In Phar, Brad Pitt and Damien Cointard reopen the Maraval Studios

New check-in room, elegant decor and state-of-the-art equipment. It is the little music that now resonates inside one of the Riviera’s synagogues for sound recording, in Correns in the Var.

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Musical and historical studio, in the stronghold of the Provencal castle was built in the seventeenth century. This is one of the lesser known aspects of the Miraval property, which is already famous for producing pink wines and the two Hollywood stars who bought it ten years ago. : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

For a few days and after important business, Recording sessions started again In the Var district of Correns.

Re-opening with a big guest, and Music known to all : sad.

The singer-songwriter, singer and songwriter, whose group has won four Grammy Awards, has not released a studio album since 2010. SLegendary albums like “stronger than pride” And the “Prepare” She is several decades old.

Calendar is full

Only this name has been filtered into the press at the moment. “The studio has already been running for 4 months, so we did several studio sessions, and we kept doing them. Obviously the studio is already starting to fill up. We are already very happy, and we are particularly pleased with the reaction of the artists who attended, and all the music sector that has Warmly welcomes the great reopening. Damien Cointard details.

There is this respect for this cocoon of creativity that we try to create around artists.

Damien Cointard, music producer

It’s hard to learn more about the artists who have died since the studio reopened in Var.

“Regarding what happens day in and day out in the studio… It is still essential to make sure that we respect the intimacy and confidentiality that every artist has when they enter the studio. The castle, in our studios. Inevitably, this is something you want you won’t know right away and that The general public will know once the artists are ready to talk about itDamien Cointard smiles during a video interview he gave us.

working months

The reopening comes after a meeting, and more than a year’s work. It was the French-American duo that brought this legendary recording studio back to life. The star of the big screen asked the 30-year-old Frenchman for his expertise, entrusting him with this extraordinary project.

It was necessary to rethink the technical solution and space design. Damien Cointard spent months at the site supervising the work. In December 2021, in front of site plans and entire sections of the walls not yet completed, the Frenchman was already saying his pride in being a partner on this project with Brad Pitt.

There were many challenges to bringing these studios back to life. We broke our heads every day, every hour of this project. There was always something that couldn’t be done, and every time it was done. Whether you should have a 180-degree, glass-filled landscape in the studio, which should be very naturally and acoustically absorbent. We wanted to make sure we got Global reference in terms of control roomWith technology that no one else has.” says Damien Cointard, who spent the time detailing the outline of this extraordinary project.

Even better, Damien Cointard’s team did just that defying gravity. “The fact that the control room is floating in the air and there is more 1500 anti-vibration mounts all around to make sure nothing touches the groundfor perfect absorption and the artist can record anywhere in this control room.”

A lot of people thought it couldn’t happen and I’m very proud of my team because in this year and a half we have done everything to achieve something that I think is impossible.

Damien Cointard, music producer

Can’t be invented, Damien Cointard was born on the day of a music festival. Both are business directors, but above all a sound engineer and producer, the 30-year-old is an all-rounder who plays at all levels. It has especially produced artists such as Arca, Brian Eno, Parcels and Gaspard Augé, from the electric duo Justice, or even L’Impératrice.

was even Grammy Award Winner 2016 For having organized the Baku Games Ceremony, among dozens of other awards.

The co-founder of Miraval Studios has been closely associated with the arrival of the Dolby Atmos technology that powers the studio. These are 128 channels that can power up to 25 speakers. Unprecedented horizontal sound management and gives venues an extraordinary sound.

“No other studio in the world has this level of technology. Everything is tailor-made”Adrien Franchi said daily Le Figaroresponsible for artist relations at Dolby France.

The technology on this console enables analog and digital signal processing on what they call a spaceship. The studio has technical equipment that can also be used for pre-mixing for productions in cinema or television.

Brad Pitt and Damien Cointard redesigned the entire venue together. Bright, airy and above all steeped in history. Its ceiling is even 8 meters high in some places.

The biggest names in music have passed between these walls in the past. It is enough to dedicate Meraval as a rock temple.

We wanted to create a space where you can be free. This is how we imagined. Let’s make a sanctuary!

The mansion has undergone a real revolution since the couple acquired it by Angelina Jolie and Brad Brett in 2008. The wine estate covers 600 hectares, one of which is dedicated to wine production.

The musical history of Maraval is above all a long one. It was the place at the end of the seventies of the last century, where the place echoed with the first recorded notes.

The pianist and composer set up a studio there for his personal use, at first, before the following years gave way to a veritable stream of sounds: Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Therapy or Indochine Then he recorded in this extraordinary studio, in the heart of Var.

The artist and studio composer’s musical instruments are still on site, like a restored Broadwood & Sons piano from the 1860s, like a link between two musical eras.

This is also evidenced by the efforts of Brad Pitt and Damien Cointard, who worked together on this renovation. It is a project that not only shows the inspiration of humans in general, because in Maraval, everything was built over thousands of years in fact. Each generation brought a small brick to build what a castle is, and what this field represents. When we talk about technical prowess, that’s one of the things I’m most proud of and my team for that.Captivated by the French who now finds himself spending a large part of his schedule in Var.

For this co-founder of these new studios, Brad Pitt’s Var drug is a special, even sensory experience: “It’s all, when we go to Miraval, the estate has a long road that takes us to the castle. The nature that surrounds us, its rich historical aspect…and all its heritage to the artists who came there too. We entered an unforgettable place and I knew, as soon as I entered the domain , that I will never forget this moment of intense discovery. When so many things mingle, I think what comes out of it, It is absolute humility one must have with oneself, and field projects. Everything is very simple, very modest. It may sound cool, but when you look at every little detail, it’s all done by hand. Everything is made from natural elements, everything is made with what is produced in the field. From the tomatoes that are actually produced on site to the words spoken by the artists who come to sing at the microphones.”

It’s a feeling of inspiration we have there, and I haven’t experienced it anywhere else at the moment. This is what takes precedence above all else at Miraval.

Damien Cointard, music producer

“It is a very open house to different types of production, Damien Cointard explains. We have sculptors who can come in, painters, musicians, film makers, as often happened.”

There are no restrictions on these special guests who are brought here:“People can stay one day, three days, one week, three months… it doesn’t matter, as long as we can create beautiful things in these places.”

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