Music in Brief #2: Summer Nostalgia

Every two weeks, Maze journalists give you an overview of the albums and electronic albums that made music news.

Niteroy- Kachoeira

Kachoeira It is the second version produced by Rin after that Shufa DayDive deeper into the bossa nova and psychic references. Cachoeira is a municipality in the state of Bahia, located in the northern part of Brazil near the coastal city of Salvador. This is where the musician with his five catchy tracks brings us. The EP’s visual aesthetic, especially with this wrapper, is very geometric with natural colors leaning more toward warm colors.

The sounds intersect and the EP in itself is a cruise, between a bossa nova dance with a warm sound, with a perfect spelling on Estrella Duente More gloomy and oceanic tracks ParatyCaused by a certain nostalgia for the passage of time.

If icons of great musicians like Rodrigo Amarante are respected, Niteroy brings to his clips a completely original psychedelic touch, hovering and sometimes even comical.

Released September 30, 2022

heart attack: ParatyAnd the UniverseAnd the Estrella Duente

Eva Duke

Tamino- the desert

Public expectations were high for this new composition. After the critical success ofBest regardsThe tape was just as important as the Egyptian Belgian. On a pongee, the artist stretches and runs with a gentleness that we did not know yet. He weaves his people from opening the disc (Longing) Before venturing into the rocky lands (Charm), Preserve his signature spleen.

A surprise guest, fellow countrywoman Angel also makes her way into the center of the composition, for the great Sunflower. On paper, collaboration isn’t attractive. It is not so: their voices mingle in an atmospheric chorus, accompanied by a piano and jazz atmosphere. It is somewhat similar to an album, which could have been prepared in advance to please a larger audience, but, on the contrary, is richer in emotions and sound surprises.

It was released on September 23, 2022

Favorite : CharmAnd the LongingAnd the You don’t have meAnd the cinnamonAnd the Sunflower

Robin Schmidt

Thomas Gerlett- How weird is anyone?

Parisian singer Thomas Gerlett reveals surprise album for the first time How weird is anyone? Displaced sex, love and soul. From the first song get lazy We find ourselves in a large bed surrounded by candles, cigarettes in mouth and a glass of wine in hand.

French love, sung in English of course, but the sensual vibration of the singer’s deep voice can’t help but charm you. Scattered with pop and seductive main sounds as in the vocal poem with the scents of jazz bossa nova from You can not seeor effective address hackerYou will succumb to the sweet and crazy energy of this first opus. Leaves move and mingle with a gorgeous groove She doesn’t want to danceAccompanied by the sweet voice of Mickey.

Then the culmination of this effort remains the indomitable sonic hike no one knows That the audience will be happy to sing in the choir during the intimate concerts (November 23 at La Cigale). A perfect album for tender nights, sometimes serious or excessive, or sometimes romantic and silky.

Full of dreams and love, this is the coveted soundtrack of life together.

Released September 16, 2022

Favorites: The entire album.

Thomas Solette

Benjamin Bewley – Saint Clair

And this is the blessing of September: Saint ClairBenjamin Bewlay’s tenth studio album, arriving two years later Grand prize. To celebrate his glowing decade, the singer gives us no less than 17 tracks recorded in a Brussels studio with his stage musicians.

Calidum Core, Frigidum Cabot “: A warm heart, a cold head. That’s how it opens Saint Clair, with this short, barely 30-second piece of music – reminiscent of the singer’s basic classical training. Then, immediately, the title follows rosy cheeks. Center of pop rock music with a catchy chorus, along the same lines Love back! where Kitty. Quieter, we find sweets Saint Rita (Patron of Desperate Causes), Saint Germain And the crossing – A walk on the guitar enriched with lyrical chords that make the text on the crossings of migrants at sea rise: Tonight the sea will again spit out the blood of those who had only life before crossing […] Tomorrow the swimmers will nap in front of them without knowing the sadness of the salt and the wind “.

With this disc, Benjamin Bewley presents us with a return to his life – the musical, with (a) Ravel, or in love. By the way, especially in love. Themes running on this album range from love to desire (magic numbers(to disappointment)Santa Clara- In a duet with Clara LucianiBeauty where there is nothing) As in the memoirs, the singer reveals himself and transparently trusts us with his personal thoughts. We find with pleasure his delicate, decisive, provocative and sometimes rough pen, not forgetting his indifferent and sensual voice.

