MaMa Music & Convention 2022: A barrage of musical innovations on the cobblestones of the 18th

At the beginning of autumn, the MaMa Festival returns to combat the gloom surrounding the capital and offer Parisian music lovers a little respite against the ashes. Even if there is a festival dedicated to music professionals, the cutting-edge programme, which is particularly new to us this year, is impressive. We take you on a stroll among 8 performance halls in the Pigalle District to discover a mixture of artists in the making of punk, metal, rap, electro, folk scenes…

First day. Wednesday 12 October. 7:45 p.m., visual navigation on the Boulevard de Clichy

In front of the ephemeral MaMa ticket office, not far from La Cigale and La Boule Noire, a crowd of festival-goers gathered with beer in their hands and “professional” badges around their necks. This year’s ticket system is simpler than before because the bracelet is valid for three days and the atmosphere is also more relaxed in front of the rooms, the guards are looking at bags without much activity and let’s enter with big smiles. We are far from the mandatory health card and the crowd.

We find Pigalle’s crazy vibe with a strong return of tourists while hopping between the sex shops and Moulin Rouge. Head to Machine du Moulin Rouge to experience the evening of metal. Sun singer (picture) Lykke Li covers the song “I Follow Rivers” in a solid version, interspersed with a hoarse howl. Joanne are opposites, but they are a common enhancement for female artists.

8:30 pm, shot of wild things

Already ruined by gintos from La Machine, we decided to take a trip to Backstage By the Mill to discover Quebec from Choses Sauvages (picture) We are a little sorry that we weren’t there before. The topless singer frantically wiggled from stage to hole in the blink of an eye. The songs are tied in French in text to funk rhythms at a crossroads between edgy pop and rock and the rhythm that drives us to rock the rest of the concert. Please we will take the same singer in the upcoming concerts.

9 p.m., so many choices, so far and so little time

We arrived very late at the Phono Museum for the Guillaume Poncelet concert. We probably had to face an endless queue anyway. This is also the case for the over-sold Animal Triste party at La Boule Noire. Why not go to a room a little out of the way to avoid the endless queues? We’re on our way to a new room at MaMa, the NO.PI bar near Place Clichy, where the concert isAnnabelle Lee (picture) will start. We appreciate the leather sofas arranged throughout the bar perfect for enjoying this rock concert. It feels like the ’90s, especially with the brick walls and industrial interior.

10:20 p.m. Backstage teacher

From the start of the party a snake We are amazed to discover that the singer is none other than Lyscope, initially a follower of a cold spell sung in French. In English, it’s back to haunt our ears in a more blunt but effective punk style. Accompanying musicians form a mismatched but beautifully rhythmically orchestrated small ensemble. The show is flawless and never seems to stop. Everyone is asking for more in the room.

the second day. Thursday 3 October. It’s 8:45 p.m., the machine is in all condition

Tonight we decided to stay in the same area to avoid queues. Into the machine, the Bordeaux rapper Goesad He moves from sad stories to intense voices as his words move to the point where he has trouble catching his breath. A small group of fans came to support him with great enthusiasm.

In the boiler room of the device, it’s the American UFO Jose Engelhorn Who took the microphone and his guitar for a very simple concert. The atmosphere is quite the opposite, but there is also a small group of believers who do not fail to clap. However, it is difficult to understand why nothing goes so rhythmically, let alone the voice of the singer going in all directions.

We turn, once again, to Backstage By the Mill which hosts the Inoue Evening in Printemps de Bourges, where the Frenchman has been spotted on social networks, Holy Grail (picture) He finishes his concert. The atmosphere is cheerful and the sweet pop sound makes us want to dance right away. We remain to the end without tampering with our discovery.

10 p.m., “I love the suitcase lyrics”

At the Salle des Trois Baudets, the concert ofAntoine Willemmans (picture) Already started. The former Belgian leader of Girls in Hawaii kicked off his solo career with an all-electro pop album in French, and he admits he often uses metaphors and “suitcase words” to talk about his doubts about the world around him. We remember the title of Samedikéa, which he finds difficult to explain to us himself: “It’s not about the Sabbath, it’s not really about Ikéa.” On stage accompanied by two keyboardists. We regret the lack of drums to accompany the trio rhythmically even if the atmosphere is rather a musical touring.

Day Three: Friday, October 14. 9:30 p.m., Italian style garage rock

the group Ada Oda (picture) On stage at Backstage at the Mill, a post-punk crossover of tunes sung by Italian Victoria Barracato delights our ears. The audience adheres from the first track to the 80s style of a rock group from Brussels. It’s very hot and on stage one guitarist is sweating profusely while a guitarist breaks two strings in less than 20 minutes. Waiting, the time to find and change the thread, does not dampen the energy of an audience who wants more.

11pm, great evening crowd at Moulin Rouge

We then aim for the Salle de la Machine to continue into the evening, but that’s not counting the huge wait time to enter the venue. We end up coming back after 25 minutes of waiting without really knowing what lay ahead. Theater sets are as impressive as the show Makoto San (picture). The geography of East Asia is characterized by a lot of lush vegetation and luminous lanterns. The four members of the group are silent, hiding behind masks painted in large black or white circles. They take turns on turntables or on their bamboo and percussion instruments, but the “technical nature” music ends in boredom after three tracks.

We won’t be partying until 4:00 tonight. We’ve had our dose of Pigalle for the next months. One last regret: We couldn’t attend the recent Backstage By the Mill party for Les Vulves Assassines whose simple name piqued our curiosity.


Party side:

Back to Hacienda:
Serpent, singer Lyscope’s new Post punk project

rock concentration:
Ada Oda, Belgians in Italian in text

Quebec Energy:
Chose Sauvage, a sleight of hand singer 200% on stage

Festival side:

We liked:

– The organization, which is as meticulous as ever, with some improvements to the ticket office, and the amazing sequence of groups in the halls.
Light work at Trois Baudets and La Machine.
– The atmosphere is always familiar and fun among this crowd of music professionals.
– Delightful brothel on Rue de Clichy and alternative food offerings.

We liked less:

Drinks prices (especially at the machine).
– Endless queues and many straight passes
– the increasing distance between rooms, particularly FGO Barbara and NO.PI, which now takes us out of the neighborhood and forces us to make choices.

Practical information

Drinks price (very variable depending on location):

Between 10 and 15 euros for a cocktail
Between 8 and 12 euros for a pint
Between 7 and 10 euros for a glass of wine

Food prices (in Trois-Baudets):

Between 7 and 10 euros for vegetable tempuras or boiled eggs

Festival Awards:

50 euros for three days and 22 euros in the evening for a “regular” ticket


Metro Line 2, Anvers, Pigalle or Blanche stops
Metro line 4, Barbès Rochechouart stop


We never tire of coming to discover musical talents right now, in this extraordinary place that is the Pigalle district. The gigantic organization of room management, music programs and conferences during the day make these three days a moment of intense communication for various players in the music sector, regardless of tourists and lovers of other forms of pleasure that they had to make their way among the festival-goers, beer in hand, making the sidewalks ” Iceberg” from the street. In a mixture of urban whims and the delicate and particularly personal compositions of each concert, the festival once again demonstrated its originality and professionalism. We always regret not being able to do everything, see everything, and this is becoming more and more true as the range of partner venues tends to grow while the concert list is never ending. We’ll still be glad to be back next year, as we sneak up on the street hoping to discover more and more new coins to counteract the Paris blues.

Story: Fanny Salmon
Photos: Anis Mastrorelli and George Ledoux Lanvin

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