Outdoors from September 26 to October 2, 2022

Northwest: The Soul of Thriller at Grand Soufflet

great bellows Feast: 10 days of world music, 40 bands from France or elsewhere, 70 concerts in 70 places in Rennes and in 45 cities in Ille-et-Vilaine, From the 5th to the 15th of October. And we want more!,” confirms our music delegate Sarah Lou Lan.

Among the world music and music from here, traditional and current, during the 27th edition we will be able to dance and listen to unique and amazing creations. especially those Maya Kamati, a committed woman, artist, author, composer, and performer, combining creole with Malawian rhythms and electronics, building bridges between her indigenous culture and modern pop. Also the duo Cocanha which shakes up the symbols of Occitan polyphony by cultivating their simplicity through face-to-face dance and dance; the singer Rodrigo Cuevas, a half-drag queen, a half-hidalgo folkloric instigator, inspired by the traditional rhythms and songs of northern Spain; French-Lebanese pianist and multi-instrumentalist, Bashar Mar Khalifa who offers unsettling brilliance his musical experiences between classical, jazz, electro and oriental to sing exile, love and hope. Ukrainians from the group girls smoke Who will ignite the hearts of Europeans with a punk club.

Faithful to the history of the festival, the accordion will once again mark the power of motion. Not to be missed, for example, the accordion player alone on stage you are balanine Who created techno based on Finnish music or the tireless Mexican-Leonan musicians cumbia borocaThe festive and communal cumbia followers in the image of this great gathering of discovery and festivities on all floors of the department.

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Northeast: Musica, the festival displays its strength and abundance

music It is a festival of contemporary music and experimental music that takes place every fall in Strasbourg. “Marking its 40th edition, the festival is packing its bags for the first time in Vandover and Nancy, for the weekend, From September 30 to October 2. An unprecedented collaboration with many cultural actors from Nancy, a program that transcends all musical formulas and directs viewers towards powerful and dignified acts.‘,” music delegate Marie-Lynn Foreman identifies.

Cette année, le festival Musica sera placé sous le signe de la relation intime à la musique avec des récits à la première personne, des tranches de vies singulières et toujours plurielles entre classique, festivals, opéras, et “Mini le jeâtre” public.

In the bill, concerts highlighting compositions from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day, notably on September 30 at CCAM in Vandeuffer, Quartet Diotima in Centuries, an immersive performance device for speakers, subwoofers, and four improvisational devices. The quartet will then play two main actions: Quartet Series No. 2 by Gyorgy Ligeti and different trains by Steve Reich. A journey to the frontiers of musical precision mechanics.

On Saturday October 1, 4 concerts are given in 4 different venues:

  • at 18at Théâtre de la Manufacture, Ceremony of the Table with Claire Deterzi and Lou Renaud Bailly to percussion. The singer reveals her repertoire and shows that the true strength of singing composition is manifested in the fragility and subtlety of the moment. (This concert will be recorded by France Musique and broadcast on October 19 at 8 pm party).
  • 7:30 p.m.in Poirel’s room at Nancy, Stroke squad unite with Synergy singing And on the officesLorraine National Opera Orchestra To present some of the most beautiful pages of minimalism proverbs. Four works selected for their introspective qualities: jelly Steve Reich who forms the heart of the show, and who turns it around come to attract the emotional charges of Unanswered question Charles Ives and The sinking of the Titanic by Gavin Brians. Also the famous widget Such as (1995) for voice and group, where Steve Reich builds on a very brief text by philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein: What a small idea to fill an entire life! (How small a thought can fill a lifetime!). In short, an evening mantra during which music unfolds from almost nothing to becoming little by little.
  • 9:30 p.m.outdoors on Stanislas Square, meet with fire. Opera exhibited Matthew Coragode, a young personality in the musical theater, to implement a project in the heart of Nancy. performance blends Opera Choir and Orchestrain addition to video mapping of the building facade.
  • at 10:00.at MJC Lillebonne, in the center of Nancy, in collaboration with Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Musica invites the electric duo of Strasbourg still. A delightful end to the evening in one of the city’s most beautiful Renaissance monuments.

