Interview – Ève Angeli: “I Can Reclaim Truth Through Music”

A calm and loving woman. After two years of absence, Ève Angeli returns to the music scene with her album Spreaded. Intimate and poetic album In which the singer indulges without a filter. And for good reason. Angeli was only 20 years old when she captured the hearts of her fans with her first single Before going, released in the year 2000. Since then, the sparkling quadra has come a long way. Far from the hype of over-mediated, the artist lives her fairy tale with her husband while continuing to produce on stage in the four corners of France. Love, career, motherhood, career projects and commitmentQ, did Angeli agree to trust him expensive. Meets. I’m back with Spreaded, piano song to publish “Oceans of Humor”. What spirit did you want to give to this new album?

Eve Angeli: I wanted this album to be synonymous with luxury and serenity. There are many messages of love and world peace. This is particularly the case with the title Je sème. If you want to reap the positivity, you have to cultivate good waves and good vibrations. After everything we’ve been through, I wanted to find that calm again. Creating this album really allowed me to calm down. You haven’t released any songs since then crispin 2020. Why did you wait two years before this music came back?

Eve Angeli: crisp on this album. Because of the situation related to Covid-19 and confinement, I could not celebrate 20 years on stage as I wanted. Therefore, I postponed the release of this album. Finally, this period was useful. It allowed me to meet new people and write new songs. reveal a more intimate part of your personality through this album. Was it important to you to reveal another aspect of your personality?

Eve Angeli: This is absolutely true. It’s my first baby on my own (laughs). Previously, I had children with my ex-boyfriend and ex-manager, Michele Rousteing. For me, it is the album of sincerity, authenticity and truth. In these songs, I give myself as I am. Without a filter, without anyone judging me or giving a color I don’t want.

“Today, I better protect my love life” You specify Spreaded as such love and peace album. Did you find these two things?

Eve Angeli: Yes, this is for several reasons. Thanks to my role as an ambassador for the association Défense de l’Animal, I fight animal abuse and abandonment. She allowed me to find peace and love. Then there is personal love. I have been married for three years. He is the man of my life. Moreover, my song “My New Life” was born. Moreover, it makes it a point of honor for He keeps his identity secret. For any reason ?

Eve Angeli: When I started my career, I was only 20 years old. I viewed media coverage as a game, and didn’t feel it was dangerous to reveal my private life. This sometimes led to a rift in some of my relationships. So I realized that when a relationship is beautiful and charming and unique, you don’t want to break it and expose it. That’s why I prefer to protect my love life. In addition, he wishes to maintain his privacy and does not want to be published. So I respect his wishes. You are today Mother-in-law of two daughters. And what is your relationship with them?

Eve Angeli: Geographically, we are a bit far away. They live in Paris. We meet every holiday. It’s really great for me to follow their development. It’s so funny because I was a grandmother before I was a mother… I just cheated on myself (laughs). I have one of my stepdaughters who has become a mother. It made me laugh because I told myself I was just a grandmother by marriage before I was a mother. In a previous interview you revealed your dream of motherhood and spoke up to adoption.

Eve Evangelist : When I was younger, I said I would adopt. It’s a fairly common desire with the man in my life. Even if it would be preferable to have a child naturally. In a way, I am more and more of a thesis of letting nature take its course. I think you should not impose fate. If it happens to me, regardless of age, it will happen to me. Today you celebrate your 20th birthday. Did you expect such a trip?

Eve Angeli: Not so fast, no. I thought everything takes time. I was only 18 when I really got into it. It was only at the age of twenty that I achieved my first success. It seemed to me long. Since everything for me was so long, I did not expect such a resounding success. It was very violent. You achieved your first and wonderful success with Before going, released in 2000. However, this first hit almost did not see the light of day. How did it go?

Eve Angeli: I had to convince my producer at the time to bet on me. He still doesn’t have the single in his hands. We were so worried because I didn’t want to do a cover and couldn’t find the song that lived up to my expectations. Then there was the little R’n’B remix that was different from my pop-rock aspirations. I wasn’t expecting this song at all. Finally, I was right to trust the producer about that musical color. It was a great gift to start at the age of 20 with this song I wrote.

‘I have often had the impression that I have been forced to wear a suit’ What do you remember from the past 20 years?

Eve Angeli: Lots of questioning. I am a person who thinks a lot! Finally, I listened to my heart and my instincts. I can not regret. I have always made my own choices. I was allowed to be at peace. Even if I knew I wasn’t always understood by everyone. Specifically, in a previous interview I regrettedThe picture that some programs gave you in the early 2000s. Do you respond to your critics today with this new album?

Eve Angeli: I often felt like I was forced to wear a hat and a suit. I didn’t recognize myself. In general it was an exaggeration. Finally, I can reclaim some truth through art and music. Thanks to the music, I don’t need to talk. If people take the time to listen to the album SpreadedThey will really understand what I mean. Who am I really… If you had a magic wand, what would you change in the last 20 years?

Eve Angeli: Do more on stage. I often gave concerts on a music tape. And there, I finally have a magic wand to cure it. With this new album, I will be doing live in Paris on November 19th at Théâtre des étoiles. How do you deal with the passage of time, both professionally and for yourself?

Eve Angeli: On a personal level, it’s complicated at times. The passage of time can be tough on women, especially when it comes to motherhood. For the rest, I’m not fateful. We can continue to take care of ourselves and stay young forever in our minds. this is the most important. We still have a lot of tools to stay where we want to be. Today, I take charge. The older I get, the more I tell myself that nature is the most beautiful thing. What are your projects?

Eve Angeli: Always my role as an ambassador. I will be willing to raise awareness in shelters against animal abuse. After that, I will continue to promote this new album and prepare for the live tour scheduled for next summer. Speaking of your role as an ambassador, do you see yourself as well Succession of Brigitte Bardot ?

Eve Angeli:Brigitte Bardot called me at the time, and told me I was her first animal runner-up. She wanted me to join her in her association. So, if I could be his successor, I would gladly do so. This is what takes shape. The association I defend is present in 270 asylums in France. “DEFENSE DE L’ANIMAL” is the largest network in France. What will your next professional dreams be?

Eve Angeli: I like to do a lot of live concerts in beautiful cities and beautiful places. And why not audition for a role in a TV movie or movie just once. Anyway, I’d like to do a comedy-drama. I’ve always been a fan of big movies. If I can show that I can be credible in a movie or TV role, he’ll be happy.

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