In Camelot’s Kitchen, “Alexander Astaire is just music,” says Lyonnais Brice Fournier, aka Cadoc.

In the cinema, he particularly explains the role of Cadoc in the saga of Camelot. But this actor, who is close to director Alexander Astaire, has another activity: serving food. In Lyon, he conveys his passion for … American barbecues, between two filming stories. Meeting on the set of the movie “You are great” on France3

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Hebert! Not Humbert! Brice Fournier corrects me immediately, mimicking, hilarious, guillotine. The tone is set. ” He hates having his name scratched ‘, warns me, of his friend Jean-Christophe Humbert, translator of Caradoc, one of the most famous knights, who rubbed shoulders with King Arthur at the Round Table, in Camelot.

Whoever plays Kadock in the same series, and the first installment of the movie, claims to be friends with whoever introduced him to the comedy world. ” JC – for those close to him – is a very cool theater director, which people don’t know about. In 2001, in Lyon, he presented a huge Shakespeare play called Timon of Athens. That was on September 11, 2001 (it raised eyebrows). It was a bit surreal. JC went up on stage and asked people for their opinions and we ended up playing. And in the cast there was a role of an actor who played music. Alexander Astor was… »

Already, the future band Camelot is forming at this time. ” It’s a bit like what J.C. Humbert says… If he had to redo his play now, it’d be a lot more complicated. and smiling. ” Alex (that’s how Astier is called) loves to take things around him and his family and friends… and indeed, a good portion of those involved in this play ended up in Kaamelott, yeah. »

Perhaps Bryce was bitten, and therefore he goes to the theater. ” I took workshops. While I was working, I did training exercises in the morning. I haven’t been to drama school for two years. I didn’t have time…This sums up the “restaurant”, as he calls himself. His life oscillates between two worlds. Comedy and Restoration.

And so he found a form of equilibrium. Each activity feeds the other. ” Restaurant owner… I think if we did this all the time, we could die behind the bar. And the actor is the same. We end up in the bubble. They always help, accompany and live in the unreal. This is not good. Me, when I go on a photo shoot, I’m glad to be there. And then when I’m doing a long shoot, for TV, for example, I’m happy to go back to the restaurant, and find my customers. »

Whatever the field, Price likes to reiterate that he is above all people who care about him. ” completely. I have created many restaurants in my life, and each time, I have been inspired by projects and artistic drawings … At the moment, for example, American barbecues. I have lived in the United States for a long time and some of my children are American. This is where I spotted this pickled meat diet. A recipe he applied at his restaurant in Lyon, and his name sums up the soul: deli.

Based in Lyon, the menu features meat first. “ The concept originated from the United States. It’s a legacy of slaves He explains himself. The nobles ate the noble parts and gave the corpses to the slaves. They made holes, set fire to them, and cooked their food with spears. »

But it takes a little preparation. ” The meat is marinated with liquid seasonings or by rubbing it with spices. We leave for two days in the refrigerator and then cook slowly between 80 and 120 degrees. Pork shoulder cooks for 18 to 20 hours. without neglecting the show. “ We have a big table with a window, and we cut meat like a butcher. Cut the required quantity and serve assorted meat on trays. “There is no dish…everyone eats Chinese.

For those who aren’t satisfied enough, Brice Fournier, who is already developing a web series titled ” Quiches and men On YouTube, it goes further. He is currently preparing to release a book entitled: art and pig “.” It’s a recipe book from my restaurant. The project was born during the Covid period. It has become a kind of art book, with very beautiful pictures, but also recipes, and anecdotes. I wanted to make a very beautiful book about this universe. “

Brice Fournier, short film actor

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The “ recovery Leonis is following his dual career well. A recurring character in Camelot, he also plays other roles in several short films, such as “Black and White”, through Chakib Taleb Bendiab And on TV. On the big screen he participated in the film Xavier Giannulli “ Originally ‘, to find himself in a tuxedo on the steps of the Palais du Cannes. nothing less. ” It’s a child’s dream. At twenty, it means things, but at forty, it means other things. I was an adult … at Eurodisney for adults, movie lovers. I was very happy to be there. It was a bit surreal… “He adds” There are really two worlds, I think. People in Cannes don’t know what I do in Camelot, and Camelot fans don’t necessarily know what I did in Cannes… »

Oftentimes, they even benefit almost automatically from some sort of classification.” Made in Camelot “.which amuses Bryce so much.” We talked to a director about it, and then, when we shot, I realized he had never seen it. Someone may have entered this information into his ear… »

On the contrary, our interlocutor also, at times, has to deal with some of the incoming ideas. ” The fact that you are a restaurateur and an actor… In France, there are still some drawbacks. When I started as an actor, I had two restaurants in Paris. And I was told: Suddenly, you are a restaurateur but not an actor. Me, I come from the American school, where people change labels easily. As a result, I kept quiet about being a restaurateur and split up…but I didn’t find it very interesting. Back to the human. »

This does not prevent the artist from playing. We even saw him alongside Jean Dujardin in the latest OSS117 edition, directed by Nicolas Bedos. 10 days of filming in Kenya. ” I did it. It did the trick a bit, arriving with a white jacket and hat. Which is very similar to the character in the movie. This is just what he wants. I think I have my own personality, and people come looking for it…sums up. Give another example. ” When I’m on set, the hairstylist never wants to see me. From time to time, my hair is long…and every time I arrive, my hair is ready. I do upstream work. I get to the skin of the character. The hair stylist is a good guide… »

With this journey, the two worlds come together. It is not uncommon to see fans of an actor or series arrive at Delicatessen. They want to see Kadok. ” At first it bothered me, now it doesn’t. In the summer, in particular, there are people who do real “Kaamelott circles”. They go to the castle, they go to see where the sword was planted in the rock… I am one of the rare characters that has remained constant. People who want to see someone from Kaamelott know where to find me, and that I am often at my restaurant. »

It is a machine. He writes at the last minute, gives the text, and then, there he is.

And they certainly have a lot of questions… How are the shootings going? How does Alexander Astaire present all his ideas to his actors? Brice Fournier laughs. ” Alexander Astaire offers absolutely nothing. It is a machine. He writes at the last minute, gives the text, and then, there he is. He is a kind of architect and goldsmith. It does this in millimeters. And if it’s not exactly there, we’ll do it again. There is no improvisation on the characters And it works! ” Because he’s talented, he puts in the cash. It’s just music. »

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Alexander Astaire, seen by Brice Fournier

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Alexander Astaire graduated first from the Conservatory of Cello. ” Most often, in the group, when we shoot, he wears a helmet. With him, it’s only music, only rhythm. »

In order to create his character as Cadoc, Brice Fournier considers himself very lucky. ” Since we are friends and I play one of the rare fictional characters, Kadok was invented for fun. He came to see me one day and said: Well, what do you want to do? And we’re off… The character Astier created for him is funny and dangerous. ” Yes, because he is crazy. Moreover, I understood long after what I was doing. At the time, I wasn’t an actor. This character was not planned like that. I brought something Alex loved and kept it. Kadock, basically, is someone who doesn’t understand anything. When I got to the set, I never watched filming, or almost. And I didn’t understand anything. And I did it as I felt. He was always replying to a sentence asked about him the day before… mixed with the rhythm of Alexander Astaire, it’s so funny. »

When asked why his friend Alex devotes so much secrecy about his films, he corrects it. ” It’s no secret, actually. It’s all in his head. Only he has everything. He willingly participates, but at first he is in the head. He explains sarcastically. ” With production, we have developed a very simple way to not say anything. We answer that we are not current. And it works very well! »

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