“I would like to be a great old singer” Fischbach in an interview

his second album with eyes It came out last February. Fischbach spoke to Aficia about creating this record, about the music industry and about her multiple inspirations. Here’s his “No Filter” interview..

It was discovered in 2017 thanks to the single “Un autre que moi” Fischbach that he released several months ago. Deep bass, elusive lyrics and firmly rock-solid melodies, Fischbach gives us songs that are powerful, accurate and mysterious. A disc that I took the time to compose away from Paris in a literal and stress-free manner. She answered our questions without a filter.

Fischbach, the interview “Unfiltered”

Five years separate albums at your mercy and with eyes, as those years unfold ?

I have already toured France and abroad for two years. I was an actress in a series for Canal +, which allowed me to not have a spleen after the tour, to move to something else and also to learn a new job. I’m a DJ too and I love to do it. I’m even partying now, I call it «Bats in Fischbach“. I really love the famous fourth wall break. I don’t want to lock myself up in a super cold personality because my music can be so androgynous. Also, during these five years, I took care of my life as a woman and lived a love story.

Is it complicated to live a love story and you are an artist?

I don’t think so, some people run it well and have kids, they’ve found balance. It was more difficult for me because music is my priority. Meanwhile, love holds you and makes you make songs.

And yes, I have taken care of my life as a woman and rethought my music quite a bit. Between little Flora who was singing songs in her room and the artist of Fischbach, I said to myself Why don’t you have more fun?I, who hid a lot, did not want to play the beautiful girl when I was 25 years old.

The record industry is getting worse, the icons have changed drastically

Fiachbach to Ephesus.

Specifically, we discover that you are more presumptuous and feminine in this new musical project.

There is the word “masculine” and there is the word “manly,” which are two completely different things. I am feminine and manly. Manhood is in our time courage, strength and I. It’s time to embrace her age too and I don’t want to stop myself from wearing high heels and dresses anymore. I am fascinated by women of the forties, for example, and elegant women of the nineteenth century, as I explored Mylene Farmer. To us, these women of the 1940s are standards of beauty, but at the time smoking, wearing pants, and carrying the body was an offense. I wanted to explore something else and not lock myself in a box.

Mylene Farmer, what do you like about it?

All artistic direction with Laurent Boutonnat J’adore. They have become a symbol of gays. She’s smart, embraces her age, and no longer sings “Libertine.” There was this very sexy and very androgynous side. I’m also fascinated by the Gothic side as well.

The first album had everyone agree, media and audience alike. Are you stressed out when you’re making your second album?

surely. Everyone told me that my fans, my record company, and my close companions were eagerly waiting for me. And yes, I felt there was a problem. But on the other hand, I did like the first album, my very physical music, in my room.

I left Paris for the Ardennes. Did you go there to shoot this second album?

I wanted to take care of my personal life, I really love my life as an artist, I am very fortunate to do this work, but I am not ready to make certain compromises like some of my singer friends. Sometimes you only see flashes, but this function can also harm. Sometimes there are delusional issues. They say it is a world of sharks and it is. I only surround myself with nice people. I’d rather go back to the waitress job if I have to, than to concede.

Where did you decide to relax?

I live in the countryside in the Ardennes, having just bought myself a small house in a village which I loved so much as a child. I also approached my mother. It is a quiet place where no one comes. Paris is a great place for a star job but for a musician it’s hell. In Paris, I had tiny apartments that were very poorly insulated for exorbitant rents. My neighbor moved the furniture every night, so I didn’t even dare to sing anymore.

I don’t know where my path will take me, if that happens, one day I will self-produce or start my own company.

Fischbach to Ephesus /

You mentioned the difficulty of doing this job at times, behind the scenes. How do you see the recording industry?

from bad to worse. Icons have changed drastically, we are very interested in self-promotion. We have become influential. We show more than we do the world of music is like the world in general, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. I wonder how a kid who wants to rock can make music today if he doesn’t want to rap. Unless it’s funny on TikTok perhaps? The song is now a month or two old, for rap music for example. While you and I were listening to several artists on the same day. Inevitably, this amplifies the streaming numbers.

What record company are you currently signed to?

At the moment I am in sony music Who still follows me, so it’s cool. I agree with them quite well. They support me even though I’m a young artist, and they still want to have weird bands and that’s cool. But I don’t know where my path will take me, if that happens, one day I will self-produce or I will establish my own company.

You can accompany the artists, would you like to?

Anyway, moving on to other things is possible if one day the singer’s job bothers me. Fischbach may not be my whole life, I like to do movie music, and I also throw parties as I mentioned to you. There are many possible things. And cinema too, even if it is a difficult task, there are a lot of expectations. I don’t close the door to anything.

Your texts are sometimes abstract. Sometimes there is a double meaning. You want us to tell our own stories ?

It’s not always me who writes. I’m very sensitive to that, I’m very sensitive to Farmer and Kristoff for example to the incomprehensible aspect. I love it, because sometimes I have some kind of auditory hallucination. Your mind has to find meaning. I also like Bashung’s words for that, you’re showing your own pictures there. Still this business is weird, every night she sings the same story. I’ve always felt it like “change me”. You will always ask me to.

Credits: Jules For

The song “change me” you mentioned, you probably wouldn’t tell her the same way?

I no longer live it the same way I wrote it. The fact that I put up a double reading can remind me of something else and unleash my imagination. People sometimes ask me what my songs mean, but I like to ask them what they mean to them.

Are there any songs you don’t want to sing anymore?

I had it, but it was part of my denial of success and my fear of attention. I was a very lonely woman, today that is not the case. Today I feel very grateful. Realize that everything is precious, everything is fragile.

Going back to the 80s references, she calls Palavoin her “darling of love.” Is it an important reference for you?

We talked a lot about Rita Mitsuko and Palafoine. It’s funny because there’s one we don’t talk about enough about, and it’s Polnarev. His melodies, his voice, the provocation of his era. But damn this singer’s discography is crazy. resumed” Love me, please love me On TV, she accepted the challenge because she’s too tough to sing and there were Jonass and Birkin on set by the way. We got on so well with Michelle Jonas, I showed him my vinyl. He’s a gentleman, who was very encouraging.

Generosity and generosity between artists Is it present?

naturally. Especially between generations. Impressed by Alan Souchon, I gave him my vinyl and he sent me a handwritten letter to tell me he loved it. It bothered me. He is affectionate. I also taught her to open a bottle of wine because I was a waitress before.

The visual aspect is very elaborate with you, it is very sophisticated. Who is with you ?

I work with a guy named Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet who is a music video director, designer and DA image as well. I met him on a La Femme clip and had a crush on this boy who was dressed up for us. We became very good friends, and then we saw each other again a few years ago by chance. We fell into each other’s arms and I explained to him that I was looking for a new cinematographer for my next album. I told her I wanted to explore my femininity differently. He was the right person for that.

In conclusion, what do I wish for you in the future?

To become a great old fashioned singer and always stay straight in my sneakers.

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