MaMa 2022, back to the Salon de la Musique Actuelle!

How do we understand the challenges of the music sector? Two years after Covid, a green and digital transformation is in full swing!

by Marielle Sade

for three days, motheran unforgettable venue for contemporary music, has left its baggage in the heart of the capital, in the legendary rooms of the Pigalle district, including Élysée Montmartre, Trianon and La Cigale.

After two empty years, the entire career has gone on to attend conferences, workshops, discussions and master classes, which testify to the ups and downs and new challenges of the music sector.

A huge musical showcase for emerging French and international talent, Many artists and professionals have doubled up on events and meetings: rush to listen to valuable advice, meetings, concerts, showcases of known or unknown artists. Festive and intense method to take the temperature“Allowing all this small world to meet, exchange, inform and renew.

But who are these music professionals?

A must for musical animals and their entourage. Among the professionals present and/or accredited are: Production companies, producers, publishers, directors, distributors, performers, artist entrepreneurs, musicians, technicians, venue managers or show promoters. do not count Project managers » Digital platforms (Youtube, Grover, Tik Tok, Instagram), which is a clear reflection of a shift towards the physicalization and digitization of music, as well as a desire for an environmentally conscious approach that affects the entire sector. This requires new professional practices, more innovative than ever.

Because if we were to sum up the artist’s life in 2022?

We are clearly aware that the artist’s status is no longer limited to “composing music, composing, composing or singing”. Today, the artist has every interest in positioning himself as a “self entrepreneur”.

And if more and more of them claim to be, our artists must now enrich themselves with a range of digital and marketing “knowledge”: create regular content, propose partnerships, engage fan communities, and “position” themselves as the brand, in a business-like way. In short, act like real managers.

What is the business model for monetizing their music content?

Let’s be clear: digital music is free. This is the biggest problem for artists. Every song is now available on the web with just one click. And even if they are authors and composers, or even publishers of their own music, more and more artists now must – in order to “exist” in the digital area – release new sounds, a real challenge to emerge, and pick up the famous “algorithms of platforms” that promise the Holy Grail, Where competition is sometimes very intense.So it is necessary to go beyond traditional uses, to find innovative tricks, and to create new business models.

The musical environment is at the heart of the boom, which has not yet reached its full maturity. It continues to evolve, towards complex trends that we will have to follow and understand. In short, the digital model is a provider of opportunity, but it also has its share of obfuscation.

And the fans no longer behave the same way!

Before that was radio, the vector of discovery, now it is YoutubeAnd social networks of course TitkTok. It is the originality and the original, generous and sometimes even subversive character of the artist that prevail.

Fans now have a different relationship to music, they are more fickle, more compulsive, discovering and expecting from their artists’ behaviors and a different and committed approach. the artist a napFor example, she will address her fans differently. This is also satisfactory. The artist meets a new generation, less exclusive and more sonorous.

Other than musical composition, fans expect artists to establish a strong relationship with their audience. The challenge of the relationship with the “fan base” is a language that is constantly reinventing itself. Fans become ambassadors for their artists and music. Hence, this is the bet for success.

Everything goes through a close relationship

The entire sector is interested in finding innovative levers of profitability, growing audiences, engaging communities, and realizing music content purchases. Be it concerts or commercial sales. You have to succeed in uniting your audience, In a direct, frank and intimate way, giving value to his relationship, value to his offer (“reason to buy”). The artist must find an “asset” for Get close, reach the largest number, customize her speech, double the concerts. The goal is to monetize their music content. And if the model is a challenge, then more and more artists continue to stick to it with real talent.

When the artist’s music enters the playlist, it is won

The first source of music discovery is the use of Arithmetic playlist To promote his music, the artist will have to forge partnerships, grow his audience, in collaboration with broadcast platforms, such as Deezer where spotify. The artist has to do everything to get there.

Service artists, a thriving profession

However, the Covid period has left many artists behind a screen and their guitars, causing great moments of loneliness. The result is many new emerging structures, which offer “artist services” on demand, in order to support the creator, no longer leaving him alone, and to identify his flaws. It is a matter of releasing her of all the pressures that surround her. Services ranging from image building, to “distribution deals,” through contract audits, to pitch in a playlist, and even Refine her visual and/or musical identity.

Some players in the sector like the label Believe – born with digital -, understand it well and develop support services: with “number first ‘, with a mission to accompany their ‘tailor-made’ nuggets in the digital world, including improving their image, outreach, and reaching and growing their ‘fan base’ in an organic and intuitive way.

You need annoying artists!

In describing the current musical ecosystem, one tends to conclude that this life choice is similar to a steamboat, which is almost suicidal.

However, there are many who collide with it and do not recover, and others find the opportunity to assert difference, identity, and a literary genre that finds no place elsewhere. As if the environment accepted the margin more, but encouraged it. The symbols that suffer and annoy in the life of a lambda find here all their spheres of expression, their full powers. Perhaps asserting one’s gender, attitudes, or ambiguity or anxiety, remains an effective tool for arriving at one’s stature, directly identifying one’s audience. Arca where lucky loveconsidered bewildering, managed to meet a real community of fans, who sympathize with the assertion of this margin.

Eclectic and liberated music lives on on stage too!

Of course, among the profitability levers, Let’s not forget the stage, which has reclaimed its lines and lands in France as elsewhere, more than ever, with tours, festivals, and small theaters for some as well. Step by step, a step left, – away from the above-mentioned levers – is definitely the most beautiful way to conquer your audience, monetize your project, for fans, to discover new artists, for one night.

Among the artists present this year at motherwe can’t help but declare the selection, selectivity of French and international programming, highly diverse, and completely unrestricted.

On the rocky side, the comeback is announced with Annabelle Lee, a girl from Brussels who plays pop melodies, like rock as a garage, good soul for recipes and writing, has a strong personality on stage. R’B’B side, Anna MagdsonDelivering impressively sensitive electro performances, Shut Me Down (23 million views so far) remains the inevitable showpiece for crowd competition. With her close sensibility to Françoise Hardy or Fiona Apple, the singer touches our hearts. And frankly more in the Anglo-Saxon spirit, Antoine Willemmans (songwriter of the Belgian band” Girls in Hawaii ‘) reveals her first French-language title saltWe are immediately transported to the West Coast!

Undoubtedly the tremors of the English Channel have crossed from Normandy, sad animal » Dark, haunting rock presents, a sort of Anglo-Saxon elixir, dark and enchanting, as one can appreciate ‘Nick Cave or ‘Black Angels’, brothers in arms for sure. And we will be most surprised by their fervor and picturesque burning. “We’ll stop at” Libraries Club » (duo Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque), songs Like windows that open to the sun and the sea, we allow ourselves to calm down with almost olfactory sensations, festive and sweet.

The last word goes everything from am to Charles “,” A rare freedom and color palette in which pop modernity harmonizes with the supposed flair of rock. Error-free round for the winner belgium voicee, and two hits that resist it all (Wasted Time, Without You), with over 6 million streams with EP Falling while Rising.

Live broadcast and stage, the winning combination of the “business model” that now determines the success of our brave artists, who do not give up!

Best regards, thank you mother !

Marielle Sad

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