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  1. 17 hoursTitle : changePerformer(s): IAMALEXalbum: IAMALEX: changedComposer(s): IAMALEXcylinder company: hip tractor
  2. 5:04 PMTitle : wrapPerformer(s): Jerome Menierealbum: Jerome Minnier: River, River and NightComposer(s): Jerome Menierecylinder company: Beam
  3. 5:00 pm.Title : Entero metadPerformer(s): tagua taguaalbum: TAGUA TAGUA: INTEIRO METADEComposer(s): tagua taguacylinder company: does not depend on
  4. 5:12 PMTitle : Oh yaPerformer(s): Laurent Bardin, freshwater tigeralbum: L. BARDAINNE & TIGER: HYMN TO THE SUNComposer(s): Laurent Bardincylinder company: so sweet
  5. 5:13 pmTitle : the sunPerformer(s): Good hearing, Emma Petersalbum: Good Hearing: Sunshots (with Emma Peters)Composer(s): Jean Paul Drewcylinder company: Sony
  6. 5:16 pmTitle : Echo ParkPerformer(s): crack and hearalbum: Crack and Hear: The Center of PleasureComposer(s): Mark Knipers, Wim Blog, Oscar de Jongcylinder company: BOOGIE ANGST
  7. 5:19 pmTitle : Wild birdsPerformer(s): the coloralbum: Color: ConcordComposer(s): the colorcylinder company: LISBON LUX REC
  8. 5:21 pmTitle : I hear everything playing (in your head) Performer(s): Daniel Belangeralbum: Daniel Bellanger: Mercury in MayComposer(s): Daniel Belangercylinder company: secret city
  9. 5:25 pmTitle : PrimaveraPerformer(s): OCOTE SOUL SOUNDS, Eric Hilton, Martin Berna, Adrien Quesadaalbum: TaurusComposer(s): Adrien Quesada, Martin Bernacylinder company: ESL
  10. 5:29 pmTitle : arenas of lossPerformer(s): Tommy Guerroughalbum: Tommy Guero: The Path to KnowledgeComposer(s): Tommy Guerroughcylinder company: Very well
  11. 5:33 pmTitle : Those good timesPerformer(s): Kokorokoalbum: Kokorko: Can we be moreComposer(s): Sheila Morris Gray, Ritchie Sephorite, Johan Kebede, Duane Atherley, Onum Edgeworth, Ayo Salocylinder company: Brownswood
  12. 5:37 pmTitle : Country LakePerformer(s): Apollo Sun, Aaron Bartell, Philip Collins, Ed Durocher, Anatole Rainey, Dave Gwinnett, Ethan McKibbinalbum: Apollo Sun: The Power Relationship – EPComposer(s): Apollo Suncylinder company: does not depend on
  13. 5:41 pmTitle : the momentPerformer(s): Matthew Berobalbum: Matthew Beerop: HeyComposer(s): Matthew Berobcylinder company: Litram ad
  14. 5:45 pmTitle : mariannaPerformer(s): BIAalbum: Bia: CarmineComposer(s): BIAcylinder company: audiogram
  15. 5:48 pmTitle : Here is a dinarPerformer(s): Joao Donatoalbum: Joao Donato: Electric DonatoComposer(s): Joao Donatocylinder company: SELO SESC
  16. 5:56 pmTitle : Day in the lifePerformer(s): The Beatles, George Martin, Jill Martinalbum: SGT. The only Pepper Heart Club band [50TH ANNIVERSARY REISSUE]Composer(s): John Lennon, Paul McCartneycylinder company: Apple / DC
  17. 18 hoursTitle : ApachetaPerformer(s): Organize a good tripalbum: BON VOYAGE: AWAY FROM THE BEACHESComposer(s): Adrien Durandcylinder company: the invitation
  18. 6 pm 4 minutesTitle : amazingPerformer(s): good babyalbum: The Good Baby: DioramaComposer(s): Guillaume Chiason, Daphne Brissett, Etienne Cote, Melanie Fortin, Alex Burgercylinder company: Deprince
  19. 6:00 pmTitle : FranciscoPerformer(s): KADHJA Punnettalbum: KADHJA BONET: THE VISITORComposer(s): Milton Nascimentocylinder company: fat possum
  20. 6:13 pmTitle : At night I liePerformer(s): Alan Bashongalbum: Alan Bushong: A Military ImaginationComposer(s): Alan Bashong, Edith Vamboena, Jean-Louis Pierocylinder company: Bless me
  21. 6:18 pmTitle : Ave Mario (AKA ECCO)Performer(s): Ping Pong Jo, Vincent Gagnon, Pierre Emmanuel Beaudouinalbum: ping pong joComposer(s): Vincent Gagnon, Pierre Emmanuel Beaudouincylinder company: bobob
  22. 6:21 pmTitle : in VOZPerformer(s): Gilsonalbum: Gilson: Farias CoixasComposer(s): Francisco Gilcylinder company: XIRE
