How do you recognize a fool?

Please forgive this cliched first, but the terms gougnafier, malotru or muffle remain less evocative than this good old the fool…and whoever has never uttered this term, write again to my lady, the mediator…

We may remember this man driving a sedan who had forced a pedestrian crossing, while the light was bright red, and I was crossing with a child of about ten years old. Konardo, let’s call him, rushed to us, unscrupulous, confident in his rights, because he deserved it, forcing us to run fast toward the sidewalk so as not to end up with a minced steak…

Let’s draw the anatomy of a fool. What are its components? How do we get to know him? What’s the difference with a jerk? How to explain his uncivilized behavior, without embarrassment, who thinks that everything is permissible?
Why is it important to be aware of its cost to society? How do we fight this scourge fortunately a minority?

A world of assholes?

This is a serious topic that no one has raised in depth into question, whether scientifically, journalistically or philosophically. White Eric He publishes a book with a score of 10 where he takes this fool’s issue very seriously. While working on the question, he realized that almost all of society’s problems are most often due to nonsense behaviour, he points out, The basis of nearly all of our problems.

He also dedicates this book to all those who keep smiling and stubbornly refuse to become assholes in turn having been the victims of assholes, even if he wants to be reassured by remembering that assholes are a very small part of the population, but “We continue to bear heavy responsibility for nearly all of our ills, from questions of gender-based violence, harassment at work, fake news, rudeness, transportation problems… It shows how almost all of our problems have some connection with the behavior of a fool, a person who refuses to respect the simplest civilized social relations, believes that everything is permissible for the benefit of his person whom he considers superior and who in fact spoils the lives of others.

Researchers at the University of Georgia (Study published in Collabra: Psychology on February 23) that the image of assholes was similar to that of people with personality disorders, psychotic disorders, antisocial, and narcissistic.

Idiot, idiot, bastard: how to distinguish them?

A fool is defined as “A person who behaves in an unpleasant or inappropriate manner, due to lack of intelligence, good morals or intimidation and insensitivity to the complaints of others. A person without genes who thinks everything is allowed and never apologizes. A fool will, on purpose, on purpose, allow himself to be unpleasant because they often feel superior to others because they are so full of themselves. He will cut the queue, speak poorly, treat the people around him and do everything to escape criticism, without ever apologizing.”.

Deceive : “We can all be subconsciously towards another person every day, and we can all be idiots, idiots, idiots, morons with no direct intent to harm others.”.

bastard child : “He is a despicable person, morally repugnant, who will have a greater intent to do harm as a fool will have a greater intent to advance himself by attacking others“.

Laurent Testot Specialist in world and world history, journalist, scientist, lecturer, he identifies assholes to be psychopathic, often antisocial personalities. 6 families of norms, all conditioned by the centrality of total egoism upstream:

1 – Complete lack of empathy

2- Strong ability to manipulate others

3- Extreme intolerance to frustration

4- Do not support the deviations of others

5- Tendency to blame others

6- The art of making others feel guilty

Both researchers agree that the point of no return that really makes nonsense turns into nonsense is No excuse, regret for rudeness:Often a fool does not just claim his gesture and when asked to apologize, he often turns the problem against others. We often assume ourselves as an idiot by not hesitating to demand loud and clear.”.

The fool at work and in the car: the bout of the fool

Specialists return to this first case in particular because it is the most toxic kind of idiot, the one who shares our professional environment with us and that it is necessary to fight because the consequences can really be detrimental to the team and collective productivity. .

Stanford University scholar who specializes in issues related to management, Robert Sutton, author of Target Zero for Dirty Deception in Business, explains very well that an asshole has absolutely no interest in any company. As journalist Eric La Blanche believes, “Although an asshole may sometimes be a suitable incentive for certain teams, particularly for positions of high responsibility, in order to inculcate competition, such a person does more than anything else the detriment of the collective professional strength because in the end we realize that only an asshole rots and strains the lives of the employees“.

Stupidity also reaches a whole new level on the road, according to journalist Laurent Testut, who recalls that recent studies have shown that a person inside a car has the impression of having an intense body and feels more frustrated with others who regret it.”The car is a kind of nonsense device, which gives the most stupid drivers the feeling of being above pedestrians, above the rest of the world. Especially since, in general, the faster the car, the more you are inclined to think that you are above the rest…”

Some signs to recognize an asshole

Quote from Eric La Blanche About Ten Common Pointers by Robert Suttona professor at Stanford University, from his study devoted to “target zero-dirty-con” analgesia:

1- Throwing personal insults

2 – Invading the personal space of others

3 – Force great physical contact

4- Pronouncing threats and practicing forms of verbal and non-verbal intimidation

5- Hiding malicious phrases under sarcastic jokes and alleged harassment

6 – Send stinging emails

7- Criticism of the socio-professional situation

8- Contempt for public guilt

9 – Cut the floor coarsely

10- Doing hypocritical attacks

11- Giving evil looks

12 – Treating people as if they were invisible…

Other external clues could point to an asshole according to Eric La Blanche:

Appearances, attitudes and characters are very little clear

The poet’s suspicious style

big mouths


Playboys, diver

Businessman style, handsome kid looking at himself

The visible watch, the big car is expensive

In the public space, those who put their feet on the seat on the train

Those who prefer to enjoy their music on a portable speaker

The person who crowds without remorse

The one who puts his hand on your ass

The person who calls you by name because you refused to stop after calling you

Two tips for dealing with assholes

If, of course, everything depends on the situation, then the first method to follow according to the journalist is escape :

1 – “You have to run when you see an idiot because you won’t change his mind anyway. He has often been an idiot for a long time and has a lot of experience with this.

The second solution he recommends, especially in the business world, is Going through the collective dimension of things :

2 – If a fool annoys you, he also irritates everyone around you, so you have to manage a team that can we stand together In the face of his misconduct, to shame that person.”


White EricJournalist and article writer. Passionate about history and anthropology.

Author of “Le Cunard – Challenges and Prospects” (Michel Lavon, August 25, 2022).

Laurent TestotScience journalist. He has directed dozens of special editions and books for “Science Humaines”.

Author of Collapse – Change or Disappear? The Real Balance Sheet on Our Planet (with Laurent Aillet, Albin Michel eds., 2020) and The Global History of Nonsense (under the direction of Jean-François Marmion, Humanities editions, October 2019), and the following book : “Vortex. Encountering the Anthropocene,” co-written by Nathaniel Wallenhurst. Published on January 18, 2023 Payot edition.

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