Odonata presents the album Gravitational Perturbation

Who is behind the Odonata group and how was it formed?
harsh: I am a singer and guitarist, composer and composer, I played in punk bands and then formed Ejectés, with whom I released about fifteen albums and played all over France and around the world. I play a mix of Ska rock and reggae, close to the spirit of Clash or two, with a touch of French song. I love trying my hand at different styles, but I never thought I’d one day join a group like Odonata. This meeting is to some extent the result of chance and limitation.
Fabian was looking for a guitarist, we tried, and the tide went. Due to confinement I had time that I normally miss. This musical adventure attracts me because it makes me approach music, improvisation and creativity differently from my other projects. Finally, my limited culture in metal, death and psychedelic styles allows me complete freedom of expression, without hampering the sound, rhythmic and melody symbols of these different styles. While adapting to the countryside brought by Fabian. For texts, it’s more or less the same process.
Fabian: For my part, I played and co-authored in various groups before Odonata. All of them were psychedelic gangs of different styles, 60’s garage, primary agony, psychedelic agony. Psychedelic dope in all its forms is definitely the universe that drives me. I absolutely love the freedom and surprise of experimentation. I’m also a self-employed person: I create group sketches, videos, textiles, and paperbacks. I consider the Odonata Project as a whole, audio and visual, as a total composition.
my house: Being the last person to join Odonata, I’m also new to the world of doom. It’s a style I never knew before joining the group, in April 2022. But through the songs, I was able to adapt my playing, modeling it around the rhythms and atmosphere created by Fabian and Steve. I’m curious to see how the group will develop.

Can you introduce us to your album? gravitational disturbance and being?
harsh: The journey is a bit like the world of this album, a journey through trance.
my house: It is true that many people point out to us that the album takes the form of paintings, sound and visual. I totally agree with them. When describing our music, the adjectives used are often related to sight and sensory perception.
Fabian: The title derives from the existence’s gravitational turbulence, jolts, and whirlpools that make the journey more like a perpetual fight. Each title is a kind of warlike soundscape often, psychedelic, epic, atmospheric, dark and colourful, thick and ethereal.
gravitational disturbance It is also an experience in itself, through an unlikely combination of its diverse members.

How did you compose it and what are your sources of inspiration?
my house: When I joined the band, Steff and Fabienne had already more or less built the tracks. But with this already eclectic mix, my musical background — I’m more of American rock, panda and hip-hop — the result was surprisingly smooth and automatically pleasing to the ear.
harsh: Fabian brought the tones on which the melodies were laid, and the sounds while structuring the whole, between improvisational syllables and more structured syllables. She also encouraged Fabian to write and sing her own texts. My sources of inspiration are very wide, punk, reggae, ska, drunk, hip-hop, rock, chanson… Cinema is also a great source of inspiration for me, both through its music and through its visuals, which are sometimes very intimate and irresistibly connected like The Léone / Morricone couple.
Fabian: Everything inspires me landscape, movie like Ivan the Terrible Eisenstein, or a painting like ” the dream By Edouard Detaille, Sketchpad by biologist Ernst Haeckel, Esotericism… Anything can trigger and nourish this creative process. However, when I write riffs, I always think of movie images. Music gives me pictures and when I play, I’m in a movie most of the time. However, my influences in music are in bands like Iron Butterfly, Can, Hawkwind, Budgie, Jefferson Airplane, Black Sabbath, and in new bands I really like Ufomammut, Yob, Om, Dark Buddha Rising, Oranssi Pazuzu, Cult of Luna, Mesa. ..

What importance do you give to texts?
harsh: This is important because they have to highlight the desired epic of the songs. I often follow Fabienne’s instructions, put the dough in there, and my letters, I put them in most of my letters. But I conform above all to the desired atmosphere, and search for images and stories in a world between Tolkien and Vikings and Lovecraft, epic shots and frescoes, which ultimately bring us back to man, to us ourselves and to the world to which we belong.
Fabian: When I write a text, I use words like strokes. Words depict the atmosphere, through the images that accompany them subconsciously and through their sounds. Thus, if the meaning is not delivered directly, it reaches the mind through imagination. Realism does not interest me.

What are your automated choices?
Fabian: I did some research in order to get the exact guitar sound. I wanted something dark, thick, and heavy, but at the same time dynamic.
So I chose to play at the same time on two different amplifiers. I also play unflattering to accentuate the dark sound. I also have a pedal pad that allows me to configure the sound according to the evolving ambience.
my house: I decided to bring my “touch” to the record of doom and narcotics already created on the set. Using ghost tones, playing with the sound, depth and echo of the drums, I am very happy with this mix of styles. Beyond drums and guitars, I find that the sounds appear on the album as instruments in their own right. Most of the time they have been reformulated to give them shape, resonance, or even a superhuman dimension. I especially like Whispers, which stands out very well on all tracks, but especially on oriental memories.

How did the studio recordings go?
harsh: Achieving it was also a journey in a way. Because each step leads us into the unknown land of structuring pieces through their recording and mixing, it has each time been a source of research, happy and unhappy discoveries, certainties and doubts. A stressful but exciting experience.
Fabian: The recording went well and we were in the best conditions for the audio recordings. It was very cute and fun, we heard what we were playing, because it was 1ers Recordings and we took a step back.
my house: Moreover, we had a relatively short time to record the album in its final form. The days were intense, especially on the drums, but we came out satisfied and happy with this great experience which for me was a first.

Tell us about the address oriental memories
harsh: This epic mixture and ecstasy, transcribed in this piece, a woman from the north, warrior, sea nomad, is on the bow of the boat, in front of her, the northern sea, under a sky of steel, they return from the east, and she remains puzzled between her world that she rediscovers, Cool but it belongs to him, and her memories of the East warm her.
Fabian: The Orientalist side of the main countryside is an incentive to take off. This is the topic of this piece. I see it as a journey inside the self.

What do you want to bring to the audience with the album gravitational disturbance ?
harsh: Happiness I wish a journey of peace and energy.
Fabian: Sharing, fun, a gap between space and time to banish worries.
my house: I hope the audience will enjoy the album as much as we enjoyed recording it. Whether during the day or in the evening, alone or in company, I find it gravitational disturbance It’s easy to listen to, and any ear you want can listen to.

Can you tell us about the disc cover?
Fabian: I draw a lot and my graphic world is at a crossroads between the natural and the esoteric. I really like nineteenThe tenth Century: biologists, icons, Art Nouveau, esoteric graphics… I designed the entire cover, as well as the screen printing found in the vinyl. I put a sigil in the designs and so the casing is treated like a talisman. Graphics are esoteric.

Are the clips planned and how do you visualize them?
Fabian: I start from a simple idea, about something to photograph oriental memoriesThe starting point was to find an oriental dancer who would be very oriental and feminine and talk about music. Then by watching the rush, I think about how it expresses with the rhythm of the piece, and what I can add to make it aesthetic and coherent with the overall spirit. The recurring theme in the clips I make is the music itself. I love depicting rhythm, vibration, and the physical components of sound.
I’m making a new music video for the next song. The starting point for this is the desire to work on clay modeling in animation.

Are the parties planned and what does the stage represent to you?
my house: Theater is the most important component of the entire musical process. This is where the audience can find out who the artists really are. We are naked, on stage, exposed to everyone’s eyes. However, it is also the place where you can feel more free, and where you can afford things that you could not have done during, for example, the recording phase.
Fabian: The next concert will be on November 19, 2022 at Espace Noriac / Limoges on the occasion of the album’s release.

Thanks to Odonata for answering our interview!

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