  23. 18 hours and 24 minutesTitle : take it easyPerformer(s): Carla Whitealbum: Carla Blanc: The Pleasures and Fears of Home LifeComposer(s): Carla Blanc, Gabriel Goodbot Castuguaycylinder company: Simon’s Records
  24. 6:30 pm.Title : ashPerformer(s): mop mop mopalbum: Anthology No JazzComposer(s): Mop mop, Alan Farringtoncylinder company: and crime
  25. 6:36 pmTitle : Black stonePerformer(s): CLERELalbum: Clairell: Songs from Under the Guava TreeComposer(s): CLERELcylinder company: does not depend on
  26. 6:40 pmTitle : great predictionsPerformer(s): Claude Fradit, Guy Belanger, Marie-Sully Belanger, Mario Legere, Marc-Andre Larroquealbum: timekeeper movieComposer(s): CLAUDE FRADETTE, GUY BELANGERcylinder company: Bruce
  27. 18 hours and 44 minutesTitle : Friends like EvergreenPerformer(s): Lian Lahavasalbum: Brassence, Echoes of the DayComposer(s): George Brassence, Andrew Kellycylinder company: DEWLAP
  28. 6:47 PMTitle : towards beautyPerformer(s): 1969 Collective, Matt Holbosky, ESCA Quartetalbum: 1969 collectiveComposer(s): Matt Holboskycylinder company: does not depend on
  29. 6:52 PMTitle : mental risePerformer(s): Gian Brizzo, Marvin Horsealbum: Gian Brizzo: Toto BassaComposer(s): Marvin Horsecylinder company: Jakarta
  30. 18 hours 56 minutesTitle : Jostar do MundoPerformer(s): SESSAalbum: Sessa: Estrella AsisaComposer(s): sisacylinder company: mexican summer
  31. 18 hours 59 minutesTitle : boy naturePerformer(s): John Bizzarelli Trioalbum: John Bizzarelli: Dear Mr. Cole,Composer(s): Aden Ahbeezcylinder company: Novus
  32. 7 pm 3 minutesTitle : I stay, you stayPerformer(s): 79.5album: 79.5: Predictions (Tools)Composer(s): Adrian Healy, Andrew MacLean, Isaac Mills, Catherine Mathison, Nia Ghezel Brown, Pia Malikcylinder company: big crown
  33. 7:07 PMTitle : Untouchable and immortalPerformer(s): Fanny Bloomalbum: Fanny Bloom: Dreaming Again – EPComposer(s): Daniel Belangercylinder company: audiogram
  34. 7:12 PMTitle : NIMU NIMUPerformer(s): Florent Flantalbum: Florent Volante: Mishta MishkinoComposer(s): Florent Flantcylinder company: Instinct
  35. 7:16 pmTitle : Jammu bluePerformer(s): Duane Andrews, Steve Hussey, Frank Fusari, Patrick Boylealbum: Duane AndrewsComposer(s): Duane Andrewscylinder company: Andrews
  36. 7:21 pmTitle : dead leavesPerformer(s): Eric Claptonalbum: Eric Clapton: ClaptonComposer(s): Joseph Kusma, Jacques Prevertcylinder company: punish
  37. 7:28 PMTitle : a lot of the pastPerformer(s): RITA PAYES, EUDALD PAYES, ELISABETH ROMAalbum: Rita Baez / Elizabeth Roma: Como la BelleComposer(s): United Nations referenced composer, unmentioned authorcylinder company: does not depend on
  38. 7:32 PMTitle : Until UBUJIPerformer(s): Macaia McRaven, Jules Rossalbum: Macaia McRaven: In these timesComposer(s): Makea McRavencylinder company: INT ANTHEME
  39. 7:35 pmTitle : TaxiPerformer(s): Leonie Grayalbum: Leonie Gray: Who?Composer(s): Leonie Graycylinder company: Spectra
  40. 7:39 pmTitle : bluesinePerformer(s): Svaneburg Cardeepalbum: Svaneburg Cardeep: HavenComposer(s): Nikolaj Svaneborg, Jonas Kardeepcylinder company: Blake Flack
  41. 7:42 PMTitle : DOLUS & CULPAPerformer(s): Dina Ogunalbum: Dina OgunComposer(s): Anna Ahnlund, Daniel O’Green, Love Orsan, Christopher Cantelocylinder company: stadium
  42. 7:46 pmTitle : listen to the silencePerformer(s): RACASSE & GABB.album: RACASSE & GABB: ExhibitionComposer(s): RACASSE, GABB.cylinder company: REC . tea box
  43. 7:48 PMTitle : an introductionPerformer(s): Yasmine Miraalbum: Yasmine Mira: the horizonComposer(s): Yasmine Miracylinder company: Gondwana
  44. 7:52 PMTitle : AnywherePerformer(s): Philip B, Lawrence Lafond-Poolealbum: Philip B: The Great Night VideoComposer(s): Philip Bcylinder company: bunsound
  45. 7:55 pmTitle : opposedPerformer(s): Martin Lisott, Matthew Daisy, Guillaume Burke, Jocelyn Roy, Adriano Fernandez Osenagaalbum: Martin Lisot: SfumatoComposer(s): Martin Lisot, Matthew Daisycylinder company: bobob