Overwhelmed journalist, I tell you how I experienced this race, which is my first

Well, well, I didn’t run. But I followed all Marseille-Cassis and found many extraordinary brave people. So I have quite a few stories to tell you, experienced from the back of an electric motorcycle, except for the end…

All you need to know about the Marseille-Cassis race:
Marseille-Cassis 2022

Since I know I’ll be covering the famous Marseille-Cassis, I’m constantly meeting runners. The day before D-Day, I met them in the old port, on the metro, on the Prado. In short, they are everywhere. They are training.

I am scheduled for 6am, at the France 3 editorial office, this Sunday, October 30, 2022 to follow the race. There again, I met a jogger coming from the “Rond Point du Prado” metro station. So some are getting very early to the starting point of this legendary race: the first surprise.

I’ve never run or praised a race like this so I’m figuring it all out, and I intend to tell you everything.

The Braves arrive in dribbling and dribbling, and then en masse at the Velodrome where they expect. I then learned that they were separated into groups of 2,500 and that they would start every five minutes (each runner’s time starts individually). In the crowd, I mostly noticed the costumes, the colors, the flowing shirts… Hundreds of combinations working for a good cause.

Among them, some members of I Run for Tom support children with autism.

Some run alone, always for a good reason. This is the case of Katja Bergamelli, president of the “Tcap21” association. A mother of a 25-year-old girl with Down syndrome, she is participating in the Marseille-Cassis event to get her message across: “Our children must be included in society.” She is holding balloons forming a giant sea urchin, “blue coast logo and Tcap 21Katya reports.

Then there’s Alan, 37. He is registered with the Association “Healing Cancer”. Passionate about sports and especially running on the trail, he is already fantasizing about it after Marseille-Cassis 2022.”My project is to meet the challenge in 2024: from Notre Dame de la Garde to the top of the Eiffel Tower, runningDetermined, confirms:The main thing is to share and talk about the things that bring us together and not the things that separate us“.

Before we hit the road on our electric motorcycle, we let the first waves pass, including the waves of the elites. On the side of the road, two runners seem ready to join the race. However, they do not have a bib.

Delilah, on the one hand, comes from Paris. I failed to register because 20,000 slots were sold in just six weeks. “It’s an increasingly popular race I get the impression, be it… or much better for that matterShe laughs at who she’s trying to join her friends on the road.Then we will have lunch together in Cassis. The only difference between me and them is that I can’t cross the finish line.“She regrets it. And she resumes:”But I’m not disappointed because the goal is somewhere else… I’m preparing for half of Poland. “

On the other hand, Audrey is from Marseille. Regular in this legendary race. She is also waiting, without a bib, to join her group of friends. For her, it is impossible not to run this year.

Video length: 51 seconds

Audrey participates in the race without a bib.

© FTV / K. Cassuto

I like everything. And I’m curious about each other’s stories. So before I hit the motorcycle, I talk over and over again. And Daniel, my pilot too! Every runner seems to have a certain profile, an anecdote, something to tell.

When we finally decide to take the road on a motorbike, Daniel slows down really fast because we’re still attracted by someone in our path: Claude.

We drive on his left, on his left. I gave him my microphone. Claude is a grandfather. What I like first of all is the back of his shirt. A piece of an old faded teal tank blouse that reads: “Marseille X – Cassis”. Racing has been around for 43 years. Explain to me:This is my twenty-seventh Marseille Cassis“Before he could catch his breath, between two steps. And on the front of his gown, his grandchildren, Octave and Alexandra, flocked,”Grandpa you are the strongest! We love you!“On the way, this Gardani explains to me that he has lost friends, with whom he has run away. He tells me, not without affection.

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Claude is my favourite, personally and of course.

© FTV / K. Cassuto

Then the race continues under the southeast sun. And that’s what everyone notices, even Henry, at the 10km supply level, halfway to it.

It’s very, very hot today so they drink a lot. Last year there was a lot of water left, but I think there won’t be much left this year.

Henry, a volunteer distributing water at the tenth kilometer ambulance station

Arriving at his water platform, the contestants threw themselves on the first water bottle placed on a wooden table. Volunteers keep repeating:There are some on all tables, several meters high, go ahead“.

To help the runners withstand this heat, I met two people who water the participants with their garden hoses. On the sides, they are encouraged by friends, families, and strangers.

Throughout the race, we meet the fans. There is a family: the wife and children (twins) come to applaud the husband and father. “We’ve seen it! He even gave me a check!“One of the girls is happy. The other adds:”When I’m 17, I’m going to run this race with him!under the proud eyes of his mother.

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The orchestra, families, friends and strangers encourage the participants with all their might.

© FTV / K. Cassuto

There is also a young man from Marseille who came to surprise his friend. “Bravo Caro “points, in printed letters, his white sheet which he holds firmly in both hands, over his head.” I hope you see me, and be happy“He is running out of patience.

to me Next to them, often, the orchestra. to me About ten times during the race, music is heard and it also seems to encourage the athletes strongly. Rhythm, rock, brazilian music, african music…every beat tempts and stimulates.

Many feelings can be read on faces, even on my own.

It’s 11:13 a.m. when a police motorbike rushes in, lights and sirens flash at full speed. So the pilot, a policeman, waves his hand. The crowd complies and moves aside. Behind him, a fire truck carrying a wounded man. We are close to the fourteenth kilometer.

This horror contrasts with the two photographers, barely a few hundred meters away, shouting to announce from their loudspeakers: “a smile!“They address each bib individually.”Number 5632, smile!

But until the end of the race, concerns return. Several times I saw firefighters running towards the crowd. to me Only a kilometer from the end, I noticed one person, then two, then six people on the ground with their survival blankets.

It’s not for nothing that the past few days, I’ve seen runners training everywhere! “You must be careful. A race like this really requires preparationA firefighter explains.

A few times of urinating on the road or rather in the face of lavish landscapes … sea as far as the eye and turquoise streams. Climbing, descending … and encouraging: “he goes ! againstThe smell of pastis is there!Two little girls, in the middle of a small road, sing:It’s almost time for an aperitif!“The crowd, who came to cheer on the runners, is getting bigger and bigger.

Video length: 40 seconds

The landscapes are breathtaking, and they are enough to motivate runners.

© FTV / K. Cassuto

to me Three hundred meters from the end, I think it’s the end when I hear “In an organized gang, no one can direct usFrom powerful speakers. Smiles on Marseillais’ lips to the sound of this song thought by rapper Jul, which has become legendary.

Suddenly escape. Arrival takes place in the heart of Provence vineyards, it is wonderful.

Except that after crossing the line, each runner stops. Then a huge queue forms. I rushed inside because I decided to run in the last 100m with Jacques, a tired but happy Marseille. It would take me an hour to get out of the runners aisle, where everyone collected their medals and small gifts.

Next time, I hope to get some too. But for that, you have to start training!

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