James Blake, the prodigy of electronic music with a charming voice, to discover in ten points

Five albums in ten years, five masterpieces. Composer, producer, composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist: 33-year-old Briton James Blake has become one of the beacons of contemporary music. from the opening James Blake, This classically trained musician has turned the international electronic landscape upside down with his extreme sensitivity. James Blake’s music has the ability to create a kind of common affinity with his audience. Each piece is a half-opened door to the artist’s imperfections where the listener is invited to penetrate.

Guided by a sometimes crystallized, sometimes robotic voice, the audience immerses themselves in the rhythm of melancholy voices in the depths of their melancholy, where vulnerability is exalted. “With a good chord progression for the words, you can release a time capsule that someone else can share and then experience the same feeling.‘, he explains in France Inter. In short, a romantic like William Blake, a 19th-century British painter who would inspire his stage name. Very committed to issues related to mental health, James Blake often expressed himself on the subject and even co-wrote an article published in It’s not okay to feel blue by Scarlett Curtis.

James Blake’s talent isn’t limited to his gentle voice and scheming melodies, the recently installed Los Angeles Briton is a nugget of the “bedroom producers” generation, those producers who work independently in a home-reformed studio. his first two albums, James Blake And the bloated – which would earn him the prestigious Mercury Music Award – was recorded entirely within the four walls of his London apartment.

Since then, the miracle product has teamed up with cream of the rap scene and R’n’B. Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Andre 3000 from the duo Outcast or Rosalia, to name a few. Experiences that leave beautiful sound imprints in them Friends who break your heart, his latest album with much more rap production than previous albums. Ten tracks to discover this unclassified, shown at the Rock en Seine Festival on Friday, August 26.

1Piano or guitar?

Emotions, raw or sensitive, can only pass through the guitar, see for example my hero Hendrix! The problem is that the guitar is often abused, and the losers play it. For me, by comparison, the keyboard is crisp and clean, sporting the white notes, the black notes, and speaking very quickly with my Cartesian mind, to my logic…‘, explains to INROX It dates back to 2013.

2First memory in music?

“It seems almost ridiculous to say that I was planning on becoming a musician when I was three. But my first memory was singing. (sitting on the dock of the bay by Otis ReadingAnd the Or trying to sing at the age of three in the bathroom. I can’t quite say the words, but you can constantly hear me trying to do things right, which is unusual, as if I was born a perfectionist, The Briton mentioned in an interview published in the daily GRM.

3Victim of bullying at school

“I think when you are in school, they will really find any reason [pour t’intimider]. He’s kind of blind in a way. Discrimination is blind. yMy heart was on my sleeve. You are an easy target. I was a bit weird and I thought I wasn’t really a good fit, he confessed electronic music magazine EDM. I remember growing up I had Tourette-like tics and all sorts of things that probably didn’t help. The things I managed to get rid of later. But there were many ways to beat me back then.” (Laugh).

4least is more

“To achieve the simplicity of my songs, I go through a very intricate phase. Then I remove layer by layer, note by note…My perfect music, speaks of your harmonic sensibility in a roundabout way as with Sati: He uses unconventional methods, but always leads you to your destination.” I like to use this kind of unusual vocabulary to say very human things. I curse the laziness of many musicians who content themselves with inventive formulas, to reuse the same Apple sounds… It seems difficult, but I am not left disappointed or distraught after such a piece of sati or tok tok”. James Blake says in Enrock.

5Music is other people

“I looked for a long time at people like Kendrick and Adele – these people who sold millions of records – and put myself in another category. I thought, OK, they could achieve greatness and be recognized around the world, but that’s not something I would be able to achieve. People come to me For weird ideas and I’m fine with that.Then when I worked with Beyoncé in Lemonade, It was a wonderful moment for me. It made me realize that I can reach a wider audience, which is not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing, because Lemonade It’s a great album. If I could share this, maybe give me context‘, admits the American Music Magazine faint.

6Stay away from electronic gadgets

“When I first became famous, a lot of people made a fuss about doing everything with a laptop. I was basically doing DIY music. [do it yourself ou fait maison]. There is no great engineer or studio or that kind of thing. But it actually affected me quite a bit – I’ve worked all my career from this computer. Staring at that screen all day takes you… I really felt like a robot at the end of the session. And it really affected my ability to mingle with others.” James Blake tells an EDM reporter. (…) “Anyway, when kids or other people now ask me what they should use to compose music, I just say go without an audio platform. [ensemble d’outils électroniques qui traitent numériquement un son]. Try something else (Laugh). Don’t do what I did”.

7Pieces are fragments of the past

Some of these songs are very pure.He goes out to the magazine Identification card On live performance of songs from his latest album Friends who break your heart. “I’m frustrated with playing [ndlr: les morceaux] Because they almost took me back to the time I wrote them and how I felt then, and I find that very difficult. This is probably an aspect of songwriting that isn’t talked about much – how hard it can be to go back and sing some of that stuff. And as much as they write, they sometimes become inevitable, timeless parts of your past.”

8fun first

Who will be on your album? This is the kind of question I hate the most.”He said. “I just want to make really good music and work with people that I enjoy with. Now I don’t do a session if I think it’s not going to be fun. If I’m not going to laugh or have fun, I don’t see the point of it”, Admitted in September 2021 to the magazine QG. “I’ll never go wrong with recording a song on a recording that doesn’t necessarily make me feel good again.‘, he swears a little lower.

“I’m not going to name names, but there were times when I thought back to a process and thought, ‘That wasn’t fun. Then I have to play the song live or something and I don’t want to because it was so overwhelmed. It’s funny how the songs carry the energy of past sessions.”

9Deconstructing the clichés of masculinity

“We’re meant to be people who express their feelings. We’ve always stood the test of time. So, the idea that this is new and that guys limp with no bullshit, that’s nonsense. People have always done that. […] I think we have to protect the honest people in their hearts, they are the last ones standing. Rappers who talk about their depression and openly talk about their feelings set a pattern for hip-hop in general and all other genres of rap.” Defending the singer in the interview From GRM Daily.

10Raising awareness of the mental health of artists

“I know a lot of bands that have really stayed on the road. I don’t think they’ve helped anyone, other than financially – and I think one of the things you learn after a bunch of tours is that money is useless if you go home and don’t have anyone to spend it on, ” sensitive James Blake at the Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA) Annual Conference in 2018, is the one who witnessed the birth of his depression during a tour early in his career.

We are the generation that has seen several other generations of musicians turn to drugs and resort to the transgressions and coping mechanisms that have destroyed them. There are a lot of people who committed suicide recently. So, I think we have a responsibility to talk about that and end that stigma.” he added.

James Blake in concert Friday August 26 at the Cascade de Rock en Seine, Domaine national de Saint-Cloud, with a selection of broadcasts (replay) of concerts on france.tv with Culturebox at this address.

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