track, Nancy! ,” he warns when singing “Xnxx,” one of his songs. The Champs Elysees sparkles in the light of Africa / Angels with jackets aiming at the street / I want to change the galaxy so I don’t change the country / My eyelids tremble alone, I’m nervous like a GTI / Tears on the floor, blood on the floor wall Several times. Yeah, it ended up working, not just a little bit. Back in the hole. Crazy energy, barge rage, vocal cords almost breaking. We end up with a big cut that leaves everyone ko


A few meters away from Chapiteau, at Magic Mirrors this time, the kids wind up a ripped evening with a live performance of Makala (a Swiss rapper of Congolese descent who knows his way around after-work parties). Others have booked their spot at L’Autre Canal, Nancy’s SMAC on the outskirts of town (cross the canal, ten minutes walk, that’s fine), the evening is set under the influence of 140 BPM of techno music. The Beats is first and foremost the work of Nancy’s underground collective! , which is celebrating its tenth birthday (Happy Birthday to them). In the room, kinds of stars on the ceiling and dazzling lights. It’s another world where it seems easy to sit in. Then, right next door is the Hamburger Helena Hauff range, which mixes electro, EBM, techno, post-punk, and everything that can make the body beat. Then it’s the black hole.

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Until tonight. Your turn ! Today: Piers Faccini, Anne Paceo, Jungle by Night or Nina Attal … and every evening until Saturday 15 October. Place your bets, and stick together: You’ll be around 100,000 people during these two weeks of Nancy Jazz Pulsations.

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