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Lionel Martin Opens Rhino Jazz in St-Etienne (here at Jazz à Vienne)

Jazz Diary: The Rhino Jazz Festival will once again set the pace for October

The week, of course, features the start of the 44th Rhino Jazz Festival. A festival unique, in terms of its programs and its itinerant approach: if he did not forget to pass through Lyon and Saint-Etienne, he would not hesitate to take the crew of pilgrims to go and preach good music in the cities we seldom speak of. A popular approach today, be it the Five Continents Festival in Provence or Parfums de Jazz in Drôme.

Rhino also has the peculiarity of making each of his visits a heritage event, here settling in an old room renovated by the town hall, up there in a beautiful sleeper chapel, not to mention the countless multi-purpose rooms he quickly passes through.

But you get that, even if now it is customary to recommend a bike, train or scooter for getting around, here it is better to be able to count on a car to run on time for that appointment.

Among the many concerts that will be held until October 23, we will obviously have a double for tomorrow’s concert, planned at the Saint-Étienne Opera: Lionel Martin, more and more important, presents the festival in his own way. He will be on stage with the OSE Orchestra and its conductor Daniel Kawka, evoking Igor Stravinsky’s Firebird.

The week was also marked by the presentation of a stay for cellist Vincent Courtois at the Amphitheater de Lopera de Leon. A stay that extends until Sunday and intends to create multiple bridges: between jazz and classical music, between jazz and literature, between “live” music and the basic film that is found and played on the stage, not forgetting the master classes planned for a place living in the company of the audience. interesting.

Tuesday 4 October

As part of the Rhino Jazz Festival

The 44th edition of the Rhino Jazz Festival has just begun. From October 1 to 23, it offers up to several days of music with 42 concerts on the bill (often several on the same day) and no less than 290 guest musicians.

Opera de Saint-Etienne: funny birds to meet .. from a fire!

OSE Orchestra! Meet saxophonist Lionel Martin under the direction of Daniel Cauca

Daniel Cauca, a 20th century music specialist, has launched OSE! In 2013, it is a symphony orchestra of about 65 professional instrumentalists to tackle the ambitious musical repertoire. Barely born, this composition Rhino gave an unforgettable re-creation of Ravel’s concerto in G with several soloists highlighting the influence of jazz on the neoclassical composer. This time the festival presents the orchestra from Ligeria-Lyon in another major work of contemporary reference, the famous Firebird written by Igor Stravinsky (then 28 years old) at the start of the new century and which premiered at the 1910 Paris Opera for Diaghilev’s Russian Ballet. Three years before the Rite of Spring, this work, from a Russian fairy tale and written for a great symphony orchestra, revealed a startling novelty. The concert brings together saxophonist Lionel Martin, known for his extraordinary performance that blends jazz, rock and contemporary music at the same time. Whether perched in a tree (that was more than 20 years ago when a version of the unicorn was released) or enclosed in an enclosure, the saxophonist brings to each of his interventions a rare intensity that transforms theatrical acts.

Daniel Kawka: Direction, OSE! : symphony orchestra, Lionel Martin: saxophonist

* At the Saint-Etienne Opera, 8 pm (prices: 30 euros and 25 euros)

Firmini: The Ana Carla Mazza Quartet

The cellist and singer just released a new album, “Bahia”. You will be on stage in the quartet.

With Anna Carla Mazza: cello, voice – Mark Aiza: drums – Luis Guerra: percussion – Roger Mas: piano

* At the Maison de la Culture Le Corbusier, 8 pm (prices: €25 and €20)

Wednesday October 5

endoscope : bridge = 2-2 / don’t tell

With Mai Sugimoto (alto saxophone), Raymond Boni (guitar), Paul Rogers (double bass) and Anton Hatwich (double bass).

* Concert at 9 pm. Prices: 8/10 euros.

