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  1. 17 hoursTitle : book number 69Performer(s): BADBADNOTGOOD, Mate, Chester Hansen, Alex Swinskyalbum: BADBADNOTGOOD: VocabularyComposer(s): Too badcylinder company: Creative break
  2. 5 pm 5 minutesTitle : honeyPerformer(s): Marilyn Leonardalbum: Marilyn Leonard: HoneyComposer(s): Marilyn Leonardcylinder company: audiogram
  3. 5:07 pmTitle : beansPerformer(s): Orion Beltalbum: Orion Belt: Villa AmoriniComposer(s): Oyvind Bloomstrom, Chris Holm, Kim Ag Frohaugcylinder company: Janssen
  4. 5:11 pmTitle : Entero metadPerformer(s): tagua taguaalbum: TAGUA TAGUA: INTEIRO METADEComposer(s): tagua taguacylinder company: does not depend on
  5. 5:15 pmTitle : Not muchPerformer(s): Julie Donalbum: Julie Obi: happinessComposer(s): Jolly Down, Mike Tuskcylinder company: Simon’s Records
  6. 5:19 pmTitle : Can I change my mindPerformer(s): Delvon Lamar Organic Trio, Jimmy James, David McGrawalbum: DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO: CLOSED BUT WITHOUT A CIGARComposer(s): Barry Despensa, Carl Woolfolkcylinder company: Colemen Rick
  7. 5:23 pmTitle : golden recordPerformer(s): Patrice Michaudalbum: Patrice Michaud: The Golden RecordComposer(s): Patrice Michaudcylinder company: HOUSE FAUVE
  8. 5:27 pmTitle : Stark realityPerformer(s): BADBADNOTGOOD, GHOSTFACE KILLAH, Frank Dukes, Wayne Gordonalbum: sour spiritComposer(s): GHOSTFACE KILLAH, Frank Dukes, Alex Swinsky, Matty Tavares, Chester Hansencylinder company: Eun
  9. 5:31 pmTitle : one partyPerformer(s): mamas gunalbum: Mamas’ Gun: Jones’s CureComposer(s): Andy Plattscylinder company: Monte Music
  10. 5:36 pmTitle : be an artistPerformer(s): chocolatealbum: Chocolate: engaged jazzComposer(s): Jimmy Hunt, Chocolatecylinder company: Dare to take care
  11. 5:38 pmTitle : without forgettingPerformer(s): Lysanderalbum: Lysander: Remember?Composer(s): Lysandercylinder company: chevy chevy
  12. 5:42 pmTitle : duskPerformer(s): Astrochloralbum: ASTROCOLOR: HeavenComposer(s): Neil James Cook-Dalen, Chris Mackenzie, Andrew Borer, Piers Henwood, Anand Greenwell, William Farrantcylinder company: Softton
  13. 5:45 pmTitle : JosephinePerformer(s): Matthew Berobalbum: Matthew Beerop: HeyComposer(s): Matthew Berobcylinder company: Litram ad
  14. 5:49 pmTitle : good lifePerformer(s): Ben Longel Soul, Matthew Jolly, Benjamin “Wax” Hickian, Maxime Pintoalbum: Cousin Sol: Under my skinComposer(s): Sacha Distille, Jane Brussel and Jack Reardoncylinder company: UMG
  15. 5:53 PMTitle : HETO ALOKPA HOMINPerformer(s): Helsinki-Cotonou togetheralbum: Helsinki-Cotonou togetherComposer(s): Jane Halonen, Noel Sezonocylinder company: FLOWFISH . REGISTER
  16. 5:58 pmTitle : dangerous gamePerformer(s): pandaalbum: LE.PANDA: Dangerous GameComposer(s): Philip Gaggen, Simon Lachancecylinder company: does not depend on
  17. 6 pm 3 minutesTitle : Tongo ParaPerformer(s): Old Varca Toure, Khroangbinalbum: Old Varca Tour & Khrogben: AliComposer(s): Ali Farka Tourcylinder company: dead oceans
  18. 6:00 pmTitle : No thank youPerformer(s): Karakolalbum: Karakul: Everything is differentComposer(s): Caracol, Seb Ruban, Quitmikicylinder company: cartel
  19. 6:12 PMTitle : NadaPerformer(s): Caroline Dupont, Kinlaw Kranickalbum: Caro DuPont and Kinlaw Crunches: Multiple FruitsComposer(s): Caroline Dupont, Kinlaw Kranickcylinder company: does not depend on
  20. 6:15 pmTitle : Emilio (what day now)Performer(s): Elliot Maginotalbum: Elliot Maginot: Easy MorningComposer(s): Elliot Maginotcylinder company: audiogram
  21. 6:19 pmTitle : Those good timesPerformer(s): Kokorokoalbum: Kokorko: Can we be moreComposer(s): Sheila Morris Gray, Ritchie Sephorite, Johan Kebede, Duane Atherley, Onum Edgeworth, Ayo Salocylinder company: Brownswood
  22. 6:23 pmTitle : solid statePerformer(s): David Milesalbum: David Miles: That’s a long wayComposer(s): David Milescylinder company: a little small
  23. 6:26 pmTitle : but tonight,Performer(s): Anatole, Cassidy Le Adrianalbum: ANATOLE & LOU-ADRIANE CASSIDY: But tonight,Composer(s): Anatole, Cassidy Le Adriancylinder company: Deprince
