In Insep, the French fracking team wants to find its place among Olympic sports

“If you hear music in Insep, it’s because you’re breaking.” Xavier Fleuriot, director of the performance fracture at the National Institute of Sport, Experience and Performance (Insep), sets the scene. Attractive tempo music Evan finds the third roomof the Khruangbin Collection in Texas, escapes from Building A, a red brick building with large windows, located at the entrance to the Insep.

To the right of the building, after passing through an airlock serving as a toilet, a small ballroom has hosted, since September, the newly formed France Break Center (also called breakdance). “Everything is not yet organized, Xavier Fleuriot confirms, waving his hand to things that still need to be put away and installed. But Insep uses a lot of energy and resources to welcome us in the best possible way. We really feel welcome.” in between New sports included in the Olympics Bbreak He is the only one who resided in the French Temple of Sports and Olympiad. Can benefit from skiing and rock climbing insep services, but not find there There is no equipment related to their exercise. However, they do have access to Crips facilities, such as Talence for skateboarding and Toulouse for climbing.

The small ballroom, with white walls and large mirrors installed across the room, still exists “Construction”, And confirms Omar Ramichi, coach and manager of the broken French team. “The room is still a bit monotonous. We’re settled, and now I want there to be an atmosphere, with musical instruments, and our separate identity to be represented.”

On Wednesday, the agenda will be preparations for the World Championships in Seoul, South Korea, which will take place three weeks later, on October 21-22. “We are on the Poles. We work on the cleanliness, repetition and repetition of certain paragraphs especially regarding relational in battle, in other words in the game of questions and answers, appearance, charisma and the occupation of ‘space'”, Wearing the official France jersey, Omar Remicci explains that his curly black hair is gathered on top of his skull.

The rest of the time, it makes athletes work differently “labs”, or sessions (musical, charisma, expression of personality): “This is what will make us win, Decode the head of the French department. They are all old wolves, breaking twenty years ago. They belong to the generation of the 2000s who have separated themselves to express themselves and demand something. So we won’t teach them the break, but we will work more on their flaws, on the strategy with personal work.

To the left of the room are two large black speakers that broadcast pre-selected songs. Danny Seville (b boy Danny Dan) and Khalil Al Shabouni (b boy Khalil), Sarah Bouhayoui (b girl Sarah B., Carlotta Dudek (b girl Carlotta), Nathanael Itoki (b boy disgusting), Gaëtan Alin (b boy Lagaet), part of the first promotion of the French collapse team in Insep. With them, three sparring partners share their training to put them in battle and help them advance.

A break session for Gaëtan Alin (b-boy Lagaet) and Dany Dann, under their coach Omar Remichi, September 28, 2022 (ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT / AFP)

These six b boys And the b girls They were selected from among the fifteen athletes who make up the French team, aged between 16 and 35, to join Insep.

Music is connected without interruption, and each one in turn, according to his feelings, works on his compositions, manages his intensity and breaks himself. as the arrival time. If athletes have an appointment at 3 p.m. this afternoon with their coach, in fact, each one will gradually arrive in the next hour. Far from Insep’s strict framework, and stricter roadmaps for other high-level sports, the broke down She kept her laws and freedom. “At first, it bothered me a lot, me first,” Xavier Floriot, former manager of the French canoe teams, smiles.

“What makes them come at a specific time? For them, it’s nothing. The approach is more artistic and they use that time to share the time they need.”

Xavier Floriot, Breakdance Performance Director at Incip

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A vision confirmed by Danny Dunn. “The break comes from the street and hasn’t lost its soul. Of course we’re in Insip, there’s the sporting side, but the side too b-buying that we keep.” Here, the coach is more than a guide, “To help them reach their highest heights. You shouldn’t pollute them or teach them something you’ve mastered,” Supports Omar Ramici.

More than the meticulous work done on a September afternoon, it’s also about being able to perform your scales on different music, because in competition, the music is dictated by the DJ. “We’ve all practiced what we planned for worlds. I, over and over again, practice new sequences until my body absorbs the movements well. Between us, we make circles, give each other some advice. It’s Real Plus”, Danny Dunn rejoices.

Carlota Dudek, aka B Girl Carlotta, also trains for the world championships, in front of Danny Dunn and coach Omar Remicci, on September 28, 2022 (ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT / AFP)

Danny, in a purple tracksuit, lunges forward. When you swing, ‘Take, take,’ you feel comfortable, Omar encourages Rimichi, who imitates his vocalization with his body, is clearly convinced of Danny’s proposal. “Don’t stop, keep going”, Cast out a loud stride above the music.

“I’ve told you so many times, it’s good what you do and stop”, Omar Rimici also points to Carlotta, right next door, after a few lanes. Feeling brown tied up in a low bun, wearing black joggers and a light brown T-shirt, she nodded. After losing her breath a few times, she sat on the floor, readjusted the shape of her shaggy bun and took notes in a small notebook. Details of movements, sequences, his notebook is a real collection of ideas.

Prior to September, segregation activity in France was not united around a single entity. Her reception at Insep, where she has already completed an internship in the past, is thus a turning point in the young Olympic discipline. This creation of the French pole changes its dimensions, with access, in the same way as all the athletes in Insep, to medical, paramedical, social and professional follow-up, as well as support for the performance project (logistics, materials, etc.).

Three weeks before the world championships in South Korea, the French team's broken distance trains, in Insip, on September 28, 2022 (ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT / AFP)

“We have the project since 2019, but the journey has been long. A few months ago, no athlete could have joined the group,” Xavier Floriot admits. The transformation occurred in the early summer of 2022. “What has changed is their view of performance, the acceptance that entering into a framework like Insep would be beneficial to their Olympic project, Xavier Floriot continues. They also realized the importance of the Games in Paris.”

Around these six athletes, a staff of about ten people was formed to guide them towards it Paris 2024. “It’s amazing to be here. It’s something I never imagined. You feel the discipline being taken very seriously, Greetings Khalil Al-Shbouni. Before we get to InsepAnd the I already considered myself one of the best athletes, but I was managing myself from the ground up. Here, everything is easier because we are accompanied and helped. These are better conditions for progress.”

“I can already see my progress since September, even in terms of sporting performance. It is really a pleasure to be in this working environment, among the champions of France, and with a group that has a common goal, the Olympics.”

Danny Dunn, born from Team France

in franceinfo: sport

In addition to placing athletes in better conditions to prepare for the Games, integrating broke down In Insep is also a way to give him the recognition he still lacks. “It’s a powerful symbol, Xavier Floriot notes. In Insep, they rub shoulders with the champions of other sports, and vice versa, allowing them to tame themselves and take their place, to feel legitimate, at a time when there are still suspicions among some, even from the people, that breaking is a “real sport”.

If some doubt it, Khalil al-Shabouni is not lacking in answers. “In addition to being a sportsperson, bric also requires creativity, which is not the case in other sports. It is not enough to know how to do a stunt. You have to be able to bring the character and the jurors into the universe, while maintaining their character.” Before embarking on a final discussion in the form of a challenge: “Let them come and try.”

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