The Hot Club of Lyon: Jam New Orleans – Swing with the Stomp Factorthere

Every Wednesday of the month, meet at the Hot Club with The Stomp Factory for the New Orleans – Swing jam. The Stomp Factory honors early jazz bands. There we find the spirit of Jelly Roll Morton, Satchmo or the legendary Buddy Bolden. Led by trumpeter Thomas Le Roux, this group perpetuates the New Orleans Jazz tradition.

Concert at 8:30 pm. Free entry (but prior membership is required via the Hot Club de Lyo websiteNot)

Amphitheater Opera de Leon: Vincent Courtois Weeks

Jazz is rare in my amphi. That’s all the more reason to recommend the residence of Vincent Courtois, the cellist, who will be the host until Sunday. We find there all the charms of these dwellings that make it possible to discover the many facets of the musician. Concerts, film escorts, live classes open to the public, and even a rediscovery of the disc that particularly marked Vincent Courtois and which he will present himself (read below). The musical evoking of a book by Jack London is considered one of his most successful writings.

Vincent Courtois presents “China” to Louis Sclavis

At the start of his week at the Opera Underground, cellist Vincent Courtois passes through the Disc of the Century box and engages the audience in full listening to an album that has been on his journey a lover of music and a musician. Without the slightest hesitation, he chose “China” (1989): a bold and unusual cross between jazz, world music and imaginative folklore, recorded by Lyon clarinetist and saxophonist Louis Sclaves with François Roulin (keyboards, piano), Bruno Chevellon (double bass) Christian Feil (drums) and Dominic Pivarelli (violin). Louis Sclavis has been one of Vincent Courtois’s playing partners for many years now. But this choice reminds us that he was also and above all for him, awake to inspiration(s), an explorer(s). This hearing will be held in his presence.

. At the Amphitheater Opera at 12:30pm (disc shown and then played in full). free entry.

Evoking Martin Eden, one of Jack London’s most important works

The first concert of this dense residence of the cellist which combines concerts, master classes and re-reading of an important disc within the framework of the “Century Disc”.

With Vincent Courtois – cello, Robin Vinker – tenor saxophone, Daniel Erdmann – tenor saxophone, Pierre Baux – voice and adaptation, John Graves – voice.

* Party start: 8 pm.

Keystone: Wednesday Jam

* Concert at 8:30 pm.

Live Radio: Jazz Chorus on Crock Radio (8 p.m.)

Philip Simoncy, as we know, who hosts the show, greeted François Gagny, artistic director of Jazz En Beaver, that evening. They plan to peel off the upcoming festival program together. Not forgetting the first date: October 14, Jazz in the Beaver welcomes the Jackie Terrasson trio.

*Listen Wednesday, October 5 on Crock Radio (89.5 FM): Jazz Chorus broadcasts live from 8pm to 9pm Thursday, October 6

Thursday October 6

Lyon Hot Club: John Lander Trio

This instrumentalist and multi-instrumentalist from New York has since last year found himself attached to the Opera de Lyon where he has made a notable career in dance. Evening summary, standards and compositions.

* Concert at 8:30 pm.

Keystone: Hervey Salamon

Concert at 8:30 pm.

Rhino Jazz Festival

Saint-Etienne: Chloé Mons trio

The singer/pianist will be in a trio with Fred Gaspard: saxophone and Yann Beach: guitar

This concert is being held as part of Pierre Terrasson’s photo exhibition at the gallery.

* 8 p.m. at Ceysson and Bénétière . Gallery

7pm: Wine tasting, in the presence of winegrowers and in partnership with The Gallery Restaurant, before the concert.

Amphitheater Opera de Lyon: Vincent Courtois Week

From October 6 to 8, a course for cellists in the form of 6 public master classes (the audience is invited to follow the session and discover one of the guest artists). These six master classes will be presented by Noemi Botín, Vincent Courtois and Eric-Maria Couturier (soloist of the band Intercontemporain).

(See timetables on the Lyon Opera website. Each semester is scheduled to last one hour.)

Noémie Boutin and Matthew Sharp concert: “We need to talk.”

