Music in a nutshell #3: The return of rock music

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Also known as – Joseph

Emmanuel Alias, an abbreviation of his last name for his artist name, delivers an electric, psychedelic, and sulfur album: Joseph. The musician takes us on a sometimes hovering, captivating and multi-dimensional journey. Each title has a different vibe, while remaining a cohesive and rocky world. Between industrial melody, noise, jazz or punk, nickname is not limited to just one style but tests and multiplies its own ways of expression.

From the first look on the album cover, the aesthetic is established: a mysterious residence, overseen by an evil entity whose mission is to manipulate those who dare venture into its lair. So to step into the world of Alias ​​is to immerse yourself in the healing experience, the game and the wonderful stories. Joseph It is a 12-track hypnosis that we see over and over again.

It was released on September 28, 2022

Favorite : Dancing with a psycho killerAnd the keep on dancingAnd the rakeAnd the togetherAnd the what a shame

Eva Duke

Walter Astral- Hyperdruid II

The most popular music priest duo are back with a colorful EP: Hyperdruid II. 5 addresses, 4 items, 1 linkable entity. In Walter Astral, it’s in a technical psychedelic trance where you are invited to enter. Between oriental and industrial percussion, the EP unfolds easily and we move from the field of water to fire, passing through earth and air, ending in front of the divine masters: the hyperdruids.

EPs are always molded around the fetish instrument, the banjo, and he’s the one who brings these tunes that sound straight out of a fairy tale. One Thousand and One Nights.

Hyperdruid II Long overdue, now that we have it in our ears, we can dance to the rhythm of the heavenly banjo and fly among the stars.

Released October 7, 2022

heart attack: All EP

Eva Duke

Alves- blue priest

After five years of brilliance, AntisocialitesLittle miracles arose for the Canadian indie rock scene. with blue priestTheir new album, released on October 7th, Elvis seems to have left the grieving era of teens to sink once and for all into adulthood. time Coming of age It seems more for the group. However, perhaps this is what the album is somewhat lacking, which, if it turns out to be as catchy as it is harmonious, leaves a feeling of dissatisfaction at first.

blue priest It can probably be heard in three phases. On first listen it seems almost a disappointment, as if the album has suddenly broken off from Alvvays’ identity. Then comes the in-between moment, the latent moment of a moving head and gradually swaying shoulders. Finally, for the third time, this is from very online man And the two velvetLet the album sound like a real hit. If the severely noisy side of blue priestmuch more present than on previous albums, at times proving difficult to comprehend, it is clear that Alves takes risks, reinvents himself, perturbs and seduces.

Released October 7, 2022

Favorite : PharmacistAnd the very online manAnd the two velvetAnd the Belinda saysAnd the Bored in Bristol.

Julia Fodron

TH da Freak – American wolf – Coyote

Thoineau Palis, better known as TH da Freak, offers us a new composition American wolf – Coyote Overwhelmed with teen sentiment and ’90s grunge. With this fourth album, we’re sailing away from the psychedelic surf music the stranger used to impart to us.

We enter a world of grunge pop where our teenage hearts, for those who grew up in the ’90s, have been filled with calm and serenity through the lamentations of Elliot Smith, Nirvana, and many others. Elliot Smith almost reborn from the album’s first notes on hover kill bleach And the national anthem for uttering everything and its twelve chords Majali must run. Then the multi-instrumentalist brings out the saturated violin and guitar Very pleasantbefore reminding us of the late Kurt Cobain on the Path of Dirty Darkness notorious man.

We find disassembled emo rock movement running no futureto end up giving a coup of grace to strange lofty poems The Queen (Ola) And the American wolf – Coyote, which takes us beyond the shortcomings of sporadic adolescence. A new effort that calls for an escape from the nostalgic and sweet notes of the rock 90s.

Released October 7, 2022

Favorite : kill bleachAnd the Majali must runAnd the Very pleasantAnd the notorious manAnd the The Queen (Ola)And the American wolf – CoyoteAnd the Connection

Thomas Solette

die – Chaos

Four titles, twelve minutes. A short but effective EP, which marks Dodie’s comeback, after two years build problem. After the unveiling of the singles got weird And the Chaos This summer, the singer from the East of England presents us as usual with a whole palette of raw emotions.

Intensity, pain, and joy are the ingredients that seem essential to any Dodie song. A clever blend of joy and sadness, full of sublime music that delights the text. “Oh my God, 27 and I still cry in the cars” (ndlt), hear in Chaos – A reference to music videos When And the I kissed someone (it wasn’t you)Tracks from his previous album. intimate words about him dates The failures, the desire to overcome depression and anxiety caused by the confinement of 2020, or even acceptance of one’s feelings – No big deal (I love you).

The EP that comes as an outlet, which allows the breathing and meditation necessary in the face of this flood of emotions. Energy and desire to move forward Chaos ; A more mysterious side of Billie Eilish got weird ; The quietest guitar riding single bones ; And finally calm down, with No big deal (I love you). The previous album contained fourteen titles as well as eight demos, so let’s hope this album is a precursor to other influential titles like this one.

Released September 30, 2022

Favorite : Hot mess, no big deal (I love you)

Marie Starecki

Gabriels- Angels and Queens, Part One

Gabriel’s, we’ve known them for a while. About a year we stepped into it Love and hate in different times We let ourselves get carried away blamingboth were released in 2021. So the bombshell effect was felt when the California trio at the beginning of September announced the arrival of their debut album was almost imminent. Angels and Queens (Part 1). Musical slap starting from the eponymous single and making its way to the seven titles that feature the playlist.

In a press release, “Pop Soul from the Future,” vocal leader Jacob Lusk evokes the time machine signed to Sounwave’s lavish production. Yes, co-producer Kendrick Lamar definitely works in this area. Trance groove that appears on the setangels and queens, A solar disc with soul and gospel beats, it is of course appropriate to stress that it will position itself among the best albums of the year. While waiting for the second part scheduled for March 2023…

Released September 30, 2022

Favorite : Angels and queensAnd the remember meAnd the Only if you know

Lacoste clouds

Arno- opex

Before getting dressed, Arno threw his last of his powers into the recordingopexReleased September 30th. The Belgian singer who died of cancer on April 23, 2022 at the age of 72 leaves us with an unreleased ten-song album, teetering tirelessly between sadness and hope, blending rock, blues, covers and sensitive collaborations. We find every Arno on this disc sung in French as well as in English and in Ostend; His humor, his electric rage, his sadness, his tenderness, his mischievous poetry.

opexNamed after the Ostend region where Arnaud spent his childhood, it is perhaps the Flemish man’s most personal album. The singer comes back to his life in some way, both in musical style and in songs and covers. It all starts with this first nostalgic track, the truth. Arno sings there, and his voice is sound, ” Embrace the past, it no longer exists. We also find a cover of piano sound recorded in 2021 with pianist Sofiane Bamart, nothing short of a duet with his perpetual idol, Mireille Mathieu, on the title. Farewell La Paloma. A piece he couldn’t hear in its final version, because the Avignon singer was finishing recording her role on the same day Arnault died.

On a darker note, the title Grand It rings like a wonderful and slow cave, as it narrates his encounter with the daughter of his grandfather’s lover. The album ends with . I will not go whistleWhich seals the singer’s playfulness. ” It all starts and ends with the blues. » opex The urgency is evident, and the words of disastrous beauty offer us a hymn to life in overwhelming chiaroscuro.

Released September 30, 2022

Favorite : I will not go whistleAnd the GrandAnd the one night with you

Roman Farajni

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