Sunday October 2, two events not to be missed:

  • 11 oclockat the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy, black angels Composed by George Crum in 1970 and interpreted Diotima Quartet With unusual instruments played by musicians, among other things: crystal goblets and gongs.
  • 15 hoursAt the National Opera in Lorraine, like the bodyan opera composed by Sivan Eldarinto a script for the playwright Cordelia Linat the stage of sefia costa About the environmental crisis through human and romantic relationships.

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Sud-Ouest: the sharp sweetness and muted color of pop and rap

Pop and rap music will participate in the stage Krakatoa from MerignacAnd the Friday 30 September with Marie Flora And the son of Kara8:30 p.m.

On the pop side: singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Marie Flora, with a pretty cat face with a heart-skinned complexion, her eyes are crystal blue, and her language is unparalleled. Capable of transitioning from an ethereal piano sound to a pop music tinged with urbanism and modernity, Marie Fleur comes to the defense of her new album. I don’t know if it’s okay It was released last June. “Performance is an art to master: seductive, defiant, sarcastic, and literally out of the ordinary, Marie Fleur has our hearts pounding on stage.,” confirms our music delegate Muriel Schdotal.

Sooner or later you will succumb to his “hymns” of love! :

On the rap side: discover the songwriter son of Kara. The latter of his rap develops his voice between softness and colour, with a crispness that tells of his day and night wanderings. after his project Sizes presents his second EP, imagination, 8 Pieces of Life, 8 Landscape sequences constructed as much as possible from words in a poetic world that fueled his journey and his origins: his ancestral Sicily, his birthplace of Saint-Etienne, his work as a factory worker and his arrival in Paris to live out his musical project. Then his mother Carmela, who gave him the name of the artist Kara.

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Southeast: Rhino Jazz Festival(s): Centuries of Fame

The 44th Edition of Rhino Jazz(s)created with his animal mascot by the illustrator Jack Barrytake place From 1 to 23 October In 28 cities between Loire and Rhone by presenting 42 concerts, 2 creations, 290 musicians, 1 photo exhibition, performances and conferences.

Hyper-creative, this musical rendezvous takes into account jazz, from blues to soul, including a hint of rock. There is something for everyone with emerging artists and in-demand headlines around the world,” confirms our music delegate Veronique Heller.

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Among the unmissable events, Belmondo brothers Revisiting Miles Davis’ Themes for Film Elevator to the gallows And some cult soundtracks from the legendary years when jazz dominated the cinema. It offers unlimited musical adventures in a specially varied version where you can listen to the fascinating world of the pianist Maestro tea In the trio, duel duo sax and clarinet Nosax Nuclearthe groove of the future soul of Laurent Bardeen and the Freshwater Tigersbut also youOld school funky family On the side of revelation, Polylogue from Sillaa group from the Basque Country, led by the composer and guitarist Kevin Bouquetnu-soul, a blend that blends soul with afro-jazz, R&B, and hip-hop, all topped with an electric hot sauce.

Also not to be missed is the wonderful band Loire and Lyon led by Daniel Kaoka Who calls the saxophonist Lionel Martinin a major work of contemporary repertoire, the famous fire bird It was written by young Igor Stravinsky at the age of 28 and premiered at the Paris Opera in 1910.

After these “funny birds Don’t miss the Night of the Blues with these two giants: Big Daddy Wilson whose blues voice and melody won numerous awards and Otis Taylor40 years of profession and a hypnotic voice. To conclude the ceremony with a festival cat and mint For a return to the 1940s and 1950s in the United States between country, dance and swing.

Throughout the festival, discover the extraordinary exhibition at the Ceysson-Bénétière Gallery in Saint-Étienne, which consists of nearly a hundred signed photographs. Pierre Terrassonthe primary star photographer and distinguished witness to the history of music from the 1980s to the present day.

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