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  • – Two days of celebrations to discover the accordion in Cavan

    Accordion Night takes place this weekend in Cavan. On Saturday, from 2 p.m., accordionists Michel Macías and Thierry Crewson lead a band training session. At 9 pm, the Nauz Festival is also organized. On Sunday, from 3 pm, there will be a tea party for “luthiers”, an afternoon around the accordion, including a deiz festival, an exhibition, a conference by Philippe Krümm, instrumental experience, etc.

    Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November at Cavan Village Hall. free entry. contact@tiarvro22.bzh

    – The Beautiful Tomorrow Festival in Saint-Brieuc

    The Program of the Beautiful Tomorrow Festival gives pride of place to live performance, whether through plays intended for young audiences, dance performances, exhibitions, readings, tea parties, and even a ‘choreographed show’ on Saturday, in the streets of the capital. city.

    Until November 27 in the Saint-Brieuc agglomeration. Most of the entertainment is free. Programming at https://de-beaux-lendemains.fr/

    Welsh culture is in the spotlight in the indifferent country

    The Gallo en scène festival takes place in the country of Lamballe until November 28th. On the program of this 19th edition, this weekend: a culinary workshop in Plufrajan, a creative workshop in Jalu in Lambal, a show on the 26th in Brehand, storytelling and theater on Sunday afternoons …

    Until November 28th. Most of the entertainment is free. Programming on www.qerouezee.bzh

    The Shukard Festival in Levinjak

    Choquard pastry, yffiniacaise composed of slipper pastry decorated with three apples. (photo archive The Telegram)

    Shuquard, a local pastry made of slipper pastry topped with three apples, will be discovered in a Costa Rican town. On Saturday, three groups of Yffi’Danse de la Baie will perform different choreographies before the chocard competition, on Sunday, at 4 pm, in the market where there have been festivals.

    Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November. Registration for the chocards competition is until November 26 at 06 70 12 46 59.

    Hellion Magic Festival

    The Hillion en scène festival, organized by the Breizh’n’Magic Association and launched in 2019 by Anthony Rio and Kevin Ascension, returns this Saturday. On the program for this 2022 edition: Pierre Sperry, magician; Xavier Bouillette, tightrope walker; Gildas Borgetto, mentalist.

    Saturday November 26th at 8:30pm at Espace George Planet. From the age of 7 years. 15 euros. 02 96 32 21 04.

    – Ouïr’Lire festival themed with nature at Ploeuc-L’Hermitage

    After yelling at the market for several years, Gaspard Verdure has relaunched the formula but in a more individual way.
    Gaspard Verdure will be at the Ouir’Lire Music Book Festival in Ploeuc-L’Hermitage this weekend. (Photo archive The Telegram / Gwénaëlle Le Ny)

    Twenty publishers and forty authors are expected to attend the Ouïr’Lire Music Book Festival. Novels, children’s books, and comics will be there. Students from the music schools of Bloeuk-Lahermitage and Bledran will give a musical touch to this second edition on the theme of nature.

    Saturday, November 26 and 27, 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., at the Village Hall. free.

    – Emotional bulge in Blinov Val Andrei

    Ville Burnouf’s Camp Vert Village is hosting sixteen performances this weekend (music, storytelling, theater and songs) spread across four rooms. A false contest where it will be a matter of inventing the legend of the three flamingos, the name of the organizing union, will complete this festival.

    Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th, at Camp Vert in Ville Bernouf. Day pass: 5/8/10 €; Two-day pass: 8/14/18 euros.

    – A weekend around the Nantes-Priest Canal in Glommel

    In preparation for the bicentenary of the Tranchée de Bagnards de Glomel, exhibitions, conferences, nature walks or historical walks around the canal are organized this weekend.

    Saturday, November 26th and Sunday, November 27th, from 10 a.m., at the Salle du Lac. free entry.

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  • – Concert of the twentieth anniversary of the People’s Choir and Songs in Brest

    After publishing a book to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Brest Choir, Peuple et chansons, it’s time for music this Sunday, at Mac Orlan’s, with a collection that includes songs related to the Commune or even the “Penn sardine” rebellion. The Lorient Memory Choir will also be present.

    Sunday, November 27th at 3pm at Mac Orlan’s. 10 euros.

    High Tide Festival in Brest

    The 24th edition of the oral “Great Tide” festival will take you on a journey through the land of Brest, from Daoulas to Saint-Pabu, on the theme “Connecting the Humanities”.

    Until December 2, in the country of Brest. Although many shows are free to enter, reservations are highly recommended. Full program reservations at www.grande-maree.net

    – A large designer market in Plougastel-Daoulas

    The Strawberry Museum and Heritage hosts a large designer market on Sundays. About forty artists and craftsmen will present their creations there.

    Sunday November 27th from 10 am to 6 pm at the Strawberry & Heritage Museum. free.

    Morlicks Youth Book Fair

    The Roudour Cultural Center is hosting the 11th edition of the Morlaix Youth Book Fair this weekend with nature as a theme. Twenty authors, including three from Brittany, will meet young readers and their parents. Workshops, events, performances, exhibitions, painting competitions and three films at La Salamandre are also on the programme.

    Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November, from 10 am to 6 pm, in Rodour, in Saint-Martin-des-Champs. free. Program on labaiedeslivres.com

    – Festival theater for all ages from a very early theater in Quimbé

    The 21st edition of the Théâtre À Tout Age festival sweeps through 27 cities in Finistère with more than 130 performances. Baby, young or old, all you have to do is let yourself be carried away according to your desires: dance, circus, music, theater, puppets…

    Theater festival for all ages, from 28 November to 17 December, in 27 cities in Finistère. Programming, times and booking information on tres-tot-theatre.com

    – Bigaudin Book Fair, Pont-l’Abbée

    This weekend the Bigouden Book Fair returns to Pont-l'Abbé.
    This weekend the Bigouden Book Fair returns to Pont-l’Abbé. (Photo archive The Telegram / Steven Lecornu)

    Meeting with almost 60 authors, most of them Breton, in very different genres: novels, thrillers, history, poetry, comics … Guests to remember: the show’s sponsor, writer Walker and traveler Bernard Perrault, Pierre Joleteker, Alain Gutal Or Serge Dugo, or Jean-Yves Brzich, or Pierre Boucheret. Opening Saturday at 10 am, poetry competition prize delivery at 11 am, pancakes and kouigns. Saturday 7pm: “Sing and Talk” concert by Fouesnant Louis Bertholom accompanied by jazz musicians Yvonnick Penven (guitar) and Gilles Scouarnec (double bass).

    Saturday, November 26th and Sunday, November 27th from 10am-7pm at Triskel. free.

    – A wonderful sight in Rosporden

    The “Pool,” an immersive and all-encompassing show, will be presented on Sunday at the Rozanduc water area. A show exploring aquatic worlds, presented by 12 people from Concarnois Esat des Papillons Blancs.

    Sunday November 27th at 6pm at the Rozanduc Aquarium in Rosporden. free entry. Swimming pool gauge from 14 years old (swimsuit and cover compulsory) or “dry” gauge. Reservation at the Cac ticket office.

    – Christmas for the Creators at Château de Kerjean de Saint-Vougay

    Christmas for the Creators returns to the Château de Kerjean from November 25-27 with new models. 31 craftsmen and designers are meticulously selected for their production quality and know-how. They will present their original creations in about twenty rooms of the castle.

    Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November from 10am to 5:30pm (last entry). Average visit time: an hour and a half. 2/5 euro. It is recommended to book online at www.cdp29.fr

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  • – West Jazz Festival in Rennes

    Last weekend of concerts. The FULGUROMATiC duo will host an aperitif party from 7pm, followed by the closing concert of the festival with the Nout trio and the Azadi Quartet.

    Saturday November 26th from 7 p.m. Free aperitif, closing party: 5/14/20 €.

    Cultural pubs in the spotlight in Rennes

    Coming from Nantes, the Culture Bar-Bars festival is taking over 14 cafés, bistros and clubs in the Breton capital for some fifty festive events through November 26th. Collective invitations to always taste more love of small scenes.

    Until November 26th in Rennes. Map of the festival evenings on letelegramme.fr.

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  • – Bloharnell at the time of yesterday

    Jill Servat at Espace Marine
    Gil Servat will perform his greatest hits at Bleuharnel back in the day, this weekend. (Photo archive The Telegram / Jean-Yves Collin)

    This weekend, Blu Harnel is diving into the past! The illustrated retrospective will allow you to discover the ancient folk festivals of the region, since 1975 (Guel Bras en Han, Pardon, Lesson Festivals, etc.). Gil Servat will perform some of his songs.

    Saturday 26 at 8 pm and Sunday 27 at 2 pm in the Social and Cultural Hall. 10 euros.

    – Keep the lights on in the van

    For this thirteenth edition themed “cartoon”, a luminous walk is planned at 6 pm, starting from Place Cuxhaven in the direction of the Kercado shopping centre, where a bright village has been installed for the weekend. Storytelling workshops, light productions, and musical entertainment are particularly noted on the program.

    Saturday November 26th from 2 pm at the Socio-Cultural Center in Karkado. free.

    – The Art of Cooking and Culinary Arts Exhibition in Van

    On the program: amateur cooking competitions on cooked oysters, apples, sauces or mackerel, cooking classes for all ages offered by the Aérocook School, wine classes, tastings and presentations by chefs from the region …

    Saturday November 26 and Sunday November 27 from 10am-7pm, and Monday November 28th from 10am-6pm, at the Choir Exhibition Center. +12 years old: 5 euros.

    – Discover the surfing culture in Gödel

    Artists, authors, journalists, scientists, craftsmen, and athletes share their passions and exploits during exhibitions, concerts, performances, and film screenings.

    Until November 27th from 10 am 5/10 € for a day ticket.

    – Youth Book Fair in Lorient

    Opening on Friday, the Young People’s Book Fair continues this weekend. In the program of the 20th literary encounter: performances, a meeting with the editions of Kambourakis, autograph sessions, an escape game and all kinds of entertainment.

    Until Wednesday 30 November at the Palais des Congrès in Lorient. Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November open from 10 am to 7 pm Free.

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