Markets, theatre, literature, music, dogs, running… What’s going on in Haute Vien?

Aster Society organizes an organic market on Sunday 9 October from 9 am to 6 pm at Maas Martin in Virac. Many producers, organic processors, and associations that advocate for the environment will attend. All day long: storytelling with storytellers, wooden games, nature activities with Les p’tites mains pourmain, small farm Les sabots dewool plus conferences on various topics (“Civic Participation for a Just, Sustainable and Supportive World”, “How to Stimulate Your Immune Defenses” “,” Food Sovereignty in the Twenty-first Century “, Wooden Houses).



The municipality of Saint-Pardoux-le-Lac organizes a large autumn market, on Sunday 9 October from 9 am to 4 pm. It will be gourmet and artisan, led by Vincent Roca (RTF Limoges) but also by the Batucadonf Group and C’est Pas Permis (Judgment Games).

Kids will enjoy free entertainment, With Saint-Junien’s toy library and large wooden toys, make-up and creative workshop, not to mention archery. On-site dining with the city’s two restaurants and local market produce. The Parents’ Association also serves a meal of mussels and chips for lunch, in Saint-Pardoux’s village hall, by reservation at Information:

gourmet walk

A gastronomic rally will be held on Sunday 9 October for the Téléthon, in Coussac-Bonneval: meet at 8 am in the village hall for breakfast, then walk 7 kilometers with 6 gourmet stations to sample local products; An aperitif on the way back. The price is 8 euros for adults and 5 euros for children under 8 years old.

An apple

– Sunday, October 9, the 7th edition of “A Market Like No Other” from 11 am to 4 pm in Saint Basil, Apple themed. Manufacture and tasting of cider and lunch around apples (blood sausage, donuts). Come with your apple and leave it with your juice.

The Western Limousin apple crunchers Association will attend on Sunday, October 9, at the apple festival at the cider house in Rosier-Saint-Georges. Volunteers will introduce old-fashioned and local apples and present lesser known but equally delicious apples. Identify your apples, sell brochures. Craftsmen and nursery workers will present their products and a garage for sale will be set up around the cider house. On-site renovations and refreshments.

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The Limousine des Challenges Association invites an ambassador each year to share their experience with the young participants of their competitions. This year it is Claire Antoine, opera singerWho will share his professional and personal experiences with young people involved in challenges, based on his career, successes, failures and projects, during the conference. Tuesday 11 October at 2 pm at Espace Jules-Noriac in Limoges. Information:


The Chaptelat-based Limousin Kennel Club is organizing an open day on Sunday 9 October in the Touyer (signpost of the city). The goal is to make the club and its activities better known, which revolve around obedience, dog training, agility and even collars. Presentations will be made by club members. From 10 am to 4 pm, everyone can come with their animals and take advantage of this joyful moment to test these different specialties. All club members will be happy to welcome new entrants and can provide them all with useful tips for a stimulating and harmonious education. A refreshment and snack bar will be located on site as well as several accessory kiosks for dogs, a beekeeper, and a spa.


Presented by Jean-Paul Gade of “Les Amis de Louise” Communes and communessung and directed by Frederic Scheufele, in Salle de La Bernardie in Saint-Victurnien on Saturday 8 October at 8:30 pm.


Game evenings resume at the André-Périgord Library in Feytiat Saturday 8 October, in collaboration with La Marelle Limousine, from 7 pm to 10 pm. informations. :

exchange your suit

The Spider on the roof Gratiféria at the Cultural and Associative Center of Rouvereau in Saint-Méard, on Sunday 9 October, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., is organizing a free scholarship. Clothes, shoes, accessories and toys/games. It is not a garage sale because there is nothing to buy. It is not a trade-off because there are no trade-offs. You can take what makes you happy, even if you have nothing to deposit. Drinks and pastries.


The Memory Association of Newell and its surroundings is organizing a coffee reading on Saturday, October 8, from 3 p.m. As part of La Chapelle Saint-Martin will be mentioned Jacques-Joseph Juge de Saint-Martin, French agronomist and writer, born in Limoges on September 16, 1743 and died in this city on January 29, 1824. Reservation is mandatory at or nieuletalentours


The Association of Ukrainka and Christina Parashchak, in partnership with the Archdiocese of Saint-Augustin de Limoges, is organizing the second edition of the Charity Concert Together for Ukraine, Sunday 9 October at 3 pm, at Saint-Martial Church in Limoges, 42 rue des Saigns. This classical concert is open to participation for the benefit of Ukrainian refugees in Limoges. Olga Yurina and Elena Valsamakina as soprano, Gregory Smalley as bass baritone, Diana Gendelman on piano, and Gregory Cooperman on violin will be present.

Sports and nature

The municipality of Bossier-Galante, in partnership with the La Mialletaise association, is organizing the “Sport and the Discovery of Nature” day at the Espace Hermeline on Sunday 9 October.
In the third edition of the program Pass Buildings From the Périgord-Limousin Park, with departures from 8:30 in the morning, various events are available, open to all, races of 40 km, 20 km solo or in a relay of 2 and 14 km hike.
From noon, open Country farmers marketwith a bar and restaurant on site.
At 12:30 p.m., a trail prize is served followed by an aperitif.

all afternoon, Hermeline Space Activities It will be accessed in the form of an initiative, thanks to the family pass at a price of 10 euros: tree climbing, Hermens maze, megalithic line, bike rail, mini train, skating field, mini golf.
2:30 p.m., Discover a picnic On the trail of Bergères (Haute-Renaudie moors) accompanied by PNR Périgord-Limousin.
It was organized with the support of the district of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the departments of Haute-Vienne and Dordogne, and local associations.

Information on or;

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