Released September 9, 2022

Favorite : Santa Clara, Ravel, a kitten

Marie Starecki

Maura Massa – Devil’s time

It is well surrounded to find the artist in his new works. PinkPantheress, Shygirl, Erika de Casier, Channel Tres… Your mouth waters, isn’t it? In a short 30-minute crazy dash, the product switches from one type to another between two tracks. UK Garage, Reggaeton, Hyper Bob, there is something for everyone.

Once Mora Massa gets out of his comfort zone, he impresses. infectious hullback dog, a clever blend of R’n’B and house, hypnotizes with each new beat. And there, the saxophone enters and triumphs, until the hoarse voice of the tresses canal rings. ” You like it when I touch her like that “. Suspense.

Released September 16, 2022

Favorite : cakeAnd the electronic movementsAnd the bless meAnd the hullback dog

Robin Schmidt

Little son- like Neptune

In a room overlooking the Delaware River, American soul singer Son Little performs a sunny, groove-filled fourth act, like Neptune. This less blues and folk album gives way to beautiful waves and electronic waves like an air poem 6 am.

But from the first notes of the unconventional drummer, we’re caught up in the new energy of Son Little. Lo-fi calls himself and mingles with the singer’s R’n’B as in like NeptuneAnd the bend the earor stoned love This adds a breath of fresh air to the musical discography.

With this new effort, the Californian is addressing his fears by turning them into sonic joy filled with love and self-confidence. But his soul full of blues is always present, as in slow Does not mean anything On organ / piano retro and charming. A great success for this latest album with the scents of funk, soul, pop and psychedelic.

Released September 9, 2022

Favorite : drummerAnd the 6 amAnd the like NeptuneAnd the bend the earAnd the inside outsideAnd the Does not mean anythingAnd the I don’t have a friendAnd the what is good.

Thomas Solette


The ecstasy and adventure of the European dance of the TDJ phenomenon and its message Infinite SPF It has no limits. With this second part, Montrealer goes to Tulum and presents us with a mixed bag in which we find her friends DJ Paul Seul, fknsyd…

SPF INFINITE II He’s allowed to show his collaborative face, following this summer’s release of his EP TDJ123. We let ourselves drift completely, between contemplation, ecstasy, eccentricity, and nostalgia for the ’90s and ‘2000s. Happy (almost) hardcore style.

43 minutes of feature film dense, quirky and full of caricatures and self-deprecation, doubling references to the metaverse, reality TV, social networks… and ironically, it’s impossible to get away from.

It was released on September 22, 2022

Favorite : Wait another day (Foot Paul Sole), make me feel like dying (Foot Delashout)

Melina El

Grand Corps Malade, Ben Mazué, Gaël Faye – short term

short term It consists of audio memories, samples of the voices Ben Mazue groans before going up on stage, Gaël Faye’s memories, and texts written throughout and anywhere from Grand Corps Malade. Last April, in the middle of the Alps, in the smell of a broom, the three artists met for a week in the Provençal La Fabrique studio. They associate their passion with words, waves and poetry. This cross-collaboration resulted in seven unreleased tracks compiled into an album, released on September 16, in which their common points and experiences respond to one another.

Originally, the project was just a game that originated in a WhatsApp group baptized by Grand Corps Malade” mad “.The goal was to cut, cross, and above all laugh.” We have given ourselves a moment of freedom, without any constraint, without any purpose. There was no problem. » We took the time This is the beginning of the album. The trio recounts this week cut off from the world, like a bubble in the middle of the noise. In this Provencal building, they share their memories, that feeling of the present moment that belongs only to the world of childhood.

the address short term It deals with housing the present moment before it slips away. From this writing was also born focused on nostalgia under my eyelids, which unfolds like a trellis towards childhood. At the beginning of the conversation, the idea of ​​the written story, composed only of dialogues, was born: it is the kidnapping of Benjamin Beaulay, or how the Victoires de la Musique could have happened if all went well.

They imagine ringing in Biolay, answering the intercom before going downstairs, then tragedy strikes. The album lends itself to confidence and introspection; The album accompanies a book written as Made by Frederic Perrault and illustrated by Charlotte Moe. On the last page, we finally discover the first message that Grand Corps Malade – on the initiative of the project – sent to Gaël Faye and Ben Mazué.

The words of each complement the words of the others in a moment of freedom, induced by the limitations, or comfort, of this cocoon of chosen creativity. In this arcs torn from the world, they explore themes of creation, stability, and exile.

Released September 16, 2022

Favorite : under my eyelidsAnd the Who kidnapped Benjamin Bewley?And the short term

Roman Farajni

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