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  1. 17 hoursTitle : Another dreamPerformer(s): Macaia McRaven, Jeff Parker, Matt Gould, Desin Jones, Brandy Young, Junius Ballalbum: Macaia McRaven: In these timesComposer(s): Makea McRavencylinder company: INT ANTHEME
  2. 5:04 PMTitle : dangerous gamePerformer(s): pandaalbum: LE.PANDA: Dangerous GameComposer(s): Philip Gaggen, Simon Lachancecylinder company: does not depend on
  3. 5:00 pm.Title : You arePerformer(s): Probablyalbum: Mi: YouComposer(s): May, Fernando Bellisario, Fernando Osorio, Patrick Howardcylinder company: EO ENT
  4. 5:11 pmTitle : weight offPerformer(s): KAYTRANADA, BADBADNOTGOODalbum: Kaytranada: 99.9%Composer(s): KAYTRANADA, BADBADNOTGOODcylinder company: ULTRA-REC
  5. 5:15 pmTitle : KilimanjaroPerformer(s): Pierre Quandersalbum: Pierre Kinders: Jose Luis and Paradox of LoveComposer(s): Pierre Koenders, Charles Baptiste, Carlomarco, Isco, Pedrocylinder company: arts and crafts
  6. 5:17 pmTitle : hot favoritesPerformer(s): Electro jazz standalbum: Electro jazz standComposer(s): United Nations referenced composer, unmentioned authorcylinder company: Karakol
  7. 5:21 pmTitle : Longo WaferPerformer(s): The mothers of the Congo, Srobinalbum: A guide to the birds of West AfricaComposer(s): Robin Bastide, Gladys Sambacylinder company: check check
  8. 5:23 pmTitle : Excerpts into something more comfortablePerformer(s): Kenopalbum: FIP folder. 1: The playlist that affects your lifeComposer(s): Mark Blackburn, Julius Waters, Fred Karger, Robert Wellscylinder company: and crime
  9. 5:29 pmTitle : crushed grapesPerformer(s): Jason Bagadaalbum: Jason Bagada: ground grapesComposer(s): Jason Bagadacylinder company: audiogram
  10. 5:35 pmTitle : Honey colored hillsPerformer(s): Los Days, Tommy Guerrero, Josh Libbyalbum: Lost days: Western winds (FEAT. TOMMY GUERRERO & JOSH LIPPI)Composer(s): Tommy Guerrero, Josh Libbycylinder company: Very well
  11. 5:37 pmTitle : dreamPerformer(s): Bolay sistersalbum: Polai’s sisters: I dreamedComposer(s): Stephanie Boulay, Melanie Boulaycylinder company: big box
  12. 5:40 pmTitle : UNDANTAGPerformer(s): Dina Ogunalbum: Dina OgunComposer(s): Anna Ahnlund, Daniel O’Green, Love Orsan, Christopher Cantelocylinder company: stadium
  13. 5:44 pmTitle : life, life, lifePerformer(s): Laurent Bardin, freshwater tigeralbum: L. BARDAINNE & TIGER: HYMN TO THE SUNComposer(s): Laurent Bardincylinder company: so sweet
  14. 5:48 pmTitle : your hand linesPerformer(s): Louis Jane Cormieralbum: LOUIS-JEAN CORMIER: The sky is belowComposer(s): Louis Jane Cormier, Daniel Beaumontcylinder company: Simon’s Records
  15. 5:52 PMTitle : DixiePerformer(s): Symphonic Orchestra de Montreal, Simone Leclercalbum: Harmony and OSM: Stories Without WordsComposer(s): Serge Fiorecylinder company: GSI
  16. 5:57 PMTitle : One musician among many othersPerformer(s): Young Singers of Laval, Orchestra, Symphonic de Montreal, Sylvain Quinel, Simone Leclercalbum: Harmony and OSM: Stories Without WordsComposer(s): Serge Fiorecylinder company: GSI
  17. 6 pm 2 minutesTitle : one dayPerformer(s): Fatuma Diwaraalbum: Fatuma Diwara: MalibaComposer(s): Fatuma Diwaracylinder company: Montonou
  18. 6:00 pmTitle : Grapes under the sun (desert version)Performer(s): Joseph Days, Malik Fina, Elijah Fox, Rocco Palladino, Alexander Portealbum: Live the experience of Joseph’s days in the Joshua treeComposer(s): Ayam Yusef, Alexander Porte, Charlie Stacy, Elijah Fox, Malik Fina, Rocco Palladino, Shabakah “King Shabaka”.cylinder company: Brownswood
  19. 6:12 PMTitle : call boyPerformer(s): NEW WOMEN TIMES, NOEMIE CASTONGUAY KAISER, VALERIE LACHANCE-GUILLEMETTE, BLANCHE MOISAN METHE, MELISSA FORTIN, VALERY ST-GELAIS, NOAM GUERRIER FREUDalbum: New women’s times: a cultural phenomenonComposer(s): Blanch Moissan Meatcylinder company: mad products
  20. 6:16 pmTitle : sanctuaryPerformer(s): Joao Donatoalbum: Joao Donato: Electric DonatoComposer(s): Joao Donatocylinder company: SELO SESC
  21. 6:20 pmTitle : I like girlsPerformer(s): Jacques Detronic, Thomas Dutronalbum: Jack and Thomas Detronek: I love girlsComposer(s): Jack Detronic, Jack Lanzmanncylinder company: Decca
