Here are the new VR games coming this month

The end of the year is coming to an end! We are pleased to give you an overview of all the new VR games that will be released on different platforms in October 2022.

In terms of VR gaming, September saw some great releases. Not to mention the arcade-style third-person shooter game “Transformers Beyond Reality”, “Interkosmos 2000”, a virtual reality spaceflight arcade game for virtual astronauts of all ages, and many more. This month is no exception. And it brings us more new VR games that are as entertaining as they are exciting. Anyway, these things will have something to keep VR fans busy. We immediately reveal a list to discover these games and their release date.

“Requisition VR”, one of the most promising new VR games

But “Requisition VR” is not listed as a file September issue ? Yes this has been. But the Early Access launch date has been pushed back from September 22nd Until October 20. So it will be Available in early access via Steam later this month.

“VR request” is a 4 players co-op survival game. The events take place in the fictional state of Nevermont, in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The main feature of the game is the craft. In fact, the player will be able to craft weapons, traps and bombs from more than 300 items scattered in different locations, from farms to gas stations. For example, chairs could become four-pronged swords, and baseball bats could be charged with electricity.

“Requisition VR” is inspired by games like The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners And the Resident Evil 4. “Phasmophobia”, “Woods” And the “Into The Radius” He also had a huge impact on the game, according to Oliver Smirnoff, the general producer. The latter claims that some of the ideas of the film “Home Alone” It led to the creation of a game mode. Anyway, it’s one of the new VR games we’d love to try.

“Morels: Homestead”, a relaxing game in the style of virtual farming

Developed by Abrams StudiosMorels: Homestead was released for Quest late last year. It’s called “Virtual Reality Sandbox Adventure Game”. today, It’s coming to PC VR It will give you a good relaxing moment. This experience takes you to an open scene at first.

Your task is Create your own farmFor farming, harvesting, trading and selling as well as exploring and searching for treasures using a metal detector. during the story, Preserve your property. pick up crops and Photographing more than 60 animals and insects. you will own 8 fully explorable maps. Explore the night for a whole new experience.

Share the missions To earn items or money to upgrade your property. The path you take is up to you. Each farm will be unique. This realistic farming game makes you Turning an empty plot of land into a wonderful farm ! The game will launch on October 27 via Steam.

“Townscaper” VR, a building game in the list of new VR games

Looking for new build-based VR games? Townscaper VR might be right for you. This game is developed by Oscar Stallberg. It was It was originally launched on Steam in Early Access in 2020. Adventure gives you the ability to automatically escape from small island towns and hamlets. The control scheme is mainly divided into Some simple tasks, such as clicking to create and add structures. You will also have a color palette to change the color of the building.

You do not have There is no specific goal. Also, the game will not feature a strict city layout. So it takes a different approach from other city builders like “Cities: Virtual Reality” and “Small Towns”. You just need to create a beautiful seaside city with different colors and shapes by placing items and planning layout using the game algorithm.

“Townscaper VR” has basic algorithm which converts the locations of your buildings and plans into automatically generated urban objects such as houses, arches, stairs, bridges and gardens. Stålberg considers Townscaper VR to be “more a game than a game,” calling it an “experimental passion project.” If you are looking for new and relaxing VR games, Townscaper VR seems to fit naturally.

“Unplugged” for fans of new music VR games

Until October, offers VR guitar “Unplugged” Four new songs as part of it Rocktober Challenge.

  • Challenge #1: Eddie Gray – Hideout: October 3-9
  • Challenge #2: The Sound Room – Against: October 10-16
  • Challenge #3: Final Round – Sharara: October 17-23
  • Challenge #4: Vitne – Say Goodbye: October 24-30

When each track is released, you will have one week to compete and Puts you in the world rankings. The top 100 scores on the leaderboard for each song will get rewards, but the top 10 will unlock you a unique guitar look. This means it’s time to warm your hands and get involved Four epic competitions in “Unplugged” this month. Be like a real rock star in this one-of-a-kind guitar game.

These tracks are free for all Quest owners in the game Released as weekly challengespresenting a wonderful opening like Guitars and Pickseven a gift package Top 3 players per week. The tracks will remain in the game indefinitely, but you only have one Limited time to collect these guitars and unique choices.

Along with new indie rock songs, ‘Unplugged’ allows you to listen to some of the best songs from world famous rock bands, including ‘Unplugged’. Offspring, Weezer, and Ozzy Osbourne.

“Runner”, a fast-paced and satirical virtual reality experience

“Runner” is the work of an independent studio true pixel, creator of “2MD: VR Football Unleashed”. It mixes motorcycle racing and gunfighting with an anime twist. “Runner” will be released in Quest 2 6 October.

Advance this game Visceral driving game in first person. It embraces the unique visual style of late 80s anime. Players have complete control of their motorbikeThey move around in traffic at breakneck speeds As you fight your way through waves of attacking enemies. Using their intelligence, cybernetics and a unique set of bonuses and special abilities, players become the runner in this adventure.

Game progress 360 degree free shooterUpgradable weapons, time-consuming special moves, big bosses, and an interactive soundtrack. Some of the features that you will find in the game include:

  • Intuitive gameplay with upgradable pistol mods
  • Missiles and grenades as part of your arsenal
  • Coming shots with energy saber
  • 7 procedurally generated levels unique to each play
  • Various types of enemies
  • Voices of Steve Bloom (Cowboy Bebop), Sandra Saad (League of Legends), Richard Ebkar (Mortal Kombat)
  • Access modes for novice players
  • Dynamic soundtrack cool rolls

“Half-Life: VR Mod” release on October 20

“Half-Life: VR Mod” is a highly immersive fan-made virtual reality mod for the 1998 classic Half-Life. half private life. It is definitely one of the most anticipated VR games for VR lovers. First person shooter.

This game can be played standing or sitting, with smooth movement or teleportation mechanics. In addition, it supports files manual controls. As a result, you will be able to easily swing your feet, press buttons, pull levers and Climbing stairs physically.

Graphics are improved Here and there with the help of other depositors. We’re talking 6-DoF weapon models, high-resolution materials, and “great hands for virtual reality.” The movie “Half-Life: VR Mod” also accompanies the female staff of Black Mesa newly dubbed voice.

Those who prefer to play the original untouched can Enable Classic Mode Half-Life is played with 1998 3D models and textures. “Half-Life: VR Mod” is still in beta despite the Steam release. The performance is still not very good, there are also isolated bugs. But The game is playable from start to finish.

It should be noted that Max Vollmer’s “Half-Life: VR” (Steam Link) mod should not be confused with Lambda1VR, The VR mode that makes Half-Life even playable Meta Quest 1 and 2 without PC. The mod developer wants to continue working on PC VR mods, adding new features and fixing bugs.

Apart from new VR games, other stuffs or surprises?

The list of new VR games above isn’t huge, that’s right. However, October will be an important month for virtual reality. There is likely to be Planned launches later In the month we don’t know yet.

Meta about to organize a file Connect Annual Conference October 11. So there’s a good chance we’ll get some game announcements, ads, and/or releases during the keyword, as usual.

On the hardware side, Zuckerberg noted that Quest Pro It will launch later this month (although it’s not a gaming-focused device). like that, pic 4 It is expected to ship on October 18 to Europe, South Korea and Japan.

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