  24. 6:30 pm.Title : outside the cityPerformer(s): Zero 7album: Zero 7: Simple ThingsComposer(s): Henry Baines, Sam Hardacrecylinder company: palm pictures
  25. 6:35 pmTitle : heartPerformer(s): Lo Lo, this companyalbum: This company: Saudi ArabiaComposer(s): Rob Garza, Eric Hiltoncylinder company: ESL
  26. 6:38 pmTitle : Cancao da CuraPerformer(s): SESSAalbum: Sessa: Estrella AsisaComposer(s): SESSAcylinder company: mexican summer
  27. 6:40 pmTitle : mental risePerformer(s): Gian Brizzo, Marvin Horsealbum: Gian Brizzo: Toto BassaComposer(s): Marvin Horsecylinder company: Jakarta
  28. 6:45 pmTitle : stop cryingPerformer(s): VBND, KATIE TUPPER, COLLECTIVE SOULMATEalbum: VBND: FUNK (FEAT. THE SOULMATE COLLECTIVE)Composer(s): VBNDcylinder company: deeper
  29. 18 hours and 49 minutesTitle : crazy anywherePerformer(s): Daniel Belangeralbum: Daniel Bellanger: A better dreamComposer(s): Daniel Belangercylinder company: audiogram
  30. 6:53 PMTitle : sweetPerformer(s): Gabriel Obery, canalbum: COFFEE FUEGO, VOL 1Composer(s): Problems (CAN), Gabriel Oberycylinder company: the ball
  31. 19 hoursTitle : TEMONTOUPerformer(s): Flavia Coelhoalbum: Flavia Coelho: Sunho RealComposer(s): Jean Paul Rubin, Victor Attila Vag Weinmanncylinder company: ISAP
  32. 7 pm 3 minutesTitle : coconut beachPerformer(s): pear treealbum: Pear Tree: Soft PowerComposer(s): Poirier, Danny Lisnovcylinder company: wonder wheel
  33. 7 pm 5 minutesTitle : French Kimo KissPerformer(s): MANUEL GASSE, ELISAPIE ISAACalbum: MANUEL GASSE: THE SONG FACTORY (FN)Composer(s): MANUEL GASSE, ELISAPIE ISAACcylinder company: Radio Canada
  34. 7:10 pmTitle : Cabana de MillePerformer(s): Molly Lewisalbum: Molly Lewis: MIRAGE – EPComposer(s): Molly Lewis, Roger Jose Curie, Thomas Brennickcylinder company: Jaguar
  35. 7:14 pmTitle : big sorbetPerformer(s): 1969 Collective, Jason Bajada, ESCA Quartetalbum: 1969 collectiveComposer(s): Jason Bagadacylinder company: does not depend on
  36. 7:17 PMTitle : It seems easyPerformer(s): Lisa Lebanonalbum: Lisa Lebanon: CHIAC DISCOComposer(s): Lisa Lebanoncylinder company: bunsound
  37. 7:21 pmTitle : even lyingPerformer(s): Charlotte Day Wilsonalbum: alphaComposer(s): Charlotte Day Wilson, Jack Rochoncylinder company: stone woman
  38. 7:25 pmTitle : EsperanzaPerformer(s): Hermanus Gutierrezalbum: Hermanos Gutierrez: EsperanzaComposer(s): Stefan Hotz, Daniel Alejandro Hotzcylinder company: does not depend on
  39. 7:31 PMTitle : to FELICIDADEPerformer(s): Cantuaria Viniciusalbum: Cantuaria Vinicius: They were Antonio Carlos JobimComposer(s): Antonio Carlos Jobim, VINICIUS DE MORAEScylinder company: bright side
  40. 7:34 PMTitle : I wishPerformer(s): Felix Dutyalbum: Felix Duty: Bagan AirComposer(s): Felix Dutycylinder company: COYOTE records
  41. 7:36 PMTitle : Para Queen SooverPerformer(s): Natalia Laforcade, Jorge Drexleralbum: Natalia Laforcade and George Drexler: Barra …Composer(s): Natalia Laforcade, Juan Manuel Torreblancacylinder company: Sony
  42. 7:40 pmTitle : Don’t know whyPerformer(s): Norah Jones, Lee Alexander, Jesse Harris, Dan Raiseralbum: Norah Jones: Come with meComposer(s): Jesse Harriscylinder company: blue note
  43. 7:43 PMTitle : Cynthia CelebrationPerformer(s): Holy HIValbum: Holy HIV: Float Back to YouComposer(s): Holy HIVcylinder company: big crown
  44. 7:45 pmTitle : I want to see New YorkPerformer(s): Etienne Kobealbum: Eten Kobe: And we’ll cry togetherComposer(s): Daniel Lavoie, Sylvain Lilifricylinder company: Simon’s Records
  45. 19 hours and 49 minutesTitle : Cassin OwenPerformer(s): Nikamo Mamoeton, Joel St-Pierrealbum: Nikamo Mamoeton – Unite SongsComposer(s): Joel St-Pierre, Mathieucylinder company: Instinct
  46. 7:52 PMTitle : crying in my neckPerformer(s): Marie-Yves Royalbum: Marie-Yves Roy: Nelson PlowComposer(s): Marie-Yves Roycylinder company: suits
  47. 7:56 pmTitle : at your feetPerformer(s): A Thousand Miles, Evelyn de la Chenellieralbum: thousand thousandComposer(s): VINCENT LEGAULT, Evelyn de la Chenellercylinder company: Simon’s Records
  48. 7:57 PMTitle : think of mePerformer(s): Lydia Persaudalbum: Lydia Persaud: Moody 31Composer(s): Lydia Persaudcylinder company: next door