  22. 18 hours and 24 minutesTitle : cheek to cheekPerformer(s): Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Oscar Peterson, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Buddy Richalbum: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: Ella and LouisComposer(s): Irving Berlincylinder company: verve
  23. 6:30 pm.Title : AmarcordPerformer(s): MILAN LA SCALA ORCH PHILH, Ricardo Chilealbum: Nino Rota: The Fellini AlbumComposer(s): Nino Rotacylinder company: Decca
  24. 6:34 pmTitle : IMMENSITAPerformer(s): Andrea Laszlo from Simonalbum: Andrea Laszlo by Simon: EmincitaComposer(s): Andrea Laszlo from Simoncylinder company: does not depend on
  25. 6:38 pmTitle : cool CatPerformer(s): Juliette Armanialbum: Sophie Kale: Kale MouseComposer(s): Juliette Armanieh, John Deacon, Freddie Mercurycylinder company: protein
  26. 6:41 PMTitle : Let everyone stand upPerformer(s): phonealbum: PHONTAINE: BIBLIOTECComposer(s): phonecylinder company: Brighton’s voice
  27. 18 hours 46 minutesTitle : It’s already overPerformer(s): Leonie Grayalbum: Leonie Gray: Who?Composer(s): Leonie Graycylinder company: Spectra
  28. 18 hours and 49 minutesTitle : ModeneroPerformer(s): BLUNDETTOalbum: BLUNDETTO: Good stuffComposer(s): BLUNDETTO, Clement Petit, KAHINA OUALIcylinder company: so sweet
  29. 6:52 PMTitle : satisfactoryPerformer(s): Jovim Dionysioalbum: JOVEM DIONISIO: ACCODA, PEDRINOComposer(s): Gabriel Donajsky Mendescylinder company: does not depend on
  30. 6:55 pmTitle : honeyPerformer(s): Marilyn Leonardalbum: Marilyn Leonard: HoneyComposer(s): Marilyn Leonardcylinder company: audiogram
  31. 18 hours 59 minutesTitle : stuck in the middlePerformer(s): GRINTIA PENGalbum: Grintia Stadiums: Greenzon 108Composer(s): GREENTEA PENG, SWINDLE, MJ COLEcylinder company: near death experience
  32. 19 hoursTitle : roadPerformer(s): Mathieu & Bro, Frank Lebanonalbum: MATTEO & BROComposer(s): Mathieu & Bro, Frank Lebanoncylinder company: Chinese man
  33. 7:04 PMTitle : Follow mePerformer(s): Q 052album: Q052: QuietComposer(s): Q052 Emmanuel Aliascylinder company: mobile music
  34. 7:09 PMTitle : ilinot – to prayPerformer(s): Elle Beatricealbum: Elle Beatrice: TransformationComposer(s): Elle Beatricecylinder company: does not depend on
  35. 7:13 pmTitle : flannerPerformer(s): Jane Michael Bliss, Nicholas Ellisalbum: Jean-Michel Bliss: AbadisComposer(s): Jane Michael Blisscylinder company: arts and crafts
  36. 7:15 pmTitle : AgradzkoPerformer(s): femininealbum: FEMINA: Pearls and KoncassComposer(s): Clara Miglioli, quantity, Clara Trucco, soft berriescylinder company: does not depend on
  37. 7:20 PMTitle : TennisPerformer(s): Matthew Berobalbum: Matthew Beerop: HeyComposer(s): Matthew Berobcylinder company: Litram ad
  38. 7:23 pmTitle : ChildrenPerformer(s): Posty and Bassalbum: Eddie (tools)Composer(s): Louis Steen, Niall Pogue, Julianne Travers, Eric Haynes, Milo Johnson, Evan Croftoncylinder company: arts and crafts
  39. 7:29 pmTitle : stay babyPerformer(s): FKJalbum: FCJ: VincentComposer(s): FKJcylinder company: mom and pop
  40. 7:33 pmTitle : M PeugeotPerformer(s): Melody Gardot, Even Brunner, Anthony Wilson, Larry Klein, Vinnie Coleotta, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Cliff Mastersonalbum: Melody Gardot: sunset in blueComposer(s): Melody Gardotcylinder company: Decca
  41. 7:38 pmTitle : disinfectionPerformer(s): Daniel Lanoaalbum: Daniel Lanoa: piano player Composer(s): Daniel Lanoacylinder company: modern
  42. 7:41 PMTitle : I am crazy in your lovePerformer(s): Robert Charleboaalbum: Robert Charlesboys: And voilaComposer(s): George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creator, Robert Charlboyscylinder company: tribe
  43. 7:44 PMTitle : CaliforniaPerformer(s): Alpine de la Simonealbum: Albin de la Simone: Happy endingComposer(s): Alpine de la Simonecylinder company: Sooner or later
  44. 19 hours and 49 minutesTitle : NENSALINYA TENIPerformer(s): Ignacio Maria Gomezalbum: Ignacio Maria Gomez: PeliciaComposer(s): Ignacio Maria Gomezcylinder company: helicopter
  45. 7:54 pmTitle : Rainy and good weatherPerformer(s): new wavealbum: New wave: I’ll be happyComposer(s): Oliver Lebaux, Elodie Freigecylinder company: Koidan