Headphones, headphones, amplifiers…promotions to follow in 2022

Black Friday sound. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to discover promotions. Whether it’s speakers, headphones, wireless headphones, or soundbars, audiophiles can expect great deals in 2022.

Black Friday is an event that many consumers enjoy. Lovers of good music can especially take advantage of the famous “Black Friday” to find great promotions on different audio devices. Whether you’re looking for a new headphone or headphones, there are plenty of references to take advantage of the price drop during Black Friday.

In addition to equipment such as headphones and earphones, Black Friday is often all about amplifiers and amplifiers. Connected or not, these machines allow you to broadcast your music globally at home, sometimes even to control other connected objects. Therefore, there are very interesting devices, which will appeal to both music lovers and lovers of connected things.

Bose has made a big name for itself when it comes to audio equipment. The brand is often present on Black Friday with various equipment sale. This is especially the case with its premium headphones which generally take advantage of Black Friday to see their prices drop dramatically every year. If you’re looking for Bose headphones during Black Friday, here are some references to keep a close eye on.

Sony is another brand recognized for its expertise in audio equipment. While Sony is also an expert in many other areas, its headphones are often sought after, especially during Black Friday. Several price ranges are already available, and promotions can point their nose at Black Friday.

JBL is another brand that specializes in headphones. The company has special references that are often offered at lower prices than many competitors. If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones during Black Friday, but your budget is pretty tight, then JBL products may be for you.

How can we talk about headphones on Black Friday without mentioning Marshall? The brand, recognizable among thousands thanks to its original design and rock ‘n’ roll melodies, is often in attendance on Black Friday. Be it headphones or wireless headphones, Marshall products regularly have attractive promotions that will delight lovers of high-quality sound.

Apple doesn’t just produce phones! The brand is also known for its excellent wireless AirPods, which are already available in several versions (AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro…). Apple also features a unique AirPods Max headset, which perfectly fits into the company’s environment. A logical choice if you already have several branded devices.

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Having good headphones is useful, but a real speaker in the living room is also a very good option for full enjoyment of music! Black Friday affects many loudspeaker brands every year to delight music lovers. Here are some small references to the speakers you might find at Black Friday 2022.

Apple isn’t the only brand offering premium wireless headphones on Black Friday. JBL, Sony, Marshall… The majority of the major audio brands also have very good references for wireless headphones for your devices and smartphones. Phone manufacturers like Samsung or Huawei are also offering headphones that regularly fall into their Black Friday promotions.

One of the best ways to enjoy music or movies is to have a sound bar at home. The latter, often present on Black Friday, has excellent techniques for broadcasting your audio content in very high quality. If you are looking to impress those around you by streaming music, it might be interesting to drop by the sound bar that is being made more and more every year.

Anti-fraud advice How do you avoid misleading promotions? The ministry’s digital security assistance and prevention website, Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr, advises, in particular, to avoid rushing: “Even if pressured by a fake online seller offering you the deal of the century or by a quick countdown sale, do not give your credit The card number is very fast and takes time to make minimal checks: the real presence and bad reputation of the seller, the fact of the promotion, the security of the transaction…”. Find their other tips on their site.

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