In La Borne, the potters sparkle until Sunday evening

How do we measure event success? At the Grands Feux de La Borne, it may be the number of dishes sold.

For in Grands Feux, go to the potter who is dedicated to cooking with wood, There is a beautiful tradition, which is the soup dish.

The potters of the village of Berry, whatever the classification of their works in the Parisian fairs, Manufacture of sealed bowls Grands Feux. All sold for the same price (20€), in the workshops and at the Center for Contemporary Ceramics in Labourne (CCCLB).

The visitor who carries a bowl is entitled to Free soup cooked daily by volunteers from the small village.

Laurence Blasco-Mauriaucourt notes that “Social networks are essential to maintaining our notoriety.” Photo by Béric Delobel

Oral speech is crazy fast.

Well, on Monday, just two days after the great fires, half the flock of dishes was sold out. ” We had to brake. Explain that it was only one per person, says Lawrence Blasco Moriocourt, president of the Labourne Society of Ceramics (ACLB). We made 700 of them, and need double that next year. »

However, the taste of the soup is almost like seeds. Four days before Grands Feux launched, the service provider that offered soup, all-day bar, marquee, and concerts pulled out. A patient explains Laurence Blasco-Mauriaucourt. I was upset for an hour. Speech in the mouth was very fast. Three hours later, the residents had organized their morning coffee, made soup, and who would serve them…Some of them offered to bring their guitars. I witnessed an instant recovery that saved the thing. »

Until Sunday evening, the Tower of Babel

Until Sunday, La Born is the Tower of Babel where European tourists (Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Scandinavia…) and visitors from all over France meet. “It’s an audience that knows what they’re going to watch, it doesn’t come by chance,” Lawrence Blasco Moriocourt said. He also learns, because in the end, everyone has something to do with ceramics. Visitors are looking for solutions for cooking with wood. Their questions are relevant. »

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What pleases the chief and the potters is that foreign potters are present this year as well. “There are a lot of Americans, Dutch, Spaniards, Japanese… Wood cooking is not taught in schools. An event like Grands Feux lets you share this knowledge about the furnace. It’s invaluable! It is also where trainees come in to find a training supervisor. »

Among the foreign potters invited to the 2022 edition is David Troup. Photo by Beric Delobel

“They are very participatory, and very curious.”

Ceramic artist Dominique Quinin, who is taking part in the mass shooting of the Anagama kiln, at the Ceramic Center, is amazed: “The young potters who come to La Borne for the Grands Feux, are very involved, and very curious. They come to give of their time. I find this wonderful. »

Among the foreign potters invited to the 2022 edition is David Troup. “I share four friends in the Olsen kiln at the Center for Porcelain, including the Americans,” explains the Portuguese-Swiss artist. Les Grands Feux, I see this as a performance. The important thing is not cutting, but cooking. I love meeting curious guys, it’s good energy. »

Guido, a 34-year-old Dutchman, has arrived, wanting to register for his workshop. “At home, he has great mud,” enthuses David Troup, Land on the sea has salt. »

“I turned the record player into a potter’s wheel.”

David Troup was a novice pastry chef when he discovered ceramics. “I was 14 years old, but at the time, In Switzerland, I was told that porcelain is for girls, recalls quinqua. In my father’s basement, I turned my record player into a potter’s wheel. I learned to shoot on my own. When my sons grew up, I went through six months of formation in a school in Tuscany (Italy). Now I don’t have enough time to do whatever I want to do. »

Pottery settled for two months in Labourne. For Grands Feux, the cooking of which begins November 11th. ” I brought my will from Portugal. Ceramics like playing music. It is better to know your instrument. »

Another artist, another fate. Studio Georges Sybesma has an exhibition of the painter Martin Lartigue, who everyone knows, because he interpreted the character of Petit Gibus, in the film “War of the Buttons” by Yves Robert. Photo by Beric Delobel

Little Gibbs, from button wars

Another artist, another fate. Studio Georges Sybesma houses the gallery of illustrator Martin Lartigue that everyone has known since he interpreted Petit Gibus in the film. button warsby Yves Robert.

I don’t show everywhere, I show wherever I like, explains the artist who lives in Landes. My father was a painter, and I couldn’t do anything else. Next year, Martin Lartigue will exhibit his ceramics in La Bourne.

Ceramic artist Dominique Quinin, who is taking part in the mass shooting of the Anagama kiln, at the Ceramic Center, is amazed: “The young potters who come to La Borne for the Grands Feux, are very involved, and very curious. I find this fascinating.”

“It’s a unifying and festive event”

There too, on the first floor of Georges Sipesma’s studio, the following parties start… at 10:22 PM. “I started last year, explains the Potter. People were on the street, everything was closed, and we turned on the music. This year, the program is even more organized with DJ Pablovitch, and last night, a concert of musicians from Jazmann Bernard Lopat.

While waiting for the party madness, all the potters’ workshops and workshops have been completed. “Everything is full, asserts Lawrence Blasco. Anything that people are allowed to do. A sign of a changing era? Ceramicist Lucien Petty thinks: “It is a return to gestures and professions.”

He, who took part in many great fires, is wandering this year as a tourist. ” It is a unifying and festive event during which powerful things happen, summarizes the former president of the Labourne Porcelain Society. It was the brainchild of ceramicists David Whitehead and David Lovaux. The kind of event that makes the potters want to come back and settle here. »

Welcome to “neo-tradi”

A date shows that La Borne does not live in the past. Potters post on Instagram, make it known on Facebook. Laurence Blasco-Mauriaucourt notes, “Social networks are essential to maintaining our notoriety. This indicates that the younger ones can make a living from it. We have eight ceramic installations in five years. Young people attract young people. »

For the potter, following the wave of pioneers in the 1940s and 1950s, “Those who made utilitarian ceramics are evolving toward contemporary art, we now welcome what I call ‘New Trade’,” he summarizes. They do not consider ancestral knowledge to be completely outdated. On the contrary, they depend on it to transport it to another place.

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