Music risk or gift? The Christian life The Christian life

Martin Luther said, “Music is the daughter of heaven, married to the devil.” Yes, let us reflect on this subject which is part of our life and the liturgy of worship.

Is there good music and bad music? Who decides what is good or bad? Is music very important? What is the place of music in our lives? There will definitely be many different answers…some can’t live without it…and some can’t! Some will be excited about it, and some will be left by the music!

The Bible says anything goes. But I wouldn’t be enslaved to anything, so I shouldn’t be addicted to music either (1 Corinthians 6.12 Because after that, music will become for me like an idol…

The believer must try everything (1 Thessalonians 5.21 So is the music.

Selon Wikipédia: La musique est un art et une activité culturelle consistant à combiner sons et silences au cours du temps. Les paramètres principaux sont le rythme (façon de combiner les sons dans le temps), la hauteur (combinaison dans les fréquences), les nuances et le timbre. Elle est aujourd'hui considérée comme une forme de poésie moderne.

Our Creator has given us the ability to play music, sing, etc. It can bring us joy or anxiety, and no one can argue that music affects our whole being…. And that’s regardless of cultural differences or our personal tastes…

The text speaks to our minds. Soul melody. rhythm of our body.

We have here an important key to evaluating the music and songs we have in the church…

It is clear that we can say that the intellectual and spiritual side is affected by the text. that the spiritual would be influenced by the melody and harmonious functions of music; And that the body through rhythm…

We must decide which part of our being we want to highlight, and therefore which part of our being we want to nurture! Accordingly, we prefer either words, or harmony, or rhythm…

Music in the Bible:

The first time we see a machine to accompany praise exists Exit 15.20. It is a percussion instrument that accompanies the singing and the dance of joy… Let us also note that David plays the harp to repel the evil spirit of Saul in 1 Samuel 16.23. Note again how David arranged the hymn and music for worship 1 records 15.14.

The first time music is mentioned in the Bible, it is certainly not to glorify God, for it is a descendant of Cain, a descendant rebellious to God (Genesis 4.21. Let’s step back a little. “Cain went out from before the Lord and built a city.”Genesis 4.16-17). His descendants, both rebellious and violent, point out that their music reflects the moral state they found themselves in…and should not contribute to God’s glory!

Since then many have misused the music and their chants. I would even say that they spoiled the “music”, because it is often for their glory. Even the glory of Satan. We can also read that pagan worship was always accompanied by music (Daniel 3.5 and so Exodus 32.19). It makes me think of many groups of singers, musicians and other famous stars…

Then in the apocalypse 15.2-3, We see praise accompanied by music in heaven…

We already knew it, but we clearly see that God is meant for music! … Let us not forget that, as a rule, our instrumental songs or music show our mood.

After next week…

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