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Like the vast majority of Ferrari’s range, the 296 is also in the Spyder GTS version. Just to take advantage of a little more of the dual mood offered by the electrified V6, the most powerful on the market. An encounter with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, felt in the wind, between the Maranello stronghold and the Mediterranean coast.

What doesn’t change between the 296 GTB or the GTS is the first action behind the wheel. The direct effect of our smartphone addiction, the beast comes alive by pressing the touch button on the steering wheel. Finally life comes… She makes a few electronic sounds to confirm that she has opened her eyes. The GTS Special Experience then begins, pulling the trigger that fires from top to bottom. Le cache arrière se dresse presque à la verticale, le toit se scinde en deux et, un peu à la manière d’une Renault Wind (j’assume), l’ensemble pivote à 180° pour aller se cacher entre l’habitacle et the engine. Relatively simple kinematics that require only 14 seconds and if necessary while driving up to 45 km / h. Choosing this GTS’s spider instead of a convertible allows the GTB’s lines to be kept pure. But also to preserve the material to work on the resistance of the material. So, to maintain GTB-like performance, Ferrari has improved torsional stiffness by 50% and bending strength by 8% on the A-pillars and B-pillars and door sills.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The journey that takes us from Maranello to the small winding roads of the neighboring mountain ranges takes place first in the hybrid mode, in absolute silence. Who does not fail to annoy typhus… passersby. The politically correct rhetoric is to say that the main advantage of this hybrid engine is the access to export processing zones. To reach a distance of twenty kilometers to drive without polluting and in peace. This is said to be true. Now, a place for passion. Because the hybrid 296 GTS is somewhat similar to the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There is another, more impudent character hiding behind all this, this time in the service of pure performance. The strategy comes straight from Formula 1, where electricity brings a huge surplus of power and with a battery of barely 7.45 kWh, it quickly recharges while driving. By overconsumption? Inevitably it is impossible to know how much of this information cannot be displayed on the plane. It’s like asking how old a lady is, it’s not over. To properly charge it, 296 GTS can be connected, which will take no more than an hour. Or go into hybrid driving mode and force the load by messing with the interface. To go as fast as possible, simply activate the performance mode on the steering wheel. It also recharges the battery to the maximum, in addition to providing better performance. We are selected quickly, we do not pay for gasoline during tests intended for the press. In this mode, about twenty kilometers at normal speed is enough to get a full battery. There is still a mode above, Quali, which adds another layer in performance but recharges at a slightly lower rate.


Thus, the 830 hp V6 hybrid engine is fully available. The throttle must be crushed to a stop. The thrust is already breathtaking in the middle of the stroke. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and then the slightly longer seventh and eighth gear makes it possible to reach unmentioned speeds from 5000 rpm knowing the red zone is 8500 rpm! The laces that are presented to us are threaded together so quickly that there is no time to light the diodes at the wheel and strive for such maximum speed. It really vibrates in all directions, resisting the continuous G neck as much as possible. Left Right, Left Right, Pin. Uh! Chance to get in the way out? Yes, a split second because second and third gears take you to such a speed that it’s time to stab the brakes again quickly and so on… 1 or 2 cm of pressure on the brake pedal is enough to compress carbon ceramic discs that can separate the vertebrae of ignorance. Perfect touch on the wire brake pedal, endless power and endurance allow you to propel farther away from the declension of braking and peaking. The 296’s front axle is also a rarer directionality. A 20-degree angle in the steering wheel is sufficient for most of the shifts on our road, except for the hairpins. Unlike other types, the 296’s wheel setup does not result in the straight-line handling inaccuracies often seen when thrust force is pushed too hard. It all has impressive balance-neutrality while the box-unit/MGU-K/V6 is stacked in a sandwich only on the rear axle (unlike for example the SF90, where its hybrid members are distributed over two working gears). An active wing, which generates 100 kg of downforce, also helps ensure the 296’s stability at high speeds.

open air concert

The second part of the route on the old motorways around Genoa is less winding, but more choppy. And it started blowing hard in the cabin even if Ferrari worked specifically on the antenna to reduce turbulence. By making sure, for example, that air is sent licking the windshield neatly towards this spoiler behind the head. The latter also directs flow into the engine to maintain cooling compared to the GTB. But even by adjusting the small electric skylight between the headrests, the noise is still present at high speed. Aero is annoying, it’s my body. Fortunately, the numerous tunnels of this Trans-Alpine motorway slightly protect us from the drafts and thus reduce parasitic noise, a perfect occasion to take advantage of more easily from Ferrari’s new album.

The various performance instruments that have us climbing for miles are musical instruments that play their own part in the concert by the 296 GTS. Up front is a 122 kW (167 hp) electric “wizz” followed by a rock ‘n’ roll eighth that’s already high in fat and saturated, powered by a 6-cylinder V at 120° and 630 hp on its own. Then their twin turbochargers kick in, with each bell being clearly heard to finish generating a maximum torque of 740 Nm at 6250 rpm. Passing the 7,000-rpm milestone, the hybrid V6 justifies its nickname “piccolo V12” (“small V12”). Because now a metallic howl fills the cabin. Kirk Hammett’s Real Single. This musical ends with foot lifters incorporating a waste gate, releasing excess air in a sound that leaves no ambiguity about how much power the 296 has just generated.

Different but still good

Returning to Maranello, one conclusion emerges: despite losing some nobility through downsizing, Ferrari has indeed produced a small masterpiece of mechanics and technology that plays the game of our electrified age, without sacrificing the performance and fun expected of Maranello supercars. It is not the same as before, yes that is true, but the score that Mr. Hyde played outdoors would immediately fill the purists with the emotions they thought they had disappointed. You just have to show the same open-mindedness that the 296 GTS lets you discover right at your fingertips.



  • chassis balance
  • The irreparable and tireless braking
  • Keep the spider line even with the top down

We love less

  • Convertible Vehicle Air Noise
  • The potential squeak of the carbon-ceramic brakes disturbs the silence in EV mode
  • Plastic steering wheel turn signal controls


  • From: 315,377 euros
  • Manufacturer average consumption / average test (l-kW / 100 km): in the context of approval / not viewable
  • CO2/Bonus: Awaiting Approval
  • Financial strength: nc
  • Country of manufacture: Italy

technical card

  • Engine: 120 ° V6, 2,992 cc, turbo, dry sump + electric motor, lithium-ion battery, 7.45 kWh
  • Transmission: rear-wheel drive, 8-speed F1 automatic
  • Power (hp @ rpm): 663 @ NC + 137 (electric), 830 cumulative power @ 8000
  • Torque (Nm at rpm): NC to NC +315, 740 cumulative at 6250
  • Weight (kg): 1,540
  • Length x width x height. (M): 4.57 x 1.96 x 1.19
  • Wheelbase (m): 2.60
  • Inflection circle (m): NC
  • Top speed (km/h): >330 (135 in electric mode)
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 2″ 9
  • EV (km): 25
  • Standard tires: front, 245/35 ZR 20, rear, 305/35 ZR 20
  • Tire test: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

He lives

Recommended options

  • Carbon steering wheel + LED lights at €3,600
  • Front elevator at 4,080 euros

offered a set

  • 296 GTS: 830 hp, 315,377 euros
  • 296 GTS Assetto Fiorano package: €34,777

Main competitors

  • McLaren 765 LT Spider, 765 hp, from 372,500 euros
  • Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, 650 hp, from 247,992 euros
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster, 700 HP, NC (Not Available)
  • McLaren Artura (only another V6 hybrid on the market even if not a convertible), 680 hp, from 232.500 euros

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