* Concert at 7 pm. Admission: 8 euros

Friday 7 October

Rhino Jazz Festival

Saint Martin La Plaine: Apolyog of Silla

Concert with LAURÈNE PIERRE-MAGNANI: vocals – KEVIN BUCQUET: bass, talkbox, synth – ROMAIN GRATALON: drums – KEVIN LARRIVEAU: keyboards – HUGO VALANTIN: guitar

* 8:30 pm in Saint-Martin-la Plaine

Hot Club Lyon: Pablo Campos Trio

In the evening’s summary, there’s no doubt that the covers of “People Will Say” were the last album Pablos Campos recorded as lead and which garnered a lot of attention.

* Concert at 8:30 pm.

Keystone: Stephen Vincenza

* Concert at 8:30 pm.

Amphitheater Opera de Lyon: Vincent Courtois Week

Vincent Courtois and Eric Maria Couturier concert

* Concert at 7 pm. Admission: 8 euros

Toï Toï le Zinc: The Psycho Syndicate + Shingouz + The Moon Mermaids

Concert at 8:30 pm. Price: 5.50 EUR

Saturday October 8

Rhino Jazz Festival

No less than three different parties tonight: at La Fouillouse, Tartaras and Feurs

La Fuse: Butchers

With CIARA THOMPSON: vocals – BRICE PARISOT: trombone – JEAN JOLY: Bass – SYLVAIN LORENS: guitar – THIBAUT FONTANA: saxophone – Jocelyn Sotrenon: drums

* VoylooseMultipurpose room. at 20. (prices: 20 and 15 euros)

tartar : Minor quartet singing

With Yannick Alcoser: guitar – Jane Lardanchet: violin – Sylvain Porrat: double bass – Laurent Vincenza: guitar

* In Tartaras, Space Le Chatelard. Concert at 8:30 pm. (prices: 17 and 14 euros).

flowers : old school funky family

Rhythm booster to get back to some funk songs….

* In Fierce, Rosier Palace. 8:30 p.m.

Lyon Hot Club:

Previously: The Jam Jazz Before

The traditional hot club jam in free entry and no restart which starts at 3pm.

Thomas Ibanez feat Joe Magnarelli: An encounter between a saxophonist and a trumpeter who plays here as a quintet.

* Concert at 8:30 pm.

Keystone: Stephen Vincenza

* Concert at 8:30 pm.

Amphi-Opéra de Lyon: The Cello of Tomorrow

On the evening of this third day of cello workshops, each of the six trainees presents and plays an individual piece of their choice. The program runs through two creatives commissioned by Ateliers du Violoncelle.

Program: Cello Solos 6 pieces selected by Ateliers trainees. Raphaël Merlin Beans (creation), performed by Robin de Talhout Marion Frère Baou (supervised by Eric Maria Couturier) performed by Hortense Ayrault

Concert at 7 pm (Free entry)

Modern Grocery (Visin): JoJo Penguin

They are from Manchester. Jazz but not only: multi-current, ethereal rock, electronic reinforcement, fusion or soft jazz. The party is organized in partnership with Le Périscope de Lyon.

* Concert at 8:30 pm. Prices: from 16 to 20 euros

Sunday October 9

Rhino Jazz Festival

Dargwar Solo: Tony Kazima

The pianist/singer will already be alone on stage. A familiar character in the Leon scene, his voice does not leave anyone indifferent, especially when he covers some great songs from the repertoire.

* Auberge Laffont in Dargoire, 6 pm. (prices: 17 and 14 euros).

The Keystone: Poll Winners

* Concert at 7:30 pm.

Amphi-Opéra de l’Opéra: Vincent Courtois “Finis Terrae”

Cinematic Party based on Jean Epstein (1929)

The film takes place on Bannec Island off the coast of Ouessant. Vincent Courtois signs the film’s soundtrack and will play in a new quintet:

Vincent Courtois – cello, Robin Vincker – clarinet and saxophone, Sophie Bernado – bassoon, Janique Martin – accordion, François Merville – drums.

* At the Lyon Opera. 18h. Prices: from 15 to 